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Re: Shade & Will o' the Wisp

Postby Phades » Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:34 pm

reydien wrote:Wait, you want two of Refess' best tanks (not to mention decent hitters, too) to reward you when you play them?

They have 0 defense against anything that comes before them, not making them a tank and get one shotted by many other cards and combos. They are both worthless mid to late game when i commonly see cards with atk pushed into the 70+ range and merely delay and try to counter attack early game. Sersiouly, you are making them into something they are not. I have had 4th turn Folart paladins die before they even get to act, so rather than have something nearly worthless like a conditional +5 or +10 defense on rank and file throw away units, something to replace the missing SP boost into units that require a greater investment into the refress than 1pt doesn't seem that unreasonable.
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Re: Shade & Will o' the Wisp

Postby reydien » Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:56 pm

compared to the rest of your units, yes.

edit: especially if you limit the selection to turn-1 plays.
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Re: Shade & Will o' the Wisp

Postby Phades » Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:02 pm

That is a relatively moot point considering games are not won on the first turn in the first play and those first play cards are commonly used as fodder to trigger soul effects. This is in addition to simply opting to play a different deck with superior cards of the same level. It would be like playing gowen without rank up and having triggered skills on agl 1-2 cards instead of 3 and no dryads...

There was something removed dynamic wise that wasn't replaced. The dynamic had a good reason to be removed, due to how easily acessable it was to all decks. It is similar to the soul ability of killing machine being almost universally desireable. My suggestion was merely to re-integrate that dynamic into "standard" cards integral to progress through the early stages of a refresh play without trying to point to traits that are nearly useless. For example, compare the regenerator knight to the paladin. Even if the regenerator knight gets beat on before it gets to play, it still recovers hp putting its max hp near the paladin's, while the paladin starts with more HP initially the actual DEF bonus rarely even gets used and can be bypassed entirely or overwhelmed making it moot for comparison under many circumstances commonly found while in play.Furhtermore the regenerator knight can be used to standbye to recover even more hp complimenting its natural regeneration rate, while the paladin merely has a higher base hp to work from in order to try and make up the difference. But, this would be ignoring the plain and obvious point that the regenerator knight hits 5pts harder...

To really distinguish a tank, it needs a better base defense rate AND hp, so that it can absorb damage better than other comparable attackers. It wouldn't be too different from comparing basic attackers like salamander, despite the obvious drawbacks the card has. Currently, the only feasable method to achieve a unit like this would be through the killing machine soul effect or multiple druid triggers, not through basic unit traits contained within refress.
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