Lawtia File Help pls

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Lawtia File Help pls

Postby InsomniJack » Sun Apr 08, 2012 6:15 pm

i started playing a long time ago but quit after a few weeks becouse i diddnt have the time anymore
now im back and im baffled at how many ppl are helping me out (wasnt so a few years back when i started but nwm that)
so the last one who defeated me gave me the advice to post my cards in the forum and ask for help and i felt quite dumb not thinking about it myself but here i am and asking all of you for a little help to figure this all out
i started with a lawtia file and this are my cards atm:


Caracter Units:
Chaos Ogre / Dalos x3
Darkness Mirror / Aegis x2
Command Unit / Violet X2 x1
Command Unit / White Lily x1
Command Unit / Dear Cattleya x1
Devil of the Mask / Folfenac x1
Dark Evocator / Domina x1
Six Armed Man / Alvein x2
Gray Wolf / Metis x1
Death Dragonknight / Langbart x1

Units lvl1:
Animated Dead x2
Shade x2
Succubus x2
Cemetery Rats x4
Magic Doll -Defective- x2
Broken Priest x1

Units lvl2:
Lycanthrope [Leonardo] x3
Magic Doll x5
Invisible Druid x3
Lycanthrope [Lilith] x1
Skelleton Warrior x4
Elder Druid x4
Lycanthrope [Dagon] x1
Girl Druid x3
Priestess of Madness x1
Night Soul x2
Haste Assassin x1
Magic Doll -Healer- x1

Units lvl3:
Mad Priest x3
Castle Wight x3
Girl Spectre x3
Assassin x1
Moonlight Warrior x3
Skeleton Master x2
Crest Regenerator Knight x3
Lycanthrope [Scylla] x1
Cutter of Cord x3
Ghost x2
Black Hound x1
Crest Halberd Soldier x2
Magic Shade Soldier x3
Magic Doll -Heavy Shield- x1
Hell Smoke x1
Magic Doll -Sniper- x1
Crest Spy x1
Revenant x1
EX: Night Wing Wyvern x1
Ghoul Mage x1

Units lvl4:
Elite Crest Knight x3
Crest Cursed Swordsman x2
Cursed Armor Knight x1

Units lvl5:
Living Armor x2

Units lvl7:
Dragon of the Mercurial Night x1

Turn to Dust x1
Soul Bind x1
Flesh Recycle x2
Corruption x1
Life Conversion x3
Soul Pact x1
Criminal Edge x1
Warning Knife x1
Exchange of Souls x2
Split Second Descision x1
Creeping Hands x2
Word of Dalos x1
Stronghold of Chaos x2


Character Units:
Swan Swordswoman / Aha x1
Fire Sorceress / Addition x1
Sword of Glory / Foveontsa x3
Dragon Summoner / Ruuca x1

Units lvl1:
Sylph x2
Undine x2
Owl Sage x1
Magic Musician x1
Refugee Flying Apprenctice x1

Units lvl2:
Mermaid Shield Soldier x1
Wizard Archer of Regus x3
EX: Wizard Soldier of Regus x3

Units lvl3:
Magic Scythe Soldier x1
Harpy x1
Mage Knight of Regus x3
Rapier Fencer of Regus x4
Battle Mage of Regus x1
sorcerer Monk of Regus x2
Elite Fencer of Regus x1
Storm Wizardress x2

Return x2
Meaning of Failure x1
Sweeping Tidalwave x2
The Truth of Regus x1
Withdrawal Strategy x1


Character Units:
Lion Baron / Zagar x1
Time Reader / Lavende x1
Boy Inquisitor / Cudgel x1
Right Hand Shield / Garfath x1
Wandering Priest / Raste x1
Honor of the lion / Zagar x2

Folart Shield Knight x1
Boy Combat Priest x1
Priestess of the Holy Weapon x1
Coatl x1
Healing Priest x1
Blessed Armor Knight x1
Shadow Spirit x1
Elite Folart Acolyte x1
Pegasus Knights x1
Novice Folart Acolyte x1
Griffin x1
Folart Scout x1
Opal Carbuncle x3

Blessing x1
Recovery Power x1


Character Units:
Sunday Afternoon Bringer x1

Exploding Spores x1
Salamander x1
Berserker x1
Lethal Archer x1
Samurai Girl x1
Giant Arthropleurid x1

i made a Lawtia/Falkow Deck where i lvl my spheres with ss and stronghold of chaos then throw in Alvein and Foveontsa with Alvein doing his 6x attack action and Foveontsa giving him 10 atk more and enough range to get to all rows but its somehow not helping much since i dont know what else to do when that fails. i gave them dalos as a backup but im kinda dead before he arrives.
but nvm that if anyone has any ideas for a file i can put together with this i would be very very thankful ^^

thx in advance
InsomniJack (ig FonX)
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Re: Lawtia File Help pls

