Refess Core Set with Featured 3 star!

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Refess Core Set with Featured 3 star!

Postby Romdeau » Mon Jun 23, 2014 1:23 pm

Greetings Iczers,

We are continuing our promotion of unveiling the core set this week starting today with Refess! A reminder, the Core set is going to be Alteil: Horizons featured playset; it will be the only officially tournament-sanctioned cardlist. In addition, you will also earn bonus experience and fight money relative to playing Legacy (non-Core) files. We will be featuring a Refess Core pack this week.

Included with the featured 3 star, we are also going to include 9 copies of random commons (2 stars and 1 stars) from each respective sphere that we plan to include in the first Core set. Disclaimer: the Core set is not 100% finalized (close though) so it is still subject to change. In this respect, a balanced play environment will always be our #1 priority when deciding to include/exclude cards from the Core set. Without further ado, I would like to introduce our featured 3 star with the current list of Refess common cards!

This week's featured 3 star will be 'Holy Commander / Lapierre'!

This variant of Lapierre is quite flexible, she is an excellent addition to any Solar Kingdom file that needs to pack a little bit more of a punch; she also provides a bit of utility by increasing the levels of all friendlies (so you can have more targets for Judie to hyper-buff, for example). Her action skill, while random, is extremely cost effective at 1SP, offering upwards ofr 60-75 damage when she's supporting an entire field of Solar Kingdom units. At 4AGI, that's no joke! While her flexibility makes her an attractive option, she ultimately is a very linear support unit and does not excel in any fashion, unlike say her Holy Knight variant-which provides a field of slow friendlies massive number of stats!

Included in each pack will be 9 random, Refess commons that are currently planned to be included in the first Core set. Here is the list:


Folrart Shield Knight 9
Holy Dragon 189
Burning Sun 193
Star Dragon 302
Folrart Knight Captain 303
Emerald Carbuncle 304
Instant Revival 305
Folrart Charge Knight 416
Sunlight Knight 417
Knight of Shrine Zero 513
Knight of the 1st Shrine 514
Knight of the 2nd Shrine 515
Knight of the 3rd Shrine 516
Folrart Hammer Soldier 592
Unwanted Charity 593
Veteran Folrart Paladin 749
Cait Sith 751
Sun Worshiper 840
Knight of the 4th Shrine 952
Knight of the 5th Shrine 1623
Heavy Folrart Guardian 1734
Folrart Psycho Soldier 1735

Will o' the Wisp 20
Kesaran Pasaran 21
Lycanthrope [Angel] 195
Inquisition Raid Leader 196
Griffin 197
Legendary Unicorn 201
Magic Bolt 202
Recovery Powder 203
Folrart Guardian 306
Folrart Dual-Wielding Soldier 308
Pegasus 309
Blessed Armor Knight 421
Folrart Flying Cavalry 422
Shield the Weak 425
Elite Folrart Acolyte 518
Elite Folrart Dual Wielder 519
Pegasus Knights 520
Over Soul 522
Folrart Standard Bearer 596
Lycanthrope [Hanuman] 597
Brutal Mammoth 754
Folrart Mage 844
Priests of the Royal Guard 845
Refugee Citizens 847
Legendary Kirin 957
Folrart Griffin Knight 1078
Meeting of Kings 1081
Folrart Unicorn Knight 1626
Spined Armadillo 1627
Brothers in Arms 1741

This pack will be available for a limited time only, it will be leaving the shop 6/29 at approximately 11:59PM EST.
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Re: Refess Core Set with Featured 3 star!

Postby Jazzock » Wed Jun 25, 2014 7:02 am

Romdeau wrote:does not excel in any fashion

Does being basically a basically lv4 unit statwise count?

Great card though, one of my most used refess rush-tier cards.
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Re: Refess Core Set with Featured 3 star!

Postby Romdeau » Wed Jun 25, 2014 12:34 pm

In the support sense is more as to what I was getting at, this variant of Lapierre is great as a fighter.
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Re: Refess Core Set with Featured 3 star!

Postby NitroDino » Wed Jun 25, 2014 12:53 pm

Don't forget she can be abused with Catira.
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Re: Refess Core Set with Featured 3 star!

Postby Callonia » Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:59 pm

I just wanted to say that this thread reminded me of my old Sergis/pegasus knight/lapierre file I made. lvl 9 zombie horde abuse went down to lapierre's slash spam and sergis tanking xD

Sure, he didn't pack a warning knife or corruption spell but hey, its not my fault..

Oh wait I just noticed that this thread is about holy commander lapierre not saber saint lapierre. My bad. Eh. >.>
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