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Postby smallfish » Sat Mar 31, 2012 12:17 pm

It actually depends on your style when playing WK file...

You can tune it into more aggro file or play as a more control type of file....

Use less grim, 2 return 1 tidal, and 3 sylph + 3 rapier fencer to go, this is the aggro form, as you will play unit almost every turn and trigger your SS at the right time to help you to get field domination. As an suggestion, wizard archer of regus is a great unit with mage knight, though she is only 10HP and require a lot of skill to use (for example baiting out all the salamander and breathe from your gowen opponent).

Other, more grims, 3 return + 2-3 tidal, use magic greatsword, solider since he doesn't need use to play slyph every turn (never trust than poor song sorceress, she is only useful to be a grim bait or a win-more situation where your opponent cannot handle all units on your side, or at best control your unit's attack sequence).

Just tune file a few time and play with the npc.... you will know you enjoy which type of style more quickly.
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