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Re: PSA: Deep ones now viable

Postby VertuHonagan » Sun Oct 14, 2012 7:30 am

Refex wrote:yeah it was darkrain i saw.

super strong early sp generation into spamming deep ones and relying on metia primarily.

works well. but plays like a gowen file i think. of course you could always pack some returns but seems unnecessary

This is exactly how I play mermaids as well. Its not played like a gowen file. Gowen is highly focused on atk and going through defense. The mermaids and Deep ones are actually played the way Falkow is meant to be played. Falkow is meant to be used as an attack first and kill your opponent before they can hit you file. Falkow files should be highly focused on agi and atk. They shouldn't require cards like return. If you have ever played jp alteil all falkow files greatly increases agi and atk with permanent agi buffs and atk buffs. I would prefer return having the ability that reinforcements does in jp alteil 2:

Its a level 2 card that gives agi +2 to two friendly units and gives them Atk+10 for this turn.
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