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Postby VertuHonagan » Sun Apr 08, 2012 3:40 am

AngelicDeath wrote:Rom,

That was the best analysis I have seen in a long time. It echoes alot of sentiments I have about the game. Winning take all mentality regarding events, files, etc. etc. Participation should be the number 1 supported notion by management not winning. That is why balance is such a critical point.
However, time and time again we get time consuming grinding events whereby your "success" is judged in terms of wins (see collecting) rather than participating. These are aimed directly at free players for certain and i applaud efforts to allow them opportunities to get cards but not winner take all attitude. Selling Bringer 5 star card to make your file more powerful was another blatant example.
People using "broken" cards to get easy wins ( for what manner of enjoyment I can only guess) earn nothing but utter disdain and lack of respect from me.

I like Rucca better now than before and she is not on UD list so she is still in use.

Are you my weekly clone? I feel the exact same way.
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