Lawtia Deck adjusting!! Help?

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Re: Lawtia Deck adjusting!! Help?

Postby SmallStar1 » Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:55 pm

Assassin x3
Scylla x3
elite crest knight x2
leonardo x3
castle wight x3
invisible druid x1
turn to dust x2
moon light warrior z3
magic doll x3
animated dead x2
magic doll melee x3
dragon of mercurial night x3
fennir x1
corruption x1
cutter of the cord x3
lebeau x3 soon
skeleton warrior x1
crest mind soldier x1
crest paladin x1
girl druid x1
elder druid x1
moon light assassin x1
magic doll grappler x3
night wing wyvern x1
death knight x1
priestess of madness x2
magic doll sniper x1
cursed armor knight x2
echidna x3
consuming grudge x2
haste assassin x1
night soul x1
taurus x1
black hound master x1
nue x2
ghoul mage x2
shadow hound x1
haste sorceress x1
md fencer x3
wounding sword x1
md sniper
crest gale fencer x2
blackhound master x1
cemetaary rats x2
md covert x1
shadow assassin x1
minadela x1
ghost x1
saber saint lap x2
zug x1
word of dalos x1
dubrio x1
salamnder x3

and a few others that are from a diffrent sphere not many
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Re: Lawtia Deck adjusting!! Help?

Postby GonFreeces31 » Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:27 am

For SS, Asuet -> Arthropleurid is good. I think you should put a Scylla 3rd and then a 2LP like Lap in the 4th slot. It's always good to start rushes with three 1LP souls.

For the file, I really think you need to focus on the level 3 units and shades and cut out the expensive grims and Dalos. So if you take out the 2 Dalos and Word of Dalos and also Split second decision, and maybe soul bind, thats 4-5 extra slots. When you get your 3 LeBeau DEF add him.

Some other things to consider:
- You could try using souls that are inconsistent, but when landed can basically win you the game. Miandela is a great soul for the 2nd spot, that will be totally useless sometimes, but if you can return a level 4 unit like BKR for free odds are you'll totally win the game actually. Another idea would be to put an assassin 3rd of 4th. A well timed assassin can also get you huge advantages when you land it. If you go the assassin route, something like consuming grudge might be useful.

- I see you got 3 MD fencer, I would highly highly recommend using him over MD melee. Fencer is an awesome unit do not underestimate this guy!

So just some thoughts. I hope I gave you things to think about I think you have enough cards here especially with Dalos to bump up to at least 40% win rate. If you just do a generic... shade - rev - shade - lebeau - md fencer -> etc I think you will be okay!
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Re: Lawtia Deck adjusting!! Help?

Postby Khiruki » Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:31 am

Mmm... Fencer could probably take the place of Exorcist and Split Second Decision.

Exorcist is pretty annoying if left unchecked, so she'll die rather quickly, and 2 copies won't last long at all. Fencer is an underrated doll. I personally like her though...

Another note: Without exorcist, you can open: Shade-Revenant-Depends on situation
That wouldn't work earlier as Exorcist turns your own undead into a useless block, but now Revenant can help you hold the field early game.

The three Dragons of Mercurial Night... Really tempting, but probably wouldn't fit.

LeBeau would probably replace Dalos and stuff.
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Re: Lawtia Deck adjusting!! Help?

Postby ChiYoung » Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:31 am

Do you have Pixy Greatswordswoman? It's a great, one of a kind soul skill that can do 100x better than arthopauld.
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Re: Lawtia Deck adjusting!! Help?

Postby Muklas » Tue Jan 24, 2012 4:24 am

Anthro is alwasy going to work, pixy greatsword isnt.
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