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Re: Dragon Emperor's Squire Tournament Oct 3-4th

Postby Mirth » Thu Oct 09, 2008 6:25 pm

Thanks Logress for the information. I didn't realize that multi-accounting was considered okay.

Maybe this should be told to new players? I spoke to a couple of newer players during the tournament who let me know they were about "to lose their last star" and be out of the tournament. With this information they could use a second account and try a different file setup (keep/increase interest?).

Also - During the tournament versus account-wise:

On the 3rd I played about 50% versus level 10 and above and 50% versus level 1-10. (Record + Star collectors I'm guessing)

On the 4th it was probably 85-90%+ level 10 and above. (Mostly just Star collectors?)

I'm curious if the win-loss + star count meant that more people participated... or if the increase was in part due to people using multiple accounts on the 3rd. Hmm....

Thanks again!

Sincerely, Mirth ;loading
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