Callonia's GMB files revealed!

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Callonia's GMB files revealed!

Postby Callonia » Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:23 am


Now, first, why I chose to make this?

- Alteil forums is slow and I feel like talking about alteil but I don't feel like going to folrart arena and get my face returned to the file.

-Why did I choose to embrace GMB despite it's sissy reputation? Because my GMB files don't fight like a girl. And plus, it was one of the only ways to use some unused cards repeatedly. Which turned out to be quite fun cards. And they was one of the only ways to punish the mindbrokenly overpowered files running around in the past while having fun at playing what I wanted to play basically you get to ignore the meta environment forced upon you to some degree.

-See those lamers hiding in the files tossing out kill spells and allinds while screaming for help? Those kind of people is the lamers, and remember death dragons with holy shields? They're lamers too.

-See those lamers running EN files? My GMBs can win against the succy drain! Just fight like your own life depends on it.

-How is my GMBs not a bunch of lamers?
Field Presence, Field Presence, Field Presence.

-What? Yeah, GMB gives something like 30 sp.. I don't know, oh hey, Fire Dragon, you cost 7 sp, oh hi earth dragon you also cost 7 sp.. xD That's right, its all about dropping as much units as possible as fast as you can while your sp allows it in order to stand on the field and hurt abusers' feelings that they lost because they tried to sissy their way through only to be denied.

-Decent % of the units in my GMBs is immune to returns by the virtue of their base level requirements which is a HUGE plus because wizard kingdom is a evil kingdom which is only tribe to be always unscathed no matter what set it is, and always one of the most playable tribe even when folrart arena is at the most worst. Therefore being incredibly resistant to Wizard kingdom of evil is very important trait.

-Visiting annihilation upon any random Wizard Kingdom of Evil while you're hunting for abusers to kill is an fantastic bonus. Doesn't matter how big of a newb they are, they must be cut down as early as possible to show that WK of E is very hated. If one of them requests you for a free level up, redouble your efforts or lest you make them mightier in the future.

Enough talk.

Here is the files!

First up, Death Dragon / Millia GMB.


This is my most long lived GMB variant due to huge failure on USA Alteil team and their undying hatred of all that is refess. It was given birth from excessive amount of faerie magicks flowing through the folrart arena woke the long sleeping death dragon from it's slumber. Also, Pixies the evul snowballed and buffed better and did more for less of what it'll cost refess to do the exact same thing.

90 Defense on Torte the Black Knight.
+10 Atk and +1 Agility start skill to every friendly pixy on Mitzett the Black Hag.
90 open damage on Pixy assassins of Black Forest.

Every single fun tribe vanished under the pixyopalyscpe with lone exception of Wizard Kingdom of evil, I saw some of them running around in form of DEFS.

Objective of this particular Lawtia GMB variant is to make pixies learn a new rule that they didn't know about and realize the folly of their abuse. No matter how much hacking they do against my death dragon.... death dragon stands proud and powerful and annihilate them in return after they exhaust themselves pelting out 100+ hacking strikes while eluding assassin teams being sent out to remove death dragon because it's too hard for them to fight something that can resist back.

For you see, pixies rely on making sure you're as helpless as possible while hitting you for over 100 damage by not letting you play anything and the units that you is allowed to play is too weak to resist the amount of abuse they dish out and is their punching bags giving them a false sense of superiority over you but in reality you're losing because you're playing as 1 month old infant while pixies is some random WFW wrestler dude fighting you.
AKA impenetrable wall something romdeau "hates" but doesn't care if it's in other spheres.

Much to the chargin of 100+ pixy abusers that death dragon slaughtered.. they learn that units in cemetery isn't affected by locking!

They accuse Death Dragon of hacking.

They accuse that Death Dragon is UNFAIR!

They accuse that Death Dragon doesn't take skill to use!
[Those three lines is most common lines being dished out from pixy abusers towards the resurrection of Death Dragon from the cemetery.] ... ad95ac5587

Millia and Death Dragon saw alot of action together in crushing pixies with their aoe attacks. Although, Millia tend to not pull off the eradication on reliable basis due to overpowered pixy assassin opens. But its totally worth it just to stomp on there pixy.

"I really love eating pixies.. they taste like McNuggets." - Deathdragon.

Lawtia GMB variant of mine has the slowest opening.

Next up!

Its now the Gowen GMB!

It was a time where nerfed form of DEFS was once rampant in folrart arena which reduced number of viable files to just a few.... DEFS, Big red, and WK Kingdom of Evil. Was also a time where I decided to take a break after repeated fails of trying to play solar kingdom against defs.

After ragequiting over DEFS Lameness and taking a break to watch all of this new anime back then named Dragon Crisis! After watching the whole season I was like dang that's one good anime. Then it suddenly clicked to me, wait, Rose's a fire dragon right and there's a fire dragon, how can I make a fire dragon file that doesn't autolose to defs of lameness? And went ahh, that's right.. I had an old millia/deathdragon deck which went back into slumber after pixy abuse disappeared. Excellent, this is just awesome, who would've thunk that I'd get to play rose in alteil that easily while having fun at it.. plus she's cute which's always a thumbs up.

