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Black Friday Kickstarter Specials

Postby Logress » Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:17 am

Black Friday Kickstarter Specials

It's Black Friday, the traditional time for sales! Well, you can't exactly have a "sale" on Kickstarter, so we put together the next best thing to push us on through our final days!

First of all, I'm going to DOUBLE all money that comes in during Black Friday when counting toward the 60K stretch goal (not toward the 70K, though -- since the 60K is mostly reward upgrades, and 70K is an actual game feature that represents a significant expenditure).

Second of all, we've discounted the commission Reward levels. The $1,000 Christopher Hastings (Dr. McNinja) level is down to $900, the Nils Hamm (Magic the Gathering's Grave Titan), Arthur Suydam (Marvel Zombies) and Game Designer (from the Alteil Japanese Art Team) reward levels are down to $3,900 from $5,000 and the top 10K 5th God level is down to $7,900. Since this lowers our margins a bit, I've also had to lower the number of each reward level available.

ALSO, if you upgrade your reward level (no matter what level you started at), You will get a BLACK FRIDAY BONUS PACK added to your reward! And I guess it wouldn't be fair if you've previously upgraded your reward level, so if you've EVER upgraded your reward level during this Kickstarter, you will get the bonus pack.

I'm also adding the Black Friday Bonus Pack onto everyone who has pledged at $500 or higher with my compliments. If you're already at 500 or higher, you don't have to do anything, it's yours!

If you can't raise your reward level, you can raise your pledge by $10 to add-on the Black Friday Pack.

And, we will be adding a new BLACK FRIDAY REWARD LEVEL, only available for one day! The same as the Lord of the Sun and Moon level, except...
-Instead of June Bride Legendary Heroine Catria, you get an entire Magic Doll pre-built deck made just for this (non-character, except 1X Sumer)!
-Includes the Black Friday Bonus Pack, if you don't already get one.

The Black Friday Dolls pre-built can also be added to any reward level of $125 or higher as an ad-on for $10. Just increase your pledge by $10 to get it.

Black Friday Bonus Pack -Three copies of each of the four Angles of the Four Gods (Weissvogel, Noirweiden, Rougeerst and Bulerigid), +1000 Gran if you upgrade to a $95 reward level or higher, and another +1000 Gran if you upgrade to a $250 reward level or higher.

And no, you can't lower your reward level just to raise it again. Not fair! Also, one Black Friday Bonus pack per backer (even if you qualify in more than one way).

I can't think of a better way to blow out the end of this Kickstarter with more great cards and rewards for everyone! Soooooo... The Black Friday Kickstarter Bonus begins NOW!

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Re: Black Friday Kickstarter Specials

Postby angelspawns » Fri Nov 29, 2013 3:16 pm

Ehm, i just want to report that the Paypal page does not have the "Black Friday Level" backer. There's also no option to UP a reward level using the Paypal page. I planned on pledging low and then up my pledge to around $95,- (for the Black Friday Bonus Pack).

That being said, i would support this game with or without Black Friday sale anyways and just pledged the $95,- Kinda Early Bird special. As an oldtimer to Alteil i'm grateful for all your effort keeping this game up. This is the only cardgame i truely enjoy playing for its depth and freedom. Thank you for the dedication Sean and Merideth! ;)

Resolved through kickstarter ingame mail: Pledged the other 10+20$ for the Lord of Sun and Moon level. Thanks for the support.
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