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Re: Critique my play!

Postby Malarious » Sun Sep 18, 2011 12:14 am

I actually have War Incarnate and lots of Violet (full set of regular and the seasonal variant), magic doll faction pack was my first purchase ever, I got a playset of all of it. I think I prefer War Incarnate or Scylla. Why War? Because he lessens gain next turn, -2sp can fail if they have 0 but you cant stop the next turns SP gen.

I will go watch those replays now, and I have been looking at cards and trying to think how I would tweak it in the future or make variations of it. Just trying to get this down pat because most of the mistakes are generic timing ones, if I can get past those I will be alot better off regardless of file (my gowen file was alot more simple).

As to the assassin SS, I am trying to think how I would use that.. as usually that means losing lebeau or maybe mindsoldier, although it DOES perma remove the thing it hits which is nice and useful later. So maybe a 3rd or 4th SS? Hm
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Re: Critique my play!

Postby psylensse » Sun Sep 18, 2011 1:18 am

assassin ss: basically the turn before it goes off, you do something like play shade - put down a unit you don't mind losing. you may think you don't have the time, that you need to get solid units down, but remember the point is to destabilize their field. they're going to be down a unit once it goes off (if successful). plus you can build up SP by playing shade. very disruptive when timed right.

here found a couple examples:

go to this thread and check out the video posted on september 17th and around turn 6 you can see how it works; basically you junk a unit you don't mind losing.
or, here's one of my game; check out match 2 in this thread assassin is what wins me the game; otherwise i'd really have no way of dealing with leviathan.

if you watch Sadgasm play and open with defective doll, it's an integral part of his strategy, but this is a more unorthodox approach. people expect it in the 3rd or 4th slot however. putting it 1 or 2 will catch a lot of people off guard, but harder to time right. also be aware that the enemy unit has to be disengaged. some people make a living dodging these sorts of SS's and deliberately engaging their field and you'll still have to throw one of your units away, but theirs will be okay, so be aware of that. finally, if you've got some nice cards from seasonal lotto, you may have Afeemina? her SS is quite good early too. just be careful again: if your opponent has no level 3 units you'll have to throw one of your own away. it doesn't say "enemy level 3".
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