Across the Spectrum 4 March 16th-March30th

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Across the Spectrum 4 March 16th-March30th

Postby Arakis » Sat Mar 14, 2009 12:09 pm

As Logress mentioned, the contest was accidentally announced a few days early. That's fine, though. A few people have already submitted entries, and we'll honor those. So if you submitted an entry yesterday (Friday), or you plan to do so over this weekend, it will be honored as legit and the deadline is still 3/30 at noon EST.

Across the Spectrum 4 March 16th-March 30th

Across the Spectrum continues to develop and mature over time, and this new installment marks a few milestones. All four spheres have had their first period of focus now, so it's time that we start going back over familiar territory. This is also going to be the first time when we focus on a sphere combo that already won a previous Across the Spectrum. You've probably guessed by now that this is all about Lawtia and Gowen. All Iczers are advised to reread the main Across the Spectrum page, because it has seen some restructuring to better reflect the nature this contest has come to assume. Also, as the winner of AtS 1 was a Lawtia/Gowen deck, all contestants are advised to review that winning entry and try to avoid submitting anything that's overly similar to it. As the main page states, this will be an ongoing guideline for this and future AtS installments.
Hopefully it will never be a real issue, as new card sets and EX cards tend to be released before the contest has time to rotate through all six double-sphere combinations.

But enough about rules. Let's talk about the colors. Purple and red. I don't know what you get when you mix that, but I bet it hurts. Lawtia and Gowen are easily the two most aggressive spheres in Alteil, so it seems likely that AtS 4 is going to see some of the most brutal card files its ever had the pleasure of receiving. Animus will no doubt make multiple appearances, and it will be no surprise if some of the new EX 3 cards feature prominently as well.
So get to it, Iczers. Bust some stuff up with these two juggernauts who're infamous for fighting fast and furiously.

You have until noon (EST) on March 30th to submit. Please take note of this, as several entries for AtS 3 were submitted after the deadline and couldn't be accepted. Don't forget, synergy and effectiveness are both important so strive for a good balanced combination of the two. Synergy gets your entry noticed, and effectiveness quite often cinches the win. You don't have to own all the cards in your entry, but it can help you test it if you do (or know someone else who does). Send it our way at once it's ready, and have fun slaying!

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Re: Across the Spectrum 4 March 16th-March30th

Postby MyPixelGirl » Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:06 pm

what do you guys think? Would this deck have enough "synergy" to compete? Basic idea is to have 2 gowen units shield igina and aegis so they could combo up. I don't mind if you make a similar deck as mine.

Name: Big Beefy McBurgers

Soul skills

1- Witch
2- Peregrine Paladin
3- Dark Emperor
4- Flame Emperor
5- The Solar Eclipse/Alphonce

units (roughly in the order played):

sacrificial shade x2 (front row)
Proxy x3
Flame of Hatred x3
Dark Eye/Weball x3 (front row)
Aegis x3
Igina x3
Elite Crest Knight x3 (for attack boosting your dark eye and flame of hatred)
Zombie Lord x1


Holy Shield x1 (or refuge x1)
Soul Bind x1
Warning knife x1
Life Conversion x1
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