Postby GonFreeces31 » Sun Apr 08, 2012 6:27 pm

The best place to start is building a solid level 3 rush (which is not easy). Level 3 rushes are generally composed of a core group of level 3 units (3 copies of a card) that somehow work together, with a few level 1 units (sacrificial cards) and a token level 2 unit. Just browsing through, you got cards for a really solid WK rush. Lawtia is going to be really hard to make work with your current list of cards..
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Re: Lawtia File Help pls

Postby InsomniJack » Sun Apr 08, 2012 6:53 pm

when i got back i had enough gp to buy The Kingdom Returns pre build set it was 500gp but im still trying to figure out how to play it
still i like lawtia somehow more and im stuck somewhat in building a solid file
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Re: Lawtia File Help pls

Postby GonFreeces31 » Sun Apr 08, 2012 7:44 pm

You could try to model the natural born killers pre built.
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Re: Lawtia File Help pls

Postby AngelicDeath » Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:07 pm

Hi gon,
I am fairly certain i was playng this individual in alteil and told him to come here for assistance. He has the lawtia starter and i think 1 prebuild. Given his cards i am certai n we should be able to come up with a deck slightly stronger than the prebuild. I appreciate your assistance and help. I'll try to put in some time tomorrow on this but my work takes its toll
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Re: Lawtia File Help pls

Postby monkeysmiles11 » Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:54 pm

I would suggest saving gran for undead faction packs, they are a key mechanic in alot of lawita rushes and make a solid tribal file
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Re: Lawtia File Help pls

Postby sunbunman » Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:13 pm

If you really wanna stick with lawtia, I'd advice going with what monkeysmiles said and save up for the undeads faction pack, they're a really powerful faction and have places in different lawtia rushes as tanks.

If you're willing to go the falkow way, you can make a reasonably powerful traditional wk rush. Something like:


Domina , Violet x2 , Dalos , Assassin , 3lp

The SS can be switched around to taste.


3x EX wiz
3x Rapier fencer
3x Mage Knight
3x Wiz Archer
1x owl sage
2x sylph
2x Sorc Monk
2x Storm Wiz


2x Return
2x Sweeping Tidal
1x Withdrawal Strat
1x Truth of Regus
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Re: Lawtia File Help pls

Postby ChiYoung » Mon Apr 09, 2012 2:33 am

I agree that you should try a WK rush file. However, I believe that you shouldn't use Domina, because in my experience she doesn't work out well. Try either a +2 SP SS, or 40 dmg card while you save up for another Violet x2.

Giant Arthropleurid is also a decent choice.

Another thing to note is the 500 gran specials the week pre-builts are released. Those are amazingly good, and you should always try to have 500 gran about to make sure that you can buy one if one appears.

Keep an eye on card of the week too.
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Re: Lawtia File Help pls

Postby Urizen_forum » Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:24 pm

What lvl are you, given the card list I would guess pretty low, If you are planning on playing this game on a tight budget(Brave Sir) then wait till you get your lvl ups to spend cash, You may get say oseon for example which can open up alot of files you would not have considered(oseon is the best example because he is 1 card that opens up alot of files with low rarity that ARE REALLY TOP TIER, but you do need one oseon), Also lawt rush with no endgame is a no go, were you to while lvling up and get lvl up choices all consisting of lawt rush endgame units(afel/alphonce/zug) then spend on a lawt prebuilt(the undeads don't need endgame so they are a pretty safe buy). Try and wait till you get some lvls under your belt if you are not going to be chucking money at this game, that being said as the others above stated wk and undeads are really solid files with no rares required(but help). Files wo rares-

Wk(volified and cath help onyl need 1 copie[HOLD ON TO SHELBY IF YOU GET HIM IN LVL UP])
Undeads(super good no rares file)
Gow rush(bringer not required[if you get1-2 anthira lvling up take him], endgame is fire arrows best ss are archer scouts all low rarity)
lap prebuilt
the lawt lvl 2 rush
the warriors gow rush
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Re: Lawtia File Help pls

Postby Haqua » Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:24 pm

Since you want to be a lawtia player, it's probably the best to start by picking what kind of style you want to play. That way you have an idea where to go and what cards to look for/save for.

Probably some general theme you should pick from is
lvl 2 rush
lvl 3 beat down
sp drain
mid lawtia (it's usually Belus...)
big lawtia
undeads (pesky things)
Magic dolls (yay dolls)

Some people may make a file with a combination of the above in mind but really that is the basis of it.
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