Challenge of the Fortnight 2 Results

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Challenge of the Fortnight 2 Results

Postby Logress » Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:50 pm

Another fortnight has come and gone. Today is the day after the most monumental United States presidential election in recent memory, and it seems a fitting time to announce the winner of the second Alteil challenge. Most of the contestants understood the utility of the Ancient Zombie Lord right away, and there was much discussion as to whether or not we ought to have revealed it on the day of the challenge. To those who have not guessed yet, the Ancient Zombie Lord is a walking SP bank, there to preserve your SP from any who might dare steal it. And you're able to get a withdrawal of one SP right away, with another four SP coming to you in the next action phase if you decide not to revive the AZL. Just another one of them high-falutin' expert-level tactics that builds off of the basic one of graduated summons, ie. going in order of lower to higher level units as you get the SP back from non-revived units. In any case, the winner of this Challenge of the Fortnight is...

Iczer: Teasel

File Name: None

Soul Cards

1) Magic Doll -Support-

2) Magic Doll -Support-

3) High Priest / Abel

4) High Priest / Abel

5) Flame Emperor Allind

Unit Cards

2 Ancient Zombie Lord
1 Ruler of Crest / Eskatia
1 Lycantrophe [Fenrir]
3 Chaos Ogre / Dalos
3 Dark Emperor / Zu-jyuva
1 Zombie Lord / Zugateroza
3 Shade
3 Black Dragonrider / Millia

Grimoire Cards

3 Soul Pact

3 Life Conversion
2 Sacrifice

Once again, Teasel wins big in the challenge. Someone, take him down in the third one if you can! In this particular case, most of the entries that we received basically abused the SP gain of the AZL in order to power the ever-present Dalos. Some used it for Zugateroza. This File goes even further and focuses the middle and end games on fairly big units that are SP-hungry with their Action Skills. And what we were looking for was something that could showcase the card in question, not just use it as a vehicle towards the path of ultimate domination with already-powerful cards. How is this File any different? One only has to look at the Soul Skills.

At first glance, it's your standard big monster File that uses the first two soul cards to ramp up the sphere level to where it ought to be. But that's where things start to diverge. Using a standard low-level opening composed of a Fenrir and Eskatia followed by Soul Pacts, it's now time to bring down the dreaded Ancient Zombie Lord on your opponent. Will it die, easily? Sure. But it won't be going alone. Because the Shades you're throwing down to contain your opponents SP will probably die first. Whenever a Shade dies, it’ll happen before AZL gets his turn, because he’s really slow. Then, on AZL’s turn you just use his Sacrifice power to kill him and don’t revive either of them. Next turn the Shade is removed from the field first, because it dies first. This triggers Abel’s Soul Skill and revives the AZL, and also gives you +2 SP. Bam! You've suddenly got a net gain of three SP, one courtesy of your AZL, and the other two courtesy of your Abel Soul Skill. On top of it, since AZL is tanking, killing and reviving him has got him back up to full HP. Then rinse and repeat another time if you so choose. You don’t even have to do shades if you don’t want to, because you can just wait until you run out of copies of another unit and do the same thing. You don’t even have to worry about the Ancient Zombie Lord dying too early, because you can always revive it for free! If this strategy is working out, you can even add a third Abel into the Soul Cards, or try other variants, like 1 or 3 AZL’s. You might even want to combo him with one of the other Soul Cards that does a Revival and then one other action if the Revival occurs.

In general we’re excited about the basic combo. AZL’s close skill plus his ability to die on command plus Abel’s Soul Skill yields very high SP. Then just add in the various Lawtia units that convert SP into rampant destruction, or rampant regeneration, and you have an extremely powerful Card File.

The last soul card is actually a bit deceiving as well. With Allind having three life points, you would assume that the Soul Skill is quite negative. And indeed, having all your closed units removed from the game could be quite damaging. But luckily you have all the SP you need to revive the units you still have copies of. And if you should get unlucky and get field wiped, the Allind will stop you from losing that last precious LP by removing your closed units from the field. Of course, there’s always a risk of being overrun and having the Allind go off when the enemy takes a swipe at your LP, but Zugateroza plus lots of SP makes that unlikely. A nice little last-ditch effort that may win you the endgame. There's also a trick to the Zu-jyuva, but that's a story for another time.

There’s one other strategy that deserves a mention, and that is a combo with Ancient Zombie Lord and semi-endless night. AZL tanks in row two with your 1 RNG Lycanthropes at his side and your 3 RNG Lycanthropes behind him as you bring out your succubae and such, but when you absolutely need to trigger your Magic Doll –Melee-‘s soul skill, just have him kill himself. If you can’t do night one turn, just have him move forward into the first row to tank full time. Now, let’s start looking ahead… ahead to the next challenge!

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