Torife close skills file?

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Torife close skills file?

Postby Mykenae » Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:39 pm

So now that I've got a third copy of Torife from the tournament, I figure it's time to get started making a file for her. So what's the standard file of this type? So far I've got a file with Torife, Crest Devil Knight, Francis, and Shvara, but I'm not sure what to add or what kind of souls to use. There's not much discussion about this deck, and I can't find any replays to show me the standard build either. Where should I go from here, and how should this file be played?
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Re: Torife close skills file?

Postby Ropey » Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:02 pm

I can only comment on Shvara.He ducked the nurf stick deservedly so.I open with shade then Ex CAK his nurf does little to impede, then PofM .Annarose ,Hell smoke, CHS ,Dical to end.1 song of the night singer.this is such a sweet grim.Now that gives you 3 slots cos I only use 2 PofM. I got skel archer in atm,but angry mob, cem rats, skel warrior, augmented sauce etc can all be used.

All I,m saying is mix it up.If you use the undead start fun will follow.The file I ended up with beats pixies and EN.
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Re: Torife close skills file?

Postby Haqua » Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:20 pm

She's in my Riverre File but I don't have a premium account so I can't really save any videos. With that said, Torife file in my opinion is actually more about chucking out your other faster cards first before Torife since they can close with or without her help.

Riverre acts as my swiss Army knife so I only toss her out on to the field if needs be, but she's a nice addition in the case of excessive SP. With the soul line up following this idea of getting out your bigger units out first i.e Devil Knight, I also use LeBeau depending on what I encounter I don't have Shvara but it feels like your sp will be lacking by the time he enters the field.

Anyways that's the thought process and this is what I do with my SS line up

+2sp, Carbuncle for retrieve +1 sp, Violet x2, Esria Awakened for revive, retrieve 3 lawtia 1lp or Return closed friendly 3lp. I usually go super trigger happy with things so 1lp is where I would lean on but the return to file 3 lp anchor isn't bad either since super stupidly aggressive Iczer won't melt your Soul Cards.

Exiled Military Aide Open with 2 lawtia, 2 falkow if you get hit by shade it's alright, since they wouldn't be able to iczer you in the opening, skip turn 2 in case of shade if not drop Lebeau. Then Torife for some extremely early aggression. Because of how fast Lebeau moves it's highly unlikely he'll die before attacking. Also if they didn't melt your military Exile Lebeau would literally just eat everything and everyone. Next up is Crest Halberd Soldier. at this point you should be doing rather okay with SP.

Throw in Soul Pact and then toss out Devil Knight/Francis depending on the problem you're fighting. At this point the meat of your field is already set up, so you can just go trigger happy.

Pack a consuming grudge in your file for that moment where you might need to Activate your Esria, 2 slyph to buff Torife so you can close Francis/DevilKnight/Lebeau for a quick kill ( also acts as a core sacrifice card to activate your souls without losing damage/presence) and a withdraw/sweeping incase you don't wanna trip those SS too early with slyph.
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Re: Torife close skills file?

Postby Jazzock » Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:10 pm

She's in my self destruction file... with shvara and lebeau lol

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