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Re: CARD OF THE WEEK 6/30/08

Postby Awod » Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:04 am

[card=86]Djinn[/card] is nice used him in a few with varying results I believe one game went like this.

He had the field advantage while my front line wasn't in horrible shape it was being beaten down quite a bit which wouldn't have been so bad except for his [card=90]Eagle Soldier[/card]'s flying attack kept taking out my back line I was trying to use for defense I just couldn't keep them alive. So with the help of [card=83]Magic Scythe Soldier[/card] and [card=41]Magic Doll[/card] as a soul cards. His cards were on their last threads of life, he gave me some damage but the Djinn was barely scratched when I used Berserk Wind "BLAM" his cards folded instantly plus I had some units still alive. I think I was able to use Izcer attacks to finish the game off.

He has his uses but I decided to hold off on him since he IS difficult to bring out [recalls a game vs a Lawtia player, kept my SP low constantly]

Afterwards I tried to mold a deck based off [card=79]The Azure Dragon[/card] a stunning support character however I did run into problems. His powers are based off the number of friendly units on the field so you need a lot out. [IE, you're VERY vulnerable to area based attacks, be it from row/column damaging soul cards or a desperate tempest. Second, in order for his ability to be useful he needs to play first/quickly at AGI 3 he's not exactly slow but the units ideal units would be just level 1 or 2's since they require little to play however [card=92]Haste soldier[/card] has 5 AGI your defensive spellcaster [card=91]Sorcerer Guard[/card] has 4 even song sorceress has 4 in short all the easily usable units are way faster by default.

Using Song Sorceress' ability you can get his AGI high enough but I was still unable to triumph with this Strategy because my opponent took advantage of what I didn't notice until afterwards [they have low health] killing 1 enemy activated his soul cards he wiped out 2 Sorcerer Guard and a Song Sorceress in one blow basically blew my idea out of the window and pretty much sealed the game in his favor.

It was horrible when he was the last to play made him essentially useless except for a little defense. Character backlash was a blessing though every time I used him my opponent would try to use him at some point not realizing at the moment he was a character which gave me time to either strengthen my forces or desperately catch up.

The other option was to summon units like [card=87]Sea Hunter[/card] with high life and defense even a high attack but he would be costly to use. I'm sure I can figure a workaround eventually just need time.

I do think he'll be an awesome card, he actually already is. It's just difficult to maximize his potential with the starter. the deck needs to be tweaked to work with him better. Overall I guess I'm glad I lost it showed many weaknesses to me and helped me have a better grasp for the game.
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Re: CARD OF THE WEEK 6/30/08

Postby Allied » Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:26 am

*Clap Clap* Awod, He is a vary nice support card but for you to really get his efect working you need a +agi card to him and Atleast 3 units on the field
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