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Postby VertuHonagan » Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:47 am

I know Ethicx started a topic on them earlier but it was only on whether to buy them or not. I want to talk strategy with Merc nation and ideas/coments/concerns. I'll post my file and replay of it being used at the end. I love the art in merc nation but a lot of the best of the art in the clan are on the lower spectrum of power.

Merc Nation units:


Rifleman Knight : 20 20 0 1 5 Rank up : Atk +30. Charge: Do atk x2 to one random enemy in range. Do damage 50% to this unit.

Shield Coat / Fierte: 10 20 40 1 1 Fight to Protect: Do damage: DF to one random enemy in range. DF - 10. Bond with Yuni: Guner girl / Yuni gets DF +20 and level + 2 for this turn.

EX: The Magician / Primrose: 40 40 0 3 3 Rank up : Atk + 10 Agi +1. Ignorance of the masses: Conditional/Gowen lv 6. All friendly units gets lv = 1. All enemy units get lv -1. Exploding Blast: Do atk to all enemy units in range

Gun Princess' Sword / Mizalio: 40 30 0 3 1 Rank up: Agi + 1. Soul Rapier: When this unit executes an Attack action, do [damage: AT + your SP X 5] to a random enemy unit within range. The Bond With Yuni: Friendly [card: Gunner Girl / Yuni] gets AGI+1 and RNG+1 for this turn.

Heierrat Army: 10 20 0 4 1 Rank up : HP + 20 Atk + 20. Coordinated ambush: One friendly unit get Atk + 10 DF + 10. Send this unit to cemetary.

God of Anger / Dista: 60 30 0 2 1 Pound into shape: All friendly Martial Artist get Atk + 10, Max HP + 20, and are healed 20 HP.

Heierrat Broadsword Soldier: 60 20 0 3 1 Team Player: This unit gets Atk + Atk of 1 friendly Mercenary unit Nation for this turn.

Heierrat Revolver Bladesman: 60 40 0 3 1 Rank up : HP +10 Agi + 1 Range + 1. Pinpoint: Do Atk to target enemy unit in range. Charge: Do Atk x 2 to random enemy in range. Do Atk 50% to this unit.

Heierrat Mage: 30 40 0 3 0 Rank up : Atk + 10 Range + 1. Flare spell: Do Atk to all enemy units of level 2 or lower. Party Mage: This unit gets Agi + number of friendly Merc Nation units on field.

Gun Princess / Yuni: 40 20 0 3 3 Double Draw: Do 10 damage to 2 random enemy units. Prayer of a Princess: One friendly unit gets Atk + 30, Def = 10, Agi - 2 for this turn, except this unit. Ben MacLachlans Bullet: Subtract number of friendly units x 20 directly from the hp of target column of enemy units.

Ex: Shield Coat / Fierte: 50 20 10 2 1 Calkuls True Power: Friendly Mercenary Nation units on the left and right of this unit get Def = 20.

Heierrat Spy: 40 40 0 2 2 Silent Infiltration: This unit costs 0 sp to Iczer. Sabotage: One random enemy unit of Atk 50 or higher gets Atk = 20 Def = 0 and agi = 1.

Heierrat Horseman: 10 20 0 3 2 Commit to the attack: All friendly Mercenary Nation units get level +1 and Rank up.

Heierrat Warchief / Delrare: 60 40 0 1 1 Lead From the Front Line: Do Atk to target enemy unit in range. If that units hp is 0 or lower, all friendly Mercenary Nation units get Atk + 10 and Agi + 1, except this unit.

Light Heierrat Fighter: 40 30 0 4 1 Revival: 0 sp cost when reviving this unit. Thrown Weapon: Do Atk to target enemy unit not in range. This unit gets Atk = 0

Heierrat Dual Gunslinger: 30 30 0 4 2 Rank up: Hp + 10 Agi + 1. Rapid fire: Conditional / Rank up. Do atk to random enemy unit in range.

Raging Brawler / Olvaus: 100 40 0 1 1 Olvaus Double Headlock: One random unit level 5 or higher except this unit, gets Atk -5 and called out until end of next turn. One random enemy unit in range gets Atk -5 and is called out until end of next turn. This unit is focused until end of next turn. Olvaus Double Piledriver: Conditional / Focus: Set 2 called out units to hp = 0.

Price of Knowledge / Liz: 40 20 0 3 3 The Price of Advancing: Do Atk + 10 to target enemy unit in range. This unit gets Atk -10. The Sake of Better Time: Conditional / Atk = 0. All friendly units Fully recover or are revived, except this unit. All friendly units get Atk +10.

Anti-Magic Swordsman: 50 30 0 3 1 Rank up: Agi +1. Anti - Magic Armor: This unit can't be affected, targeted, or randomly chosen by Grims.

Heierrat Flam Magician: 40 20 0 3 3 Fire Burst: Do 20 damage to 3 random enemy units. Double Fireball: Do 40 damage to 2 random enemy units.

Nine Ball Assassin / Jerry: 80 40 0 2 3 Rank up: Agi + 1. Called Pocket: Choose an open area. Do Atk to one random enemy unit in range and move it to that area. Break Shot: Conditional / Rank up: Do 20 damage to enemies in range and move them. Do 40 damage to enemies in 1,3,7. Send enemy in 9 out of game.

Ex: God of Anger / Dista: 30 20 0 4 1 Rank up: Hp + 10 Range +1. Armor Fracturing Punch: Subract Atk directly from hp of random enemy unit in range. That unit gets Def = 0. Death Touch: Do 0 damage to target enemy unit. Whenever that unit is hit by an attack from a martial artist, it also gets Hp - Atk of attacking unit.

