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Postby Sarkath » Thu Jul 24, 2008 7:09 am

I'm not going into this further, but suffice to say at the moment said "ways around them" don't work as well as LeBeau (in terms of cost, risk, and return) even half the time.

Of course, you are in a great disadvantage against Le Bleau and even greater if twice. That quote wasn't a statement to defend Le Bleau, which so much needs to be nerfed. But a look around other popular moves/strategies where people ironically start to back slash a fight. Interesting game it will become, but kinda ironic.

But I will add, if you would rely on return, I'll mention that my top priority of Le Bleau is on a level 4 unit, like the Elite Crest Knight, and I do usually "time" the Crest knight in so that it will be opened, I lose LP, and then I activate Le Bleau, and then we start to battle. One round execution, 2-3 rounds planning.
Return do only work on lvl 3 or less. That means that unit will have immunity towards Return, and 10 extra defense and one Le Bleau defense and some abilities. Worst thing you can do with Lawtia starter deck, and it's pretty easy to do, if you just plan it in time.

But unless you were Lawtia, I wouldn't use that strategy upon you, since a Lawtia player should be able to not depend or rely upon a card like Le Bleau the whole time, unless if it gave you +15 DF permanent, or +5 DF for every unit in the cemetary for a specific number of round, I'd say one.

From my perspective Lawtia has an advantage over Falkow and Refess (Non Le bleau), while equal against Lawtia (with or without) and great disadvantage against Gowen (without).
Sarkath out. :ugeek:
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