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Postby Logress » Wed Jul 23, 2008 11:54 am

Okay, we've got some new avatars up already... Due to popular demand we decided to do an alternate pose Paper Doll, and so we can switch up the hair color, we made it bald! This is the Magic Paper Doll, or Paper Magic Doll. Anyway, we put it together to make it possible for us to do Paper Doll avatars specifically based on the Magic Doll card. For those of you that haven't guessed, there are going to be a lot more Magic Dolls. Every expansion has at least one! For each card, we're going to make a different "System" Including clothes, hair and massive robot arm. Right now we've got two Systems in place, the "Maid System" which is the standard setup, and the "Bikini System" which reflects Magic Doll's summer card. (Check out the big banner on the Game Main Menu). Note that the Bikini System is our first limited edition avatar item. It will only be available during our Summer Event, 7/22->8/6.
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