Can it get any lamer? 3x LeBeau SC...

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Re: Can it get any lamer? 3x LeBeau SC...

Postby Gigantorus » Sun Aug 03, 2008 8:24 am

Savin877 wrote:I on the other hand keep getting wailed on, and cannot figure out a strategy against Lawtia. If they use 1 LeBeau I can counter it with my 1 return card, but if they have 2 or 3 I am hosed. I am using the starter deck, and only have 1 return and 1 witch, so I cant do much. Any suggestions, I am tired of losing against people who have 25+ consecutive wins just because they are using 2-3 LeBeaus.

I am assuming you're in the 1-9 bracket and that you're falkow since you only have 1 return. I am going to go through three scenarios

1- You're being dominated and LeBeau just finishes you off. The problem here is not LeBeau but your overall strategy. You need to experiment with something new.

2- It is a fair fight until LeBeau triggers. You have three easily accessible options:
a- If you have a lot of units on the field and the defense of enemy is less than 60 or around that, summon Vordor and use his skill.
b- Use return.
c- Counter with x20 soul skill. If you're not confident in your returning ability, you have to have 1 or 2 x20 soul cards. On the bright side, Return card is very common and you should find more Returns rather easily as you level up.

3- You're dominating which means you have a lot of units on the field. Vordor should do the trick.

This will not work everytime. There is no "LeBeau" strategy, but strategies that use LeBeau. At higher levels, LeBeau becomes less of a problem with more cards available.
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Re: Can it get any lamer? 3x LeBeau SC...

Postby AnnaTheRed » Mon Aug 04, 2008 11:59 am

I've written the same thing in different places, but I'll post this info in here as well.

I'm sure that people already know about our first tournament, "Fun in the Sun", where you can use 3 of any card during the tournament.
But there's only one exception to the rule, which is...

you can only have ONE LeBeau for Fun in the Sun tournament.

I don't know if this makes people happy or angry, but he (LeBeau) left us no choice.

The purpose of this tournament is to have FUN! Use different strategy, different color cards, mix them up and experiment.
We thought that if we put 3 LeBeau's, some people just couldn't resist the urge to have three in a row...
So, have fun at the tournament!

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