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Frisky Multisphere Files

Postby Icyman2 » Mon May 28, 2012 2:37 am

About Me
Hey what's up guys. My name is icyman. My favorite sphere is multisphere. My favorite card is bitter destiny. I consider myself to be a pretty good player but there are other people who think otherwise. I want to be part of the community here (I know that you guys see me around, but even more so) and I hope that others will join me so that we get better threads going other than the qq threads that have been spouting up.
So the reason why I play alteil is because I like turn based strategy games, and I like collecting stuff (even virtual stuff I guess). I kind of want to have fun and create fun files, but I also like to win. However, I do not like to beat the crap out of people using op cards and I can't grind the same file for more than 25 matches and I don't have 2k+ rp so I guess what I am trying to say is that I am kind of a Johnny, less so of a Spike, and definitely not a Timmy. My goal in alteil... hmmm... is to enjoy myself, shake things up, and hopefully do some testing one day in the far future.

Without further ado, I give you the



So this file is pretty crazy. It was originally made to counter emana diondora/mystere and counter it it does. There are a ton of tech cards so usually there are around 4-5 cards you will not use because of the matchup but you'll find that you'll use some cards like miandela or bitter destiny or sumer almost every match. You are extremely tight on lp and make your decision on whether the opponent izers and how much lp he has and what you think he is playing. There are tons and tons of opens that you can do and I am not going to go through each one. Against bigs, try not to play too many lp food early. There's a lot of improvising and not really a set way to play the file so I think it is quite beautiful in that sense.

The losses were to the same player, en running fierte volfy azure cudgel. Fierte is the ultimate enemy of this file and it is very hard to keep field/your sp/your lp when your opponent runs those ss, but with clever playing, you usually will not have any problem.

The units
Booty doll is the main clutch of the file. The idea is to keep the field low and just keep on draining with her skill. Especially helpful is the shelby song sorc if you can get the tank returned and then just drain the back row. Sumer makes her one more copy and sometimes sp gens and can help you remove her so you don't lose too much lp.

E/A is an amazing card stat wise, especially in this file. You'll usually end up with a 40-45 attack, 70 hp, 4 agi level 3 unit. The 70 hp means that it can tank quite a bit. Not a lot of level3 units can get drained by elite fencer and tank it and then kill elite fencer. The only instance where this unit should have 30 attack is if you got sphere drained or you're up against pixies etc where the 30 attack is enough, and the 4 agi outspeeds them without mitzy. She is incredibly versatile too. You can pass her attack onto booty doll in order to guarantee a drain (basically focusing damage onto one unit) or to bypass refess super defense and drain them too. If you pass her attack over, you can rest with her (70 hp can tank for longer) or move her somewhere else to another row, etc. The open is very useful for stall files and to kill shades and later trigger your ss. Sometimes you get lucky and hit a problem unit or a sp gen unit. The open also combos with shvara. Using her open on shvara removes bringer, dilate, and a whole load of units.

Shvara is for control. He has a nice attack if he survives. He makes your opponent afraid to attack in case he is hit and cems one of your opponent's units. He combos well with e/a open, keeping the field low for booty doll to drain. For rush files, he can usually just straight up cem a unit on close and is a good unit to stall with since you can hope that he won't kill 2 units for them to trigger ss/make the field small enough so that sins are bad for your opponent. You want to play him at the right time too. Against rushes, playing him when you think the opponent has a critical ss you want to disrupt is good. Against bigs/mids, don't play him too early so that you don't have the sp to support him or he gets sniped by ss and doesn't cem anything. Remember that he locks units so plan ahead and put that rapid growth the unit you put him down and don't put him down if you haven't played sumer and are on last copy of booty doll and it looks like booty doll might die.

Dandan he is a safe unit when your opponent is **** around and you don't want to play shvara just yet because his close does cost sp and you only have 3 copies of him and want to save e/a open for shvara. Also, he can prime units for booty and shvara. The damage distribution for him is just great. When you play him, unless you expect a drain, do not put 5 in gowen. If you see it is good to put 5 in gowen (since auto is uncontrolled, you don't want it to go off against a counter unit sometimes or to kill a unit you can drain with booty doll) then put 5 in gowen.