Explosion Artist / Mesrag: 60 30 0 3 2 Time for the Big One: All enemy units begin Burning. Uncontrolled Magic Blast: Do [damage: Gowen LV X5] to one random enemy unit. Repeat this for every friendly [subtype: Mercenary Nation] unit on the field, max of 4. Wild Exploding Blast: Do damage 0->100 to one random enemy unit who is Burning. This skill is repeated a total of 4 times.

Heierrat Musketeer: 60 20 0 2 2 Attach Scope: Conditional / This unit in 7-8-9, Range + 1. Retreating Attack: This unit switches places with the unit behind it, and then this unit gets Atk +30 and Agi + 1. Charge: Do atk x 2 to a random enemy unit in range. Do 50% of this units max hp to this unit.

Wizard Knight / Mizarria: 50 30 0 3 1 Remember Your Training: Conditional / Gowen level 3+, This unit gets At + 10 for this turn. Otherwise this unit gets Agi + 1 for this turn. Sokomarus' Spell: Engage one random disengaged enemy unit in range. Do atk to one disengaged enemy unit in range.

Staple cards for all Mercenary Nation files in my opinion:

A few staple cards for Mercenary nation have got to be Ex Fierte, Heierrat Broadsword Soldier, and Light Heierrat Fighter. From there I believe is where you branch out. Reasons for each of those are: Ex Fierte greatly helps keep your mercs alive long enough to attack. She's only in to help defend and attack only when necessary. Heierrat Broadsword Soldier because he's simply a beast. He has the highest possible attack power out of all the merc nation units and greatly useful for taking out bigs. Light Heierrat Fighter is your stable non sp useage revive card. Being able to stall with her while you sumon more Merc nation units is a major help to Mercenary nations high sp cost.

File Types:

Now that you've got your staple cards you wanna look at how you want to run your Mercenary Nation file. I personaly like the idea of the Buff file most. The buff file relies on action skills/start skills to buff the attack, Agi, and Df of your units. The key units to buffing your field are Heierrat Warchieftan Delrare, Shield Coat / Fierte and Gun Princess / Yuni. Once you have these 3 on field together your field starts to steam roll pretty effectively. Getting there is what I've found to be the toughest challenge especialy against returns. So far I've only used this file for Buff type file with Mercenary nation:


I only have 1 Jerry and 1 Olvaus. I'd like to use a better end game unit than Shin thats a Mercenary Nation unit, but not sure if thats possible. Also here is a replay of me using this file: ... c6efbaa828

It was a great game and enjoyable to play. I'm still surprised Delrare lasted the entire match. Currently I'm 3/3 with a 2 game win streak with this file. 2 of the losses were to WK return. Still not quite sure how to counter that using this file. Any tips and or ideas on how to strengthen the file/gameplay are greatly welcomed. Also only use Merc nations. I refuse to go outside of Merc Nation and this is a buff file so Delrare is a must. (Plus Delrare has the best art out of all Mercenary Nations. Gotta play him in a file. <3)

Rank up file:

Mercenary Nation is built to be a rank up file. Almost all the units in Mercenary Nation have Rank up and they are generaly greatly helped by this rank up. Heierrat Dual Gunslinger is definately a must have for any rank up file. His auto skill with his agi helps him to quickly knock out an enemy unit before they even get to move. Ex: The Magician / Primrose would be extremely useful in this file. With her ability to field wipe an enemy field and her 50 atk 4 agi are extremely useful and I'd advise using in this file. Heierrat Revolver Bladesman is also very useful to this file with his high agi, pinpoint and ability to knock out bringer from second row is a very useful unit to have for this file. I have not actually made one of these yet and so have no replays or files for it yet, but I will get to making one eventually and any ideas or comments on a good Merc Nation Rank up file are greatly appreciated.

Level 3 rush:

This here is a little tricky but I think it could be possible. Anti Magic Swordsman to block return on him, Price of Knowledge / Liz to revive your field and buff with 10 atk, and Heierrat Mage to field wipe those pesky ENs. With the units I consider staple plus these 3 and Possibly Gun Princess / Yuni I think a level 3 rush file with Mercenary Nation could be achieved. Also packing Heierrat Spy to deal with end game cards is probably needed within this file.

Mid Gowen:

I think this is even possible but extremely difficult to pull off. What I'm thinking here is this field: Raging Brawler / Olvaus, Ex Shield Coat / Fierte, Nine Ball Assassin / Jerry, Ex: The Magician / Primrose, and Heierrat Revolver Bladesman. Getting to the point of being able to run these cards together effectively would be tough, but I think once its settled in it could be a deadly field and I would love to see it in game. I'd actually make this but I've only got 1 Olvaus, 1 Jerry, and 2 Primroses. > : (

These are the major file types I can think of for Mercenary nation. Of course theres ways to do each file type differently but they all resort back to the same base file type I think.
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Re: Mercenary Nation

Postby wakka9ca » Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:49 am

Hmm, got to see demongod's Mercenary Nation too.

Good theme, might try it once I have more file slots liberated after migrating them on Otonashi's file editor. I think I have all the MN cards 3x.
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Re: Mercenary Nation

Postby VertuHonagan » Tue Jan 10, 2012 1:11 am

Bahhhh. I posted this in the wrong place. Lmao. Can someone please move this to Annarose's Sanctum. Lol. Totaly messed that up. xD
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