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Postby Logress » Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:46 pm

Now that we suddenly have twice as many guilds as we did yesterday, it might be a good time to review Guild Icons. If you want a unique guild Icon that shows up on your friends lists, guild lists, and on the weekly ranking, you can upload them using the button on the Guild Tab. This button is only available if your Guild is Official. To be Official, you simply need 6 members for a week. Because today is a special Guild day, I decided to go and bump everyone who has 6 members up to Official a few hours ago, that means many of you now have access to the upload guild icon button. Remember, Guild icons have to be manually approved, so they won't appear right away, but we'll try to take a minute and look them over tomorrow morning if you guys want to do some uploading tonight.
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