Challenge of the Fortnight 3 Results

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Challenge of the Fortnight 3 Results

Postby Logress » Fri Nov 21, 2008 8:23 pm

Challenge of the Fortnight 3 Results

Another fortnight has come and gone. Who would have guessed that two weeks could fly by so quickly, almost as swift as the Swan Cavalier, our featured card, appears to be. Many Iczers saw the true value of this versatile hidden gem, but not everyone was able to harness her power as effectively as it could have been used. Some mistook her Combat Support Lv2 as an Auto Skill. Alas, it is even better than that since it is a Start Skill. Once you're beyond the Open Skill and Soul Skill phases, no amount of agility will prevent her from buffing her neighbors. Also, the rules of her Open Skill, Spell: "Lightning Strike" were sometimes misinterpreted. Unfortunately, she hits all units on the field, including your own, so please keep this in mind when wielding the might of her lightning.

In the end, the one who was able to capture our attentions was an old pro from the Folrart Arena. A brief glance at the file would have most of us wondering if it were underpowered. However, upon closer inspection, the hidden strength would be revealed in this fortnight's champion:

Iczer: Mavel

File Name: None

Soul Cards

1) Dragonrider / Wasseir

2) Roaming Predator / Asuet

3) Salamander Soldier

4) Solar Prince / Verlaat

5) Saber Saint / Lapierre

Unit Cards

3 Aqua Sorcere / Mystere
3 Undine
3 Swan Cavalier
2 Witch Queen / Catherina
2 Black Cat / Fellana
3 Sea Hunter
3 Deep Squid

3 Wizard Archer of Regus
3 Shade

Grimoire Cards


Many of you are probably thinking to yourselves right now, "This deck is nothing special." Well the units in it may not be the most powerful in the game, nor are the soul cards, while rare, as effective as others. However, all the cards together seem to have a remarkable synergy. Ask any of Mavel's 30-plus opponents how the File is and you will probably be showered by details of its horrors. Still have doubts? Listen on.

Obviously, with Fellana in the File, one cannot expect to have Grimoire Cards stay around for long, so they are not to be found in this File. The opening is very basically Catherina in the rear, Sea Hunter in the front, and Fellana and Swan Cavalier in the middle. This allows a solid front row tank with some decent hitters behind him. Fellana's Grimoire Bane will protect your second row against any Grimoire Cards while also raining fairly decent damage on your opponent, thanks to Swan Cavalier's power up. Mystere will be able to return anything that might be a threat, with the help of Undine. And should creature come up that you can't possibly handle, a second Swan Cavalier's Lightning Strike will clear your field, allowing you to setup your Salamander Soldier Soul Skill and send your opponent's monster to the Cemetary in the middle game. This file is distinctly versatile in what it can do, allowing it to take on a lot of different situations.

One of its other key advantages is the fact that it gets around Fellana's anti-Grimoire effect by having Swan Cavalier as a Grimoire replacement. After all, Grimoire Cards are basically Unit Cards with no statistics that go out of play as soon as their Open Skills trigger. Something to keep in mind when crafting a File around Fellana. Since field clearing effects are especially useful against Assassin Soul Skill Swarm decks that are not uncommon right now, the Cavalier can be a lifesaver. Area of effect Soul Cards can also used so you can unleash field clearing damage with Swan Cavalier, then don't revive one of your smaller units who was killed by it, and use it to set off a second wave of damage with your soul card on the next turn. Swan Cavailer also is a big help to Wizard Archer of Regus, bringing her up to the magic number of 50 damage that will let her one shot the tank of her choice.

As you can see, the Swan Cavalier has great synergy with the rest of the deck. Does this really constitute a super combo? Not sure, but with 34 consecutive wins I'm inclined to run away in fear, tossing his prize over my shoulder in an effort to slow him down...

Mavel, I salute you for breaking Teasel's two-fortnight winning streak. We also have an honorable mention that I'd like to share:

Iczer name: Azul
Deck Name: Wings 3rd

1) Lycanthrope [Seraph]
2) Lycanthrope [Seraph]
3) Kesaran Pasaran
4) Judge of Heretics / Bardia
5) Solar Prince / Verlaat

Unit Cards

2 Owl Sage
2 Undine
1 Fountain Knight / Elneith
3 Griffon
3 Priestess of the Holy Weapon
3 Swan Cavalier
3 Coatl

Grimoire Cards

2 Recovery Powder
3 Meaning of Failure
1 Dispel
1 Return

1 Judgement Hammer

This File is an interesting one not only because it is a dual-color File, but because it uses the fact that Swan Cavalier damages your side of the field to its advantage. If you have any of Refess Units on the field with Counterskills, then you can count on them being activated for sure. On top of that, if it's a Coatl, then it's just piling even more damage on to your poor rival Iczer. There's only one wild card in the train of thought however, and once again, it comes down to the advanced rules. When Counterskills activate, they always do so in a phase of damage resolution. So as soon as the Swan Cavalier's lightning hits all the units, they don't close immediately. Instead, the Counterskill's effect happens, and the Coatl will smack a unit, reduce its agility and increase its defense. All before the units close. So you can conceivably smack a unit that's already dead, thereby wasting some of the usefulness. Another something to think about.

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