Falkow Pre-built: The Kingdom Returns

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Re: Falkow Pre-built: The Kingdom Returns

Postby 2xDouble30 » Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:20 pm

Yay, Wizard Kingdom!

I'm quite happy about this. And Violet SS? Ooooo...
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Re: Falkow Pre-built: The Kingdom Returns

Postby Anima13 » Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:36 am

Callonia wrote:EX for me means Extra.

I don't quite care, keep up the good work logress. Let there be EXs in prebuilts.

I could imagine that EX is rather meant in the sense of "the girl/gal you left behind after getting bored of them" (and of course if you leave someone and than want to get back you have to pay more... :D) or in the sense of something "old". Many cards that gets an Ex are hardly used as unit and an other big portion seems historically back in time compared to the time line of the set release.

But what really iritates me about this thread is that noone was crying about many ex when Lapierre prebuilt was released(also 7 to be exact and all for refess sphere), but when its in a falkow it starts .....
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Re: Falkow Pre-built: The Kingdom Returns

Postby GonFreeces31 » Sun Apr 01, 2012 12:17 pm

Yeah I was kinda pissed when the EM and Zu things came out cause not only were they made by idiots and the owners were trying to scam the playerbase, but I also payed a LOT of money for those cards.
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