RANT? : Scared of the EX pack !

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Re: RANT? : Scared of the EX pack !

Postby ranma824 » Fri Aug 08, 2008 2:59 am

Proxy wrote:Salamanders? If you blink or stare at her long enough she'll die because that's how pathetic she is. I would really get a kick if a Falkow (or anyone-it's lvl 1) dropped this babe on the front line as his/her Killing Machine SC triggers-and then dies because it only has 10 hp.

Sounds like the only use for her :P
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Re: RANT? : Scared of the EX pack !

Postby Kavi » Wed Aug 13, 2008 3:17 am

But seriously, *is* there a use for little Bulerigid:?: I picked up a couple copies of the EX pack for the squids, but it's just not right that the cutest card in my deck should be that useless - and I can't bring myself to recycle her for the same reason. What I've thought of so far:

Soul Ability - if one could plan this so as to go off at the right time. For instance, the Falkow card control deck will usually start off with a witch + a sylph or undine somewhere in the first three turns, maybe tossing in a haste soldier. These will usually be killed off by mid-game, so I generally plan on having an opening soul card that counterbalances my sp deficit and/or replenishes my deck (Vorlaat was perfect for this). If one can send those undine(s) and/or sylph(s) back to the deck one diminishes the chance of running out of them later on. Given that a couple haste soldiers are in your cemetery by the time you lose an undine, sylph, or witch (most of us only have one), than sending back the haste soldiers along with the other cemetery card is very useful indeed. But Vorlaat has a pretty good chance of going the same thing, has LP2, gives SP, and doesn't help your enemy by replenishing their deck (really annoying against anyone playing shades, for instance).

2nd card placement - most Falkow decks lead with a level 2 (haste soldier or witch) and placing another level 2 the following turn leaves one with too little sp to put one's 3s out in good order. Bulerigid, a safer placement at lvl 1 could complement the haste soldier by backing up his attack with hers, or the witch by reducing agl. My efforts to use her in this capacity, however, have not been fruitful; I rarely need to reduce agl beyond the ability of the undines and spending one sp for 20 damage is a fool's bargain.

Any thoughts?
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