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Postby Candi » Fri Aug 22, 2008 6:12 pm

I am a big fan of card synergy in a deck. When I sit down to construct a deck I try to make as many of my cards work together as possible, one or two card combos may be nice - but if they don't work out or your enemy gets the jump on you then you are stuck with a handful of cards that just aren't as nifty without each other. Cards like Sylph and Undine are the kinds of cards that are made for supporting other units, but what about the less obvious moves? Why don't we take a look at some.

First up; [card=27]Abyss Centaur / Dical[/card]
Here we have a big level 6 brute. These guys rarely hit the field unless you are A: Already winning and have had nothing to do with your SP for several rounds or B: Are losing and just got a huge SP surge. They are late game cards either used to seal victory or pull yourself out of defeat. So what's Dical got that gets the job done?

Well, he has 90 HP and 50 AT, which is decent compared to other level 6 units (only bested on AT by [card=25]Proposition[/card]). He also has 4 AGI which is top notch if you ask me, only beaten by Haste Soldier, LeBeau and Cassowary King - which means chances are he is acting first if not rather close to it and with 90 HP it's unlikely that he is going to get closed before he gets a chance to act. So now that he is acting, what can he do? Other than deal a solid bashing from the second row he can also - for a small cost of 2 SP - take a cheap shot on your opponents LP. Great for sealing the end game, dodging a LeBeau