Ropey's Rough Guide to the new Mercs

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Ropey's Rough Guide to the new Mercs

Postby Ropey » Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:41 pm

This guide will assume you are familiar with the Mercs previous to the set Silver Dawn it does not mean you can't ask questions about their extensive back catalogue.

Please feel free to post your own files, questions hints and tips etc.

Unlike the Barbarians I was able to field a half decent file straight off the bat. I feel Mercs have really come of age with set 13 and are well worth a try.


Still the pain of ranking up so the first soul is an obvious choice.

I found Rozly a great scare card and only used one, but with the action skill Impact Strike well worth fielding more.

Often I didn't need to use Horseman,and saved him for later in case my sphere lev was reduced.

Next I got Field Commander on as quickly as possible, followed by just about any of the other units bar Dual Gunslinger.

I found Halmira worked best in say slot 5 with Field Commander beside her. This may seem odd, but trust me it really worked.

The grims are typical of Gowen, but you may feel ambush needs replacing with fire ball or another fire arrow.

Delrare's soul is top, well until Merc files become more popular anyway.

Here's me knocking seven shades out of a bunch of watery, low down Mermaids ... f6fc53c952 Sorry I deleted it by mistake.


Rapidshot Gunner


Fast, damaging, good range and almost free to use if the Field Commander gives back the 1sp Action cost. Then If say, Revolver Blademan gets his action in you will find a few opportunities where the Commander disengages a unit. Making for game breaking chances. An Extremely good card that should be in every Merc file.



I must admit i never tried this chap, but his large damage potential and reasonable HP make him quite attractive. Low Agi may be a concern? Coupled with the new Shield Coat he may suit your play style, but for me he loses out to Rapidshot.


Sword Sucessor / Rozly


As you may imagine there is a lot of hate for this card, but I found that players panicked (Especially Falkow followers)
For me at least It made for an interesting start, but it was usually totaled by the first SS and I only really needed it to trigger my rank up.
With it's engaging action you could invest more in it, but I found it more advantageous to build a field and let my opponent flounder, and waste grims.
It does throw players Soul Skills off nicely, and worked well against a shade opening.


New Shield Coat / Halmira


This card really does anchor the whole field. It should be at the heart of every Merc file. In the past Mercs have been notoriously tough to set up. This card makes them a joy to play. Preventing those by her side from attack until she dies, and buffing both attack and def when she herself is struck.


Sworn Avenger / Henrietta


Couldn't really get to grips with this card and found it a little tough to get on it being level 4, but I could certainly see potential in it. She takes a while to get going, but there are cards to help her focus and if you put the time into her she may well pay off dividends. Halmira could certainly help her out and I think I passed her by in favour of less tricky cards to set up.

So in conclusion. As I have said, with Silver Dawn the Mercs finally come of age. I was a little frightened at first that I would find them too powerful, but as I got the swing of things games became close and win or lose the experience was pleasurable I believe for both my opponent and myself. The choice now with this tribe makes it possible for plenty of experimentation. So there really is no excuse to not give em a bash! They give Gowen a much needed tactical approach as there is not much from the sphere that requires more than just raining down large amounts of damage.

I really hope this thread will encourage and maybe even inspire a few out there ;th2
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