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Having Fun With...

Postby Indignatio » Wed May 02, 2012 12:38 am

I'm going to try to take the initiative to talk about different files that aren't necessarily meta, but I have found enjoyable to play. Maybe we can get some good dialogue going on what legitimate changes could be made to improve these files.

Today we're Having Fun With: True God Church

File Name: Hymn 58: Life Everlasting
Princess of the Key/Emana
EX: Inquisition Nun/Cynthia
Knight of the 2nd Shrine
Awakened Magic Doll/Esria
EX: God Hand/Diosaur

Refugee Citizens x3
EX: Inquisition Nun/Cynthia x2
Boy Combat Priest x2
Boy Inquisitor/Cudgel x3
Realm Guardian/Mayleen x2
Sun Tyrant/Gilensa x3
Wandering Priest/Raste x3
High Inquisitor/Fortune x2
Young Sorceress/Rileria
Mediator of Sun and Moon
The Angel's Trumpet
Like the Hand of God

The Opening:
Refugee Citizens -->EX: Inquisition Nun/Cynthia -->Boy Combat Priest
Refugee Citizens is there to eliminate some troublesome grims in the opponent's file. EX Cynthia is a fun card to use against a majority of files out there. At 55HP she can survive a majority of first wave attackers and by using Standby she gets a Counter Trait that sucks her ATK+Refess LVL from the MaxHP of two opponents. Take THAT Undeads! And with the +10ATK buff from Boy Combat Priest for Cynthia and the Citizens, you round out your first wave of front line attackers. Boy Combat Priest has been errata'd and now grants a True God Church tribe member +20MaxHP/HP on close.

Rounding Out/Mid-game:
Realm Guardian/Mayleen is there to either sap an opponent's cards ATK while healing them completely, or completely healing your units. She is great against most troublesome units that are attack heavy. Sun Tyrant/Gilensa is the staple of any good True God Church file, boosting a tribe unit's ATK = MaxHP. Boy Inquisitor/Cudgel becomes your mid-game attacker. He is phenomenal against LVL7+ units, one hit KOing a Star Dragon or countering an AGI5+ unit.

The Trick:
Wandering Priest/Raste will buff your subtype Priest units +20HP and can siphon the MaxHP of any enemy unit in range to heal all of your units. Young Sorceress/Rileria will boost everyone's RNG=3 and AGI+2 which means that enemy units may be in Cudgel's counter sights. My personal favorite is High Inquisitor/Fortune. She can reduce an enemy unit's RNG to 0 from her open and engage an enemy unit with Bash.

The Grims:
The Angel's Trumpet is there if you need a quick reprieve from a unit like souped-up Athira Shin. Inspiration is, in my opinion, a great temporary SP booster. And everyone knows Like the Hand of God.

The Soul Skills:
Princess of the Key Emana for added SP bonus and engaging a first wave problem enemy. EX: Inquisition Nun/Cynthia for HP boost to True God Church tribe and 40DMG to a target unit. Knight of the 2nd Shrine for a massive MaxHP/HP boost. Awakened Magic Doll/Esria is there to revive 2 of your primary LVL3 units. And rounding it off with EX: God Hand/Diosaur.

So far out of 12 battles with this file: 9wins, 3loses.

I hope you all enjoyed this and I hope to do more of these in the future. Take care!
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Re: Having Fun With...

Postby ayman » Wed May 02, 2012 3:08 am

Any alternative for Gilensa?
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Re: Having Fun With...

Postby ChiYoung » Wed May 02, 2012 7:18 am

There is no true alternative to the sun tyrant. What he does is irreplaceable, and that is why, despite any kind of buff they may try, True God Church will never be competitive without him, for if they buff TGC enough to be strong without him, TGC will be overpowered with him, and if they nerf the sun tyrant, TGC would be underpowered. And so True God Church will remain inaccessible to those without the sun tyrant.
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Re: Having Fun With...

Postby Indignatio » Wed May 02, 2012 7:33 am

ChiYoung wrote:There is no true alternative to the sun tyrant.

Now while I agree that Gilensa is a definite need in this deck, some possible alternatives (I'm just guesstimating):
Demon Nun/Cosmos as endgame. Hopefully by this time you will have some of your Priests MaxHP buffed high enough that her Inquisition Strike will do some damage. Couple this with Mayleen's Sanctuary or Fortune's Wheel of Destiny with Cosmos' Only My Fist. It is a possibility.

