Rebuilt WK file, help for improving and strategies

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Re: Rebuilt WK file, help for improving and strategies

Postby ayman » Tue Apr 17, 2012 4:03 am

I am/was a Gowen player played mostly rushes- mod gowen starters - MDs-undeads - Lately I am playing mid gowen. Therefore probably I am not returning enough, ratherI try to kill units. BTW I have 2 returns -2 tidal - 1 withdraw st. in the deck. I dont carry disj. cyclone, or wrath. I try to stay as a rush.(falkow lvl 3). I might move a grimcount file or a variant of a prımclone after this.
The reason I am playing this I am trying to emphatize Playing Falkow especially return decks.
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Re: Rebuilt WK file, help for improving and strategies

Postby shirano » Tue Apr 17, 2012 4:16 am

ayman wrote:I have recently started to play a WK file without Volfy and Fov. It works pretty ok. But I have noticed something about my SS lineup.(SS- Violet, Dalos, Dion. , Chiriru, skel archer.) The thing is either I win games b4 Dion was activated or (after Dion was activated)I win games only 1 lp or loose. That kinda tells me my 3-5 SS's dont do much for me. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I thought Diondora SS usually went in slot 1 or 2. I personally don't like temporary buff SS because it's too risky, so I would drop Chiruru if you don't think it's helping. I recently started playing WK (no Volfied or Fov either) and run Violet-Violet-Shelby-Pixy Aquamancer-Skel Warrior. It's been working great. Double Violet definitely helps to get back some critical units and grims lost from early tidals, and Shelby/Aqua is a very reliable combo, especially if you pack extra sylphs.

Keep watching other people play WK, and especially ask for help if you know you're facing a strong opponent with Falkow experience.
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Re: Rebuilt WK file, help for improving and strategies

Postby ChiYoung » Fri Apr 20, 2012 6:45 pm

You are probably not returning enough. Also, how often do you play owl sage?
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Re: Rebuilt WK file, help for improving and strategies

Postby GonFreeces31 » Fri Apr 20, 2012 8:48 pm

Skip. Skip
Sea hunter. Axe man
Return. Axe wielder

Oh noes!!!
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Re: Rebuilt WK file, help for improving and strategies

Postby angelspawns » Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:22 am

What Gon is trying to tell you is that under equal circumstances, all Return does is give 1 turn fieldadvantage. Nothing more. (There's 1 turn with SeaHunter and without an Axe on the field)
Having 1 less threat on the field for 1 turn is nice, but it's more important WHAT you do with your advantage that turn.

To get ahead in the game you must try to make this turn count. This is usually done in multiple ways:
- force your opponent to lose SP on reviving.
- Use SP gen (Owl) to gain more SP then the opponent that turn.
- SP drain (Violet SS). Gets you ahead in SP, further delays the opponent of replaying that unit.

More subtle effects to use return for:
- Save yourself SP on reviving.
- Break up a combo.*
- Delay a Character from acting for atleast 2 turns. (Character backlash ensures the opponent couldn't doubleplay it)

*Returning support leaves 1 or more units weaker/useless on that field. Remove the only attacker: support also became useless.
If you manage to kill a unit aswell during all this, good chance you massively delay or completely break up a combo. It can force the opponent to give up more of his field so he can regain enough SP to rebuild it.

In Gon's example nothing happened. SeaHunter pressed standby... and gone is your fieldadvantage.
This doesn't work.
Some returning already bring an immediate SP advantage for you to abuse:
- Tidal. You use 1 SP, the opponent loses 2 SP.
- Cyclone on 3+ units. You use 4SP, the opponent loses 4+ SP. It's also a mass effect Grim, so the opponent spends multiple turns getting all units back on the field. This can make the Grim advantagious enough even without immediate SP advantage.
- Faytis. You use 4 - 4 = 0 SP. The opponent loses 2 SP, but you get the 4 SP back when Faytis dies.
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Re: Rebuilt WK file, help for improving and strategies

Postby hexagram » Sat May 05, 2012 4:15 pm

GonFreeces31 wrote:You made it worse.


when new or inexperienced guys modify prebuilts or even starters they tend to make them worse before they make them better. I think all 1500 gran pebuilts and starters are very playable in their current forms. Some are better than others and all have potential room for improvement

I guess you have to make mistakes to learn from them but many do not learn from mistakes. Trial by error isn't the best way to learn either - definately not the quickest.

That is whay asking for help on forums or copying/ modifing someone else idea is a good place to start.

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Also new guys Worthings starter replays Remember use starter switcher at lvl10 to get all 4 starters

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