Falkrow vs Lawtia? - or rather Falkrow opening?

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Falkrow vs Lawtia? - or rather Falkrow opening?

Postby tofuzilla » Wed Jul 23, 2008 4:10 pm

Well. I don't know what kind of opening I should have.

I usually do a Sea Hunter to the Song Sorceress (or whatever card it is for +5 AGI)

First turn +3 Falkrow Sphere, then skip - then use 3 SP for Sea Hunter.

It works rather well, but against Lawtia whose opening is a typical Shade, it -2 SP from me, basically making my first turn a waste.

If I do, +3 Falkrow Sphere and then 2 SP on Haste Soldier, what should I follow this up on?

Haste Soldier dies very easily unlike Sea Hunter. Anyone have strategies they would like to share?
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Re: Falkrow vs Lawtia? - or rather Falkrow opening?

Postby Cyanide » Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:56 pm

I generally always open with a haste soldier just in case, and if I see it's lawtia using shade I'll place down another, then they generally won't use yet another shade so I can place a sea monster probably next turn because I'll gather some SP from a haste soldier going to the cemetery and having witch as first soul card.

I might try opening with a witch if I get one more, currently have 2.
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Re: Falkrow vs Lawtia? - or rather Falkrow opening?

Postby DearestNight » Wed Jul 23, 2008 7:42 pm

Ive been destroyed a few times by falk, so I can at least speak my experiences. A lawt is either going to (probably) open with a shade, or a lycan for night, most usually a shade, followed by a three star. One big thing is, if you can get multiple returns, you'll be doing well. We tend to open with our tanks, and once in particular, my whole defensive routine got ruined by having my three stars returned very early on. If you can get your hands on a dragonrider, that SC too helps with the lycan that inevitably come later. It all depends on when they are played, but your witches and expert sorcerers really are the tool of our pain. If you can protect em and keep em alive? Labeau, eskatia, zombie, all easily dealt with. If you only have one return, i would suggest running a dispel if you have it. If not, dont be afraid to spare a return to get rid of a much needed tank.

I cant speak for all lawt, but if it is a lawt that depends on two stars a lot like me, having no three star defenses leads to some heavy wrecking.
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Re: Falkrow vs Lawtia? - or rather Falkrow opening?

Postby Sarkath » Wed Jul 23, 2008 8:17 pm

Yes, I agree. For many Lawtia players, they really depend on Regen Knight too much. If you return it, you will gain a big advantage in the beginning. Many depend on Regen knight to be the tank for them to get up their range units like lycans/shades/magic dolls and level 3's would be wrath/moon knight/mad priests. But by returning in the beginning may lead to that you won't be able to return a Le Bleau buffed unit that probably are not level 4, which I would say that a Lawtia should strive for.

But by returning in the beginning might sabotage Lawtia from being able to execute the Le Bleau buff correctly. That Falkow directly attacks the Iczer, and activate the buff when there's no gain/profit for the Lawtia, is probably the most devastating move anyone can do towards someone that relies entirely on this infamous soul skill. Some people have done that towards me. To lay Le Bleau on a nearly dead unit, or on...nothing. I am always pleased when I can't use Le Bleau in a non Le Bleau fight.

It's a two edged sword, depends a lot against whom you play. But I can say that I've been relying too much on my Regen Knight lately in my search for an efficient strategy. But one of the things that I also would keep in mind, if Falkow put a lot of weak units, or have 3 or more units. I'd instantly strive to take them all out with either unreachable units OR counter-attack, for me I'd be satisfied with a 30 atk counter attack against all units, since that do hurt Falkow a lot.

Except for that, I can say. You don't want Lawtia to get their Lycantrophes with conditional use. They are extremily good if executed correctly, and I use them whenever I can, since in many cases they are nearly better than most of my lvl 3 units, since they can stand where RNG:1 can't reach, and always with a front line defense with either Regen Knight or whatever unit with more than 30 HP that may pose as a potential candidate for my Le Bleau buff, when the time comes.

I have the feeling that Lawtia has several good ways to deal with Falkow and Refess, while problems with Gowen, unless you entirely rely upon Le Bleau which is a bad thing in my opinion. Most people who rely on them now, will suffer later when it gets nerfed, and have to totally change their play style.
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Re: Falkrow vs Lawtia? - or rather Falkrow opening?

Postby azarael » Wed Jul 23, 2008 9:19 pm

It should be noted that LeBeau is only a soul card. I'm not attempting to minimize its effectiveness, but rather pointing out that it costs no Sphere Level, no SP to play. It is rather foolish to depend so heavily on a card that can be countered by any Sphere. Instead, it should be used simply to augment your existing strategy.


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