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Across the Spectrum 2

Postby Arakis » Mon Jan 19, 2009 2:13 pm

Across the Spectrum 2 January 19th-February 2nd

I alluded in Across the Spectrum 1 that this event was established in part to get Iczers ready for things to come. As most of you who were around at that point probably guessed, I was talking about Card Set 3. Not only do we have Proxies now, but lots of Soul Cards that raise (or lower) multiple spheres, and play cards that seem intentionally designed to fit into multi-color decks. So, now there should be more options than ever for a contest like this one.

Starting with this installment of the contest, the focus is going to be on a specific combination of colors. We're going to kick things off by focusing on what the stars of Set 3, the Proxies, can do. To get us started, this time around we're asking all you Iczers to get your brains wrapped around what yellow and purple make when they mix. That's right, start thinking Refess-Lawtia. These two may seem to be polar opposites, dare I say "night and day", and in many ways they are, but there just may be ways in which they can work together surprisingly well. Please note, while it's true that I keep mentioning the Proxies, you don't *have* to include any Proxies in your file. If you have an idea that simply doesn't need them, by all means, share it with us.

You have until February 2nd, and as always, synergy comes first, then overall battle effectiveness. Let's see what you can do, and once you have your (owned or imagined) card file together, send it to Spectrum [at] alteil [dot] com.

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