Lawtia solo or in a combination?

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Lawtia solo or in a combination?

Postby Valsharess » Wed May 13, 2009 10:51 am

Hi!I'm playing with Lawtia deck and im wondering should i focus only with Lawtia cards?Can it be good alone or is it better in combination with some other sphere?And which cards are reccommended for Lawtia at high lvls and are those cards given as a reward for lvl up or must buy in a shop?Ty!
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Re: Lawtia solo or in a combination?

Postby DWildstar » Wed May 13, 2009 11:33 am

If you're just starting out it's better to stick to one color. There are certain key cards that make it easier to play multiple colors, but the starter is best by itself. It's possible to splash some level 1 cards from other colors, but you won't have the SP to level up multiple spheres manually.
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Re: Lawtia solo or in a combination?

Postby Peralisc2 » Wed May 13, 2009 11:34 am

First of all if you got enough gran, then get 3 times the lawtia EX 3 cards.

At level up you should always get the highest rarity card if its 3 stars or above. Otherwise since you like lawtia so much i recommend you take the lawtia cards that you dont have 3 copies of when you get only 1 and 2 star rarity cards.

At level up when you chose only between 1 and 2 stars and cant take the lawtia card because you have it already, you should focus on the units that give those minor boosts to your deck. Which are the right cards to do that should be up to you.

But if you want my opinion, then the second sphere you should aim for as a lawtia player is gowen. Yes, refess lawtia works nice too at times, but considering the current cards, aim for gowen-lawtia. They got lots of sinergy and buff eachother so damn well.
You should also get the gowen EX cards and hope for a dryad soldier or a lawtia proxy.

Common cards you maybe should be lucky enough to get first (hope i dont miss out any) :
- punishment hole
- magic weapon
- salamander
- dryad
- blitz soldier
- counterattack
- 2nd life conversion
- pure terror
- halberd soldier
- FAIRY DANCE - probably the most important card for a lawtia or lawtia-gowen player
- then maybe some lycans, but depends what type of deck you play ... they can be all useful, just dont put your scylla in your deck unless you want to use her soul skill or just play scylla if you have a death wish
- If you go up to level 3 into gowen sphere, then get samurai girl, dual wielder and mercenary.

Now the hard hitters i recommend :
- Nightwalker / Riza
- Broken Ironsoldier / XXXX
- Igina (its an EX 3 card)

I would also recommend aegis for half of your lawtia decks, but its not sure yet how much they nerf it. I suggest you keep your eyes on my set 3 review post, i will add there a rating for the errataed version of the cards.
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