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Re: Newbie trying to get Gowen to work

Postby DanTheTimid » Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:00 pm

3x Magic Sword Dual Wielder
3x Brave Soldier
3x Combat monk
3x Revolver Knight
3x Salamander
3x Archer Scout
2x Dryad
1x Fire Storm Wyvern
1x Berzerker
1x Panther Soul
1x Fire Tornado
1x Fire Arrow

Its important to get as many 3-copies of things in as you can, even though Kurina is ridiculously good in 3s, she's pretty mediocre in 2s so until you can get a third I'd avoid her (part of what makes her so amazing is her free revive which you can't fully utlize if you can only revive her once). Dryad is fine at 2 (you usually don't want to revive her anyway) and you'll be using Wyvern and Berzerker for their one time use effects if you use them at all so running single copies doesn't hurt that bad.

As for soul cards:
1x Ruby Carbuncle
1x Moonlight Knight
1x Efreet
1x Moonlight Knight
1x Lapierre

Overal I think this deck would be able to compete with alot of decks, but it will definitely have ALOT of match ups it flat out can't win. Unfortantely the state of the game right now is a meta that includes a number of decks that are nearly impossible for gowen to beat even if they have access to every gowen card in the game, let alone such a small card pool, so you've gotta be willing to take your knocks. But if you keep at it you do have a decent base of cards to steal the occasional win from some of the less gowen-hating card files out there and hopefully you're persistence will reward you with some extra gran or treasure battle rewards to fill in some of those gaps (or just give you better options).
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