tips for Dark Rush deck?

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tips for Dark Rush deck?

Postby FrozenEdge » Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:24 am

so i survey'd my way to get the it, and it made my day alot more easier
but i need some more info about it...

my starting units is:
Riza->Fenrir->Nue->(save SP) or Succubus (if Riza dies) = REAP

know i wanna know the different kinds of starting units
the one with Skeleton Warrior

heres my deck:

in this part i cant think really well.... backslashing (or wutever its called) screws my setup... Fenrir keeps killing my Riza in the 1st turn... and so on..... so wut do i do? make it day and remove something in my deck?

enemy summons Leonardo, Riza Dies
enemy summons Shade, no SP for me and Fenrir dies
enemy summons Moonlight Warrior and gets 20 def.... i dont know wut to do in this point.... make it day and summon some rats?
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Re: tips for Dark Rush deck?

Postby Khiruki » Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:42 am

Alright... I'll take a short crack at this...

1) Opening
Just a note, Riza probably isn't the best opening. He's slow, so he;ll probably get hit. He's also more of support for Lycans, and should probably come after. Better choices for openings would be Shade (for getting an SP advantage), Skeleton Warrior (low Hp, but as an undead, he's a pretty strong tank), Fenrir (First battle time is Night, so he'll have high attack/speed), Nue (Same as Fenrir. However, using Nue avoids a backlash and MaxHP hate attack can take out an undead or other Lycan).

I generally use this for Dark Rush:
Skeleton/Fenrir > Riza/Fenrir > Riza/Succubus

2) What to Add/Remove

-I noticed you removed Soulblade Swordswoman. Her main function in the file was to activate soulskills when needed; Eg. Magic Doll -Covert- when something like Star Dragon came onto the field. Elite Crest Knight as your 4th Soul Skill... I don't think it's the best idea. Your units already have high amounts of AGI, and a ninja mass revive might serve better. If you absolutely hate Liz, something more along the lines of Lapierre or Mitzett might serve better for SS damage. Both are 3 star cards though...

-Soul Bind... I don't think it fits in that well...

-Flash Recycle/Cemetary rats: I think 2 Cemetary rats is enough, and Flesh Recycle is more of an anti-lycan/undead grimoire; since dark rush is partially laycan/undead, it probably doesn't need it to fight them.

I recommend putting Soulblade Swordswoman back in. If you really hate her, Crest Mindsoldier or Crest Gale Fencer might work too I guess...

3) Countering Dark Rush
Honestly, against another Dark Rush file, Nue is you friend. Since he does maxHP hate with his attacks, the lycans and skeleton warrior will go down and stay down. Also, he can take out Riza easily. Not that there's any huge rush to, as both players have an advantage at night.

4) Against Lawtia Starter
I have never played the Lawtia starter, or seen anyone play one, so I can't really help here.
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Re: tips for Dark Rush deck?

Postby FrozenEdge » Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:58 pm

@ 1.)
okay, u open'd something up for me :P

@ 2.)
-Swordsman, hate.....
-Soul Bind, yep pretty much i didnt use it much anyway
-Flesh Recycle, yep its for anti-undead/lycan but i pretty much use it for the agi-singers/archers/someone that can **** me in the falkow starters
-Swordsman, HATE!!!! D:<
-Mindsoldier and Fencer, i really wanted that Mindsoldier but i only have lawtia starter.... (and i cant cash the game cuz i lived on friggin Antarctica... not really )

@ 3.)
after i post this, i battled a guy and this time nue really was the savior :D
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Re: tips for Dark Rush deck?

Postby psylensse » Wed Oct 26, 2011 12:15 am

Hope you're having fun with that deck! Soul skill lineup has to change, this is definitely the most glaring problem in the file right now - the two and four slot especially! assassins are a staple of dark rush type decks. timing it is a bit of an art, but it's worth the learning curve. a second liz is better than what you've got in the 4 slot; if you have anything better than liz go for it, but otherwise two liz's is fine. I think 1 shade is plenty - you're rushing after all. I wouldn't open shade either. As Khiruki says, one possible open is Lycan followed by Riza followed by Succubus which should keep it night for awhile. time your shade for when your opponent definitely will have a spare 1 SP lying around to snipe, or as a sacrificial unit to trigger an SS. What other Lawtia grims do you have? Finally, feel free to post a replay and we can critique and help you out. good luck and have fun!
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Re: tips for Dark Rush deck?

Postby FrozenEdge » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:34 am

well i remove the assassin SS cuz its too risky.... i use Miku instead it damages and stops a card on attacking.... my 4th SS is just a random card but it helps me tho.... and the revive SS can backfire at me >_>

so heres my vids:

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