Zug You are very tight on lp, so instead of putting in a whole nother unit or something (MORE MEAT), zug is a better choice. He tanks and prevents opponent from iczering that last lp, and can do 100 damage. Pretty damn solid I'd say. I don't see him around anymore, maybe due to op talismans. Don't use him against refess.

The techs
Shadex2 The first shade is to protect your sp t1. Especially against lawtia, the second shade will be useful to backlash t3. It is your choice to drain t2 if you see an obvious one such as ex wiz open, but beware you are tight on lp and I usually don't drain in favor of a better field and returning a bigger unit using shelby song sorc (which was played because you didn't drain). The second shade is also very useful late game, if you want to keep the sp pressure on or do not want them to use a skill or just need a sac unit.

Salamanderx1 This is just a great tech unit to have. It is great against cath opens (shade animus salamander) and sometimes you just really need that 10 hp snipe.

Animusx1 the second best proxy in alteil. almost always played t2 but can also be exo doll if there is a good drain chance. Usually will have 40 attack because of crest saboteur knight t3 He is considered a unit and can survive for most of the match if you play right (just a single copy).

Crest saboteur knightx1 it primes your spheres for shvara and dandan. Usually played t3 but can sometimes be played much much later (after booty and esria have come out)

Rapid growthx1 shvara needs his sp. i personally like the agi buff a lot more than the attack buff but it's up to you really and in case of proxy backlash, there are some cases where soul pact would be better

bofx1 this is mostly to dodge sins. Don't use it just for a wipe.
Burning airx1 this is to dodge sins when you don't have 4 sp or when bof isn't enough to take out a field b/c of pixy healer open or such. These two grims are rarely used

Miandelax1 used for shelby song sorc combo if needed. Otherwise, the agi debuff is very useful for problem units with high agi and also to manipulate agi so you can get a drain in with booty doll. Also useful for stopping timestop or rasam ss if you time her during the night, or giving an extra turn to a unit (booty to double drain or dandan to finish off). Miandela along with sumer are expected to stay backrow and survive for a while.

Bitter destinyx1 aka my favorite card. Use it to lock the opponent's field (doesn't matter if it hits or not, you want to keep it the way it is and don't want ss triggering so booty can continue draining). Use it to disrupt the opponent's plans (oh I planned on killing him and getting this unit out). Use it to drain sp from a file (use it on sakura so gowen is tight on sp). Use it to prevent lp trigger (if you can, try to avoid hitting shades and sac units until you hit them all at once, and then send them all to the cem using this grim. Preventing lp trigger like this really screws up the flow of the game for your opponents). Use it to save your lp and your **** (doesn't take away your last lp, kind of like falkow bubbles but weaker). I can and will make a whole guide on this grim.

The SS
Gafc great disrupter and first ss. If you don't have gafc, don't go for asuet. You don't need the sp and I like to keep a tight sp game so that draining with violet ss is harder. Go for sergis or another double damage ss, or domina/zalzagul damage and drain instead.

Shelby song sorc. The deciding ss of the file. You return tank and drain with booty. Return problem early units. Huge sp advantage except against lvl 2 rushes.

Mitzy this ss is very good for mid lawtia files like this one because lawtia benefits a lot from one turn of increased damage, which can force lp trigger using embrace or can hit more units using bitter destiny. This mitzy provides that power.

Zangy I just really like this as the final ss. It can really backfire but usually the match is pretty close and that last damage does the trick.

Sample match against pixies ... fa67abfd1a
Not high rp player but it was recent and it shows how the file is supposed to be played against a rush file, which I think is considerably harder than against mids.

Ending Thoughts
You'll end up with 1 lp most of the time playing this file. But that's fine. Hopefully you've enjoyed this file and maybe will try it out. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post. I might edit this post in the future to create a table of contents for all the files I've created. If you have any requests, you can ask and if I have the card I'll try to make a file out of it. Below are themes/units that I have tried and tried and tried and deem do not work unless the crucial units are errata'ed:
Addition/gowen file
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Re: Frisky Multisphere Files

Postby Icyman2 » Mon May 28, 2012 2:40 am

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Re: Frisky Multisphere Files

Postby Nehless » Mon May 28, 2012 5:04 am

I've played against this deck and it's pretty mean. The bitter destiny does the biggest damage though
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Re: Frisky Multisphere Files

Postby skillll7 » Mon May 28, 2012 8:46 pm

Hey, the frisky thing is my shtick >:O
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