Can we discuss Lawt/Gowen?

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Re: Can we discuss Lawt/Gowen?

Postby AqvasFire2 » Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:29 pm

Also...the real question is...why even go into Gowen? Let's go down the list:

Open kill skills: Sakura and Heierrat assassin are not units you'll ever want to revive, so they're LP grims. Except here's the thing: why are you even allowing your opponent to summon units you need to use open skills to deal with as Lawtia? Bringer? The rule, rather than the exception, is that by the time you get Bringer down, you're getting overwhelmed, or if you aren't, then you have such a massive SP advantage on your opponent that you could have used anything in that slot and done well.

Multisphere units:
E/A: extremely underwhelming. Is she supposed to be a tank? An agility attacker? Her stats are rather ho-hum, and considering that the only time that units do dmg = sphere x5 is when they hit twice, and E/A doesn't...well, just because one unit has a bunch of mediocre qualities doesn't make her good.
Awakened Esria--solid. Far from stellar, but also rather expensive considering her HP depletes, you probably aren't going to be benefiting from all of her attack (read: overkills things), and her triple attack also costs precious SP that Lawt/Gowen just isn't good at generating. Oh yeah, she also costs SP to revive.
Reborn Astaforse: What was the logic with her? She doesn't have Urgrant to give you instant lawt 9, or the Falkow sphere to deal with stopping rushes.
Navarez: a niche card, to put it nicely. Let's move on.
EX Esria: unit dolls have people calling for nerfs, command dolls had her since day one and never used her. She's junk.
Colossal ork: pointless.

My real question is this: Lawtia as a sphere has Gowen's speed and power, excellent grims at every sphere level (well, the level 4 stuff isn't all that great but), and in general, doesn't really need to multisphere to be effective. Gowen really doesn't seem to be a value-added proposition.
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