Just look at all that cuteness doesn't you want to hug her! After some thought and I quickly realized I could make my Gowen GMB fluffy because of beltorart kingdom's existence. I deploy the spearmans to scout and skirmish with the enemies while under Silver swordartist Dyson's leadership to gauge the true strength of iczer that showed up before calling upon Fire Dragons for backup if its a huge enemy with Bringer under payroll for beltorart kingdom.
(Athira Shin) I have him but i didn't use him that much.. maybe 2 times at most. Because I don't know Athira shin's fluff other than being a monster hero? But anyways, allind's fart was selected to act as Rose's magic spells which is why it's there and annihilating defs/wk abuse is always fun.
And that lvl 3 grimiore there is to be there because its fun watching full fields on both sides take damage. Its fun.

Without further ado, This is the file that was born thanks to Dragon Crisis giving me necessary inspiration then used the beltorart kingdom as it's background.

Many a DEFS abuser has met their end at Dragon Crisis!
Main star of this file is the Fire Dragon / Earth Dragon everything else is a sideshow because it's very important to have one or both dragons on field, they are your needed muscle. Even bringer is just a backup for my dragons just in the case that unthinkable happens like Rose getting forced away from the battle and the war is far from over.

v-The duel where I overcame Succy drain. -v ... fc82e9168f ... 0079f8fd13 ... 211a6404d1

As you can see, the nature of my tactics in GMB is at it's strongest in the Dragon Crisis! File, pumping out units every single turn. This have an tendency to make DEFS's rear end to feel severe amount of upset and pain because there's no way they can't just force me to not play at all against them with all their engages, if I get engaged, i throw allind's fart at them as their penalty payment in order to engage me, forcing them to eat some kind of damage when they wanna be ooh immune sissys.

Now, for my last gmb file that I've used in folrart arena!

Its the refess gmb based off mostly on just Wasseir because I got sick of never seeing him in combat at all. And his aoe costs more sp and does less damage than millia's aoe. 4 sp! And refess gmb is the one i played the least because refess imho, in alteil game, AS WHOLE SPHERE SUCKS! They have less presence compared to falkow because everytime I watch in arena, its always just kemious or me that plays refess or some guy spamming most viable deck in refess that USA Alteil team allowed to exist because otherwise we will have 100% guaranteed irrevocable proof of USA alteil team's bias against refess sphere.

So I was like fine, Challenge accepted! I shall make a file where I can spam Wasseir every turn! It was during a period where BKR was starting to become prevalent deck in the folrart arena.

Objective this refess gmb is to ensure that I have fun spamming Wasseir every turn just because I want to. Everything else in the file is to set up to allow it happen and is simply side shows for the main show that is Wasseir. Although, this made me accidently discover that it's.... incredibly fun to strangle units like bkr and jerk wiston, and bringers with Seraph... It gets delicious when you murder them every morning with seraphs, I've ran into an DEFS once with this deck.... Sea Serpent got guided straight to the cemetery by seraph in revenge for the losses i experienced when it had 100 hp.

And it's the only GMB where i found out that holy shields is necessary -.- Phoenix is just a terrible card compared to death dragon. And the fact it does so little is why I chose to put holy shield on phoenix to make the best out of horrible situation compared to mighty death dragon.

Then behold and lo! Came the right out of blue Wasseir errata! "Sfida takes wing" is the bestest thing that ever happened to wasseir in longest time. The single action skill addition basically meant the refess gmb underwent the largest amount of changes compared to lawtia and gowen's gmbs. At least half of file was changed up and it became more concrete! Ignition is no longer necessary to make opponents cry from the spanking that Wasseir give out generously. Finally, Wasseir now can be put out onto the field to start raising it's output as fast as possible without worrying about salamanders of woe and doom.

It's important to have a holy shield upon your phoenixs and wasseirs otherwise they won't be able to do their task at all. They will go dead last. Always.
Fairy dance allows your field of nigh immortals become more of a giant than they was once before totaling at grand gain of +45 max hp.


I don't have that many good replays of this file because refess isn't that fun enough yet. ... 725cde63fe

*Callonia is still waiting for USA Alteil team to stop being biased.*

I have a tendency to receive strongly worded letters from people about what they think about my GMB after i beat them... And it always came from people who abused defs/pixies -.- I suspect it's because they don't like being forced to eat their own medicine that they forced on everyone else. While other people who faced me, didn't care.

I hope I didn't miss anything.. feel free to enjoy reading this.

If you have questions, don't be shy, feel free to ask away.
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Re: Callonia's GMB files revealed!

Postby hexagram » Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:15 am

Nice thread will watch replays later. Some variants of this kind of file are still very possible you just have to send cards to grave in a differrent way

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Also new guys Worthings starter replays Remember use starter switcher at lvl10 to get all 4 starters

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Re: Callonia's GMB files revealed!

Postby CainHyde » Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:27 am

Still no Bule, so impossible to play GMB-like file. QQ
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Re: Callonia's GMB files revealed!

Postby Aoi » Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:43 am

Oh I have seen Dragon Crisis too, I loved their opening song.
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