3LP SS and Their Uses v0.1

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3LP SS and Their Uses v0.1

Postby Icyman2 » Sat Sep 28, 2013 8:04 pm


EX Rosa: All units get AT=0 for the turn
Wizard Kingdom--Many units such as magic greatsword, sorcerer monk, rapier fencer, falconer do not mind the AT=0. The damage that a lot of wizard kingdom units do are based on falkow levels or agility.
Augments--Gaiessoul, the endgame unit, has 0 attack. This soul skill stalls a turn if your opponent has a speedier unit and can kill your endgame unit before it can act. One action of gaiessoul can iczer your opponent's last life point and can decide the game.

Phoenix/Mammoth Brigade: All units get Max HP+10
Undeads/Zug Endgame--It gives 10 hp per copy to your units.

Flame Emperor Allind: Remove all friendly close units from play
Cry of Anger--Grim does massive damage, especially in a level 2 rush, before the soul removes all of the potential life point damage from play. For a level 2 rush, the backfire chance is low, since it is not very often that you can revive all your units after a field wipe (if you can't revive all your units, you lose at least 1 life point and the game).

Harpy/Roc: All friendly units get agi-1/agi-2.
Serpent--You usually want your serpent to go after your opponent's units (the agi- on the action skill is considered by many to be a buff). Other units on the field are usually agility 1 and will go last anyways.

Beast Hunter Rivera: Return one closed friendly unit to the card file.
Wizard Kingdom--Returns your glass unit so that you do not lose your last life point. Can sometimes backfire if iczered, but players usually do not iczer frequently vs falkow rushes.

Hirume: Remove 2 grimores from cardfile from the game. Return 1 grimore removed from play to the card file.
Bitter destiny, parts recycle, instant revive are very useful grimores endgame to prevent that final life point loss.

Kaldaro: Subtract 10 hp from all units
Refess--triggers counter on your units and snipes 10 hp units of your opponent's

Chaos Form Noze: Both iczer get sphere level-1
Visions of Horror--Uses sphere level so no effect is taken on you. Gaiessoul works as well but does much better with rosa.

Grandverion: All units get 10 def for this turn
Shrine Knights: SK0 can negate the defense and hit all of your opponent's units in range for that turn.

Garyis: Both iczers get sp=0
Gowen--damage grimore spam usually gets retaliated by iczering. Prevent iczering for a turn so that the next turn, units can die.

More Obvious 3LP Rush Soul Skills

Zangadylan--30 damage can make the difference in an aggressive rush file
EX Diosaur--30 damage for 1 sp is very good for a 3LP file. Zangadylan is more useful for an aggressive rush file because of the target (kill the weak single copy unit to win the game). Mostly only useful if there are no other choices.
Sunlit Knight--Tanky units do well with 20 hp heals.
Lelein--Extra damage when you need it. Mostly for gowen files only. Could do wonders versus eternal night. Can backfire badly.
Alraune/Hellsmoke/Heierrat Army--High agility units do well with extra attack. They can kill the lower agility units before they can use the extra attack in an attack. Undeads can also work, but I would rather use phoenix.
Wounding Sword--Get rid of that last copy sacrificial unit to do 30 damage. Can backfire. Great in files that struggle vs level 2 rush files. Does very well in diondora.
Prototype Noze--A lot of action skill units will make the effect an one-sided attack immunity.
Osray--Most likely will revive your unit. Could also substitute rivera in wizard kingdom if you find yourself returning a level 3 unit that could be useful rather than a level 1 sacrificial unit which you want off the field.


Bringer--30 damage is always useful, especially you usually don't have an unit on the field most of the time. Could backfire by killing an archer pixy.
EX Talisman Mystic--Even better than bringer. Could kill lich.
Kraken--Potential for stalling by engaging. Could backfire badly. Most often used in big noze files.
Colossal Ork--You don't want your opponent resting your hard done damage away.
Curse on the World--Free removal in the case of chaos annarose spam. Could backfire very badly if you switch to another strategy because annarose spam does not work. Sort of like a focus band in pokemon.
Resource--Best 3LP soul skill by far. Combos with Burning Sun to wipe a level 4 and under field. Does 10 damage (that opponent cannot rest out of) and kills 10 hp units without sp cost.
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Re: 3LP SS and Their Uses v0.1

Postby Romdeau » Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:38 pm

Great analysis icy, thanks for taking the time to type that out.
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Re: 3LP SS and Their Uses v0.1

Postby hexagram » Fri Oct 04, 2013 9:44 am


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Too much negatively be happy and :)

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Re: 3LP SS and Their Uses v0.1

Postby Denae84 » Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:44 am

Thank you for the good information..Thanks for sharing...
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Re: 3LP SS and Their Uses v0.1

Postby Ropey » Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:02 pm

Young sorceress? Natasha?

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