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Postby Phades » Fri Aug 01, 2008 12:37 pm

azarael wrote:Dan - If you're willing to put 2 SP into your Lawtia Sphere, Soul Bind+ Invis Druid SS should work well. Even if your opponent is trying to replay it, Refess's SP generators should keep you in the lead.

Assuming they aren't destroyed first. When struck, the puffballs tend to disappear in a small cloud of fuzz and are rarely seen again. :|
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Re: Mxing Decks

Postby DanTheTimid » Fri Aug 01, 2008 1:37 pm

I think the only clans I generally succeed in generating any SP against are Falkow and fellow Refess, Falkow if they don't witch my fuzzballs away or come after them with pinpoint, and refess as long as they don't get backlashed. Gowen just comes too fast and too hard, there's never any time to generate sp as the puffballs either get popped before they even get an action or I need to attack with them to prevent them from betting popped by that salamander or what have you. Against lawtia, between shades and mad priests I'm lucky if I ever have enough sp to try to generate any, but even if I do its usually gone before I can make use of it.

If anything Gowen's archers allow them to out sp generate ME so I need cheap options if I'm going to make up for Refesses sp disadvantage they tend to have, not ones that put me at a further disadvantage.

I still appreciate the suggestion, but in the end if I want to use soul cards purely for dealing with brave panther I may as well just run the "do 50 damagee" or "do refess level x20" cards. The problem with relying on soul cards is A) I'm not always facing Brave Panther so a soul card is worthless if its going to let me beat that deck but cause me to loose to other decks (many decks right now swarm lots of cheap units making a single unit destruction card not that worth great) and B) every time I use a soul card, I'm putting myself behind. Thats 1 more soul card of his I have to go through that he doesn't have to go through of mine, I'm still disadvantaged like I was when he had the brave panther out, just in a different way.

And on top of that, putting such a fix in my soul cards is a 1 time thing, I run into opponents all the time with 3 brave panthers, I've managed to deal with 1 and even 2 of them with out things being completely over for me before, but when the third one hits the table I basically have to enter Scoop Phase. I could run 3 soul cards specifically tailored to deal with brave panther but that means I've put myself in a GIGANTIC hole to now have to crawl out of, and all he lost was 3 cheap units and 3 cheap grimoire. And again that means against non Brave Panther I have 3 soul cards that are likely not as good as they could have been had chosen more generically useful options.

Thus why I look for card file based counter options so that if i don't face brave panther I can just not use my counter card and other then restricting my options a little I'm not severely weakened in my other match ups.

Oh and Grain, yeah I revealed I own those cards, but I change my card file so constantly they don't know whether or not I'm using them currently.

In any case back on topic, I'm still not convinced mixing decks is worth it right now do to the sp disadvantage it causes, but it does seem likely once we get dual-color cards that mixing decks will become much more viable as those extra sp don't go to waste but are an investment toward the dual-color cards.
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Re: Mxing Decks

Postby Phades » Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:11 pm

I had a long post written up, but was logged out for whatever reason....

To summarize, using Assassin as a SS instead of using DD cards to remove problems like panther soul is a better solution, due to the inability to simply revive the card and keep it in play on top of not allowing the option to sacrifice the card for a SP surge and SS triggers like ruby carbuncle to recycle the cards back into the card file. Needless to say, defeating the card 3-4 times with or without panther soul while ranked up is easier than 5+ times and forcing the opponent to send other cards to the cemetary dillutes the chances for only returning the brave soldiers to his cardfile. Sacrifice a 1 sp card that has a effect on opening to maximize the benefit, while minimizing your potential LP loss. in using the assassin soul skill.
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