Instant Revival. This grim will help bring back those important units that you need.

Mirror of Light could be useful if you are up against a Big Deck.

Sword of Mysteries is a seldom used card that will add on +30ATK to all friendly subtype Priests. While I prefer Gilensa to this card, Sword of Mysteries could still be a viable alternative.

The fun thing is mixing this deck around and seeing what works for you and is cohesive with your plays style. This isn't meant to be a meta stomping deck, but more of something fun and different that the Emana+Mystere/Dilate+Dio/Pixies+Bringer files that are romping around. I hope that this helped. Take care!
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Re: Having Fun With...

Postby angelspawns » Sat May 05, 2012 1:42 pm

I aprove of this article. :D TGC is an awsome fun Tribe... i dare say most fun to play out of all Tribes. Their synergy, tricks and combo potential outside TGC/Refess is huge.
Though i understand your concept, i hope you don't mind me giving some more input on TGC? There's still alot of uncovered ground and units to be found within the Tribe. (aswell as ways to turn TGC's into competitive play)

When playing TGC, one of the first tricks you must experience is how to raise 100+ MaxHP in 1 turn! This'll surely get you hooked to the Tribe. ;)

Units = Beneficient + Gilensa.
Effect = 100~140MHP at once, over 2 Units.
Cost = 1SP (~3SP w. Raste).
Use Beneficient Skill (+40MHP) -> Revive her and use her Skill again (+60MHP).
With Gilensa AgiBuff on Beneficient she has the chance to do her Skill before Gilensa. Having Raste on the field adds up to this Combo with his Startskill and Heal. The amount of MHP increase each turn is all a roulette of Agirolls. 40MHP(Gilensa first) ~ 100MHP(Beneficient->Gilensa) ~ 140MP(RasteHeal->Beneficient->Gilensa). Nothing sells you on TGC like experiencing a good roll. Easy to set up and greatly rewarding.

Units = EX Beneficient + Church Paladin.
Effect = 40+ Atk permanently.
Cost = 1SP.
Church Paladin Openskill gives everything +30Def. Add Ex Bene Startskill on top of that, and turn it into Atk with her 1SP Action.

And then we have a wide range of units inside TGC that are extremely synergetic. Things like Cosmos, LadyMonk, Brutal Inquisitor. Or units with tricks that can be further exploited outside Refess. (Inquisition Night Raider + EX Riza?) Feel free to experiment and add units from all over the spheres, as long as you keep the very basics: TGC Tank(s)+Gilensa+Raste.

To give you an impression of some fun TGC possibilities:
TGC vs Monsters: https://alteil-login.gamepotusa.com/aud ... 4ae84783f8
TGC vs Urgant: https://alteil-login.gamepotusa.com/aud ... ac5b632c0d

For MaxHP to raise into unbeatable proportions you need to stall the game + lots of SP. Obvious SS choices are SP & Engage for this.
As basics you want to rush out a Tank, and snowball MHP in the back on Gilensa. Winconditions are met when Gilensa can keep a frontrow standing.

- Gilensa
- Raste
- Miffyre (or extremely good SP open)

Masters in Tanking:
- Gravan
- EX Cynthia

TGC has a few units that work wonders as a 1~2 of to help save your field/Gilensa. They can be splashed for an effect and begone with.
Essential Counterplay units:
- Church Paladin
- EX Bardia
And semi-competitive due to its restrictions - Fortune

Make the right descisions (Bardia when SS goes off to save Gilensa etc.) and you can rob the silver stars away from the best of players. Big Red, Dion, BKR, EN, Undeads... you'll have a shot against most metagrind files. It isn't a very consistent Tribe due to its combo nature, but it can become surprisingly powerful.
An example of such a matchup:
TGC vs. Dion: https://alteil-login.gamepotusa.com/aud ... 3ce2e2e029

Have fun creating a TGC file of your own! They're also almost all in underdog.
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Re: Having Fun With...

Postby hexagram » Sat May 05, 2012 2:48 pm

Ohhh I was expecting this ...

Having fun isn't hard....

Nice thread by the way

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Re: Having Fun With...

Postby Indignatio » Tue May 08, 2012 6:25 pm

angelspawns this is a fantastic contribution! Thank you so much for giving your advice. =)
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