Across the Spectrum 1 results

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Across the Spectrum 1 results

Postby Arakis » Mon Dec 22, 2008 9:34 pm

Here are the results of our first Across the Spectrum Card File building event...

Before I was a GM, there was a point in time when I received a copy of The Red Mantle / DeFau. At the time, he didn't seem very impressive. When his EX version was released, I used it a lot as a Lebeau soul skill debuff solution, but the original continued to go unused. He pretty much seemed like a worthless card to me. Now, though, things seem to be different. DeFau ended up being the star of our first Across the Spectrum event, as a few of our contestants had the idea of inserting him into an Endless Night card file.
Suddenly, his action skill became extremely valuable, giving an inherently Lawtia deck much needed SP generation along with SP control of its opponent. While more than one person tapped into this idea, it was Geta who took it a step further by introducing enough other elements that even if/when Endless Night breaks, there are enough strong Gowen cards on the field and some nice support soul skills that the file never misses a beat.

the winner: Geta

soul cards:

Dryad Soldier

Fire and Gaia / Rougeerst


Fire and Gaia / Rougeerst

Water Emperor / Legrye

play cards:

2x The Crusher / Extension OR The Dark Eye / Wabell

3x The Red Mantle / DeFau

3x Ruler of Crest / Eskatia

3x Shade

3x Mad Priest

3x Moonlight Warrior

3x Devouring Lizard

1x Fenrir

1x Succubus

1x Rapid Growth

1x Life Conversion

1x Corruption

One basic idea, which a lot of contestants picked up on, is that to make a multi-color file work well, it's usually necessary to just focus on two colors, and use lower level cards in order to minimize SP consumption. This file has so many options for controlling its opponent's SP, that issue usually becomes minimal. With Moonlight Warrior and his constant 20DF and Devouring Lizard with his (her?) regeneration as tanks, and with Fenrir doing his thing in the front row, Eskatia and all the SP manipulators are free to support from the rear. Personally I think Crusher is far more useful in this file than Wabell, and in the late game, he can really dish some hurt out on whatever's left of the opponent's field. The Rougeerst soul skills are also key here, as they help ensure return protection, and the AT buff is a real menace. They can also help keep the Mad Priests alive longer. Corruption is a nice touch, just in case a pesky Lebeau or Alphonce soul skill needs to be taken care of. And of course, Succubus is around just in case you need to lock down your opponent from bringing out anything big that could be a major threat to your field. She's also a quick target for when Assassin goes off, though a Shade would certainly be preferable.

I wasn't originally planning on awarding an honorable mention, but one other deck caught my eye because of something it tried hard to do, but fell only slightly short of accomplishing. It went for the tri-color route, which is rather difficult to pull off. It also has some minor conceptual flaws having to do with SP usage in the opening, but I feel that with some rearranging it could have real potential.

honorable mention: Kinny

soul cards:

Lycanthrope [Seraph]

Magic Doll -Support-

Skeleton Warrior


Rifleman Knight

play cards:

3x Black Cat / Fellana

1x Wizard Soldier Apprentice

2x Sylph Sorceress

2x Azure Dragon - East / Vordore

2x Shade

2x Ruler of Crest / Eskatia

2x Lycanthrope [Fenrir]

2x High Priest / Abel

2x Time Reader / Lavende

2x Sun and Birth / Weissvogel

2x Lycanthrope [Seraph]

2x Lycanthrope [Angel]

1x Meaning of Failure

The basic idea Kinny put forth was to start by playing Fellana and then immediately play Meaning of Failure, before she could bury the card. Unfortunately, this requires skipping a turn in order to get it to work. That might be dangerous with this file, so perhaps rearranging soul cards so that it starts with Endless Night and then moves into Falkow and Refess would make this approach more feasible.
Otherwise, this file showed a surprising level of synergy for using three spheres as much as it does. My personal favorite touch is the Eskatia/Lavende combo. With Fenrir on the field, along with slower Refess lycanthropes, Eskatia can make sure Fenrir does maximum damage, and then Lavende can change it to morning so that Angel and Seraph meet their full potential. The big risk there is losing Fenrir during morning, but it still seems to work quite nicely. This file deserves credit for the originality behind it, and all it needs is a little massaging to get the numbers to work out a bit better.
Maybe the upcoming arrival of the Proxies will make this more feasible? Who can say? Anything is possible. So Kinny gets a 2- star card of our choice for his effort, and I'm thinking I'm going to make that a standard prize for honorable mentions from now on.

Thank you to everyone who entered. These entries showed some real creativity and synergy, and especially now that the Proxies are going to be in the mix, I'm looking forward to seeing what all of you can come up with in future Across the Spectrums.

-- Arakis
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Re: Across the Spectrum 1 results

Postby kinny » Mon Dec 22, 2008 9:51 pm

yay i got an honorable mention! :D

thanks! xD :candi:

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Re: Across the Spectrum 1 results

Postby darklogos » Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:41 am

I didn't know i needed to do write ups. Oh well I'll remember that next time.
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Re: Across the Spectrum 1 results

Postby Arakis » Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:37 pm

darklogos wrote:I didn't know i needed to do write ups. Oh well I'll remember that next time.

It wasn't necessary, but it's helpful, so I recommend it.
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