Song of Spring / Meltiria

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Re: Song of Spring / Meltiria

Postby Anima13 » Mon Apr 30, 2012 3:08 pm

I dont know the first thing I thought of was undeads...
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Re: Song of Spring / Meltiria

Postby Logress » Mon Apr 30, 2012 10:21 pm

There's always gon's theory of Solar Kingdom -- only use units with buffing start skills. That gives you Sunlight Knight, the Captain, Elite Aco and HK Lap. Full field nets you 25 DF all around. You'll get pounded during setup, but Melti will get your cards back later. To Make the SP work you probably want SP+2 first soul, Emana second, sac first turn. Rest of the file maybe ranged attackers. You can also just start with A LV4 tank to hold off the enemy while you set up.
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Re: Song of Spring / Meltiria

Postby ChiYoung » Mon Apr 30, 2012 10:25 pm

And then a wild knight of shrine zero appears....
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Re: Song of Spring / Meltiria

Postby Callonia » Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:57 pm

So in the end, it's all about ex lapierre as usual. But I've been trying to move away from ex lapierre. only lvl 4 file have this kind of success. Tired of Ex lapierre cramping all over my freedom. I want to play spear knight instead of her cuz I like variety. But I have to include ex lapierre because folrart arena no fun for fun files. Oh well.

Alteil 2. Only character in my solar kingdom file there is Janie and, no EXs needed to win a duel, I pulverize faces and get a silver star. I could use anything I have and they're all useful. Sure I lose duels too but I don't give a damn cuz I actually have fun I could play a card and not get punished for it.

Repetition fatigue is dangerous because it makes people get burnout from playing same thing again and again especially if they don't want to but have to anyways.

And what's more, Oh i know, I'll just give you a screenshot instead.


24/12 win ratio and that refess file have starters 12/30. Almost half of it is buncha of starter cards.
And 17 or 18 of the cards in the file is lvl 2.

And I avoid lvl 2s like a plague in alteil 1. U see that cute girl on left just below the silver armor dude? Well, she snowballs whether the enemy and me like it or not, she self buffs every turn forcing the enemy to do something, they can't just ignore her.
As for that silver armor dude, yeah, he's not a character but a unit, and he's awesome, buffs whole friendly field every morning.
And that girl with green clothes, she's a lvl 2 blessed acolyte girl and she have that free revive which is very useful in building up the field She's TCG but whatever, every sp helps.

And that angelic girl in bottom right, i think she's lvl 4 or 5, but she can't be bringered because she will just lose 40 max hp instead and heal back to full.

And for my only character in deck, bottom left. is also a lvl 2 she's awesome for stress relief, she isn't important to my deck but awesome to use and fun , importantly fun. She does a field buff for my field too, therefore, my field is almost always snowballing and has an option to target pinpoint twice, I've gotten her up to like 100+ atk before, so I struck a couple of units for 100+ damage, knocking out mean dragons and such.

My file penalizes people for being a coward playing old school allind style harshly.

People like being able to play their favorite tribes without being run over by the meta all the time.

Meanwhile where here, I have to look at sunlight knight and Elite folrart acolyte and Knight captain and ex lapierre before considering anything else, I dun like that, I'd rather run Folrart Paladin and Folrart Greatsword soldier plus exlapierre because it's a nice change of pace tho I think i will use sunlit knight in there because there's simply nothing better i could use I might use a free reviver if i had one instead of sunlit knights. SO that's 12 cards locked down already.

Other 13 be a couple of ranged units and support, so i guess that's other possible 3-6 cards locked down. Picking stuff like will o the wisp soldier because just because I wanna to and of course, Meltiria. so that's 18 cards already.

Leaving 7 slots left, this is the biggest pain in the **** for solar kingdom, u want a lvl 1 open at same time you don't I don't kinda really like cluttering my file up with weaksauce lvl 1s when I'm running cemetery recursion, they're the penalty if you recursive the lvl 1s back from the cem instead of that tank you really need, well your screwed it happened to me too often. The last 7 cards i ain't telling.

But there's no Ex lap file vs ex lap file scenario in alteil 2 cuz that's ghey one to end up in, if you don't have her, you lose, if you have her, you win, its simple as that. Not fun for both players. Fun for grinder who have her but that's about it. Biggest burden if this file is ex lap and if facing enemy solar kingdom, hope to get her out and keep her safe or backlash all 3 copies or whatever if all 3 ex lap on both sides in cem, then its up to file design that win teh duel which's not bad at all because that means you get to have a fun fight.

I'm torn.

the rest is wiggle room i guess xD Just meh.

I'm too hooked on the thingie where my units become stronger the longer they stay on the field. Its great >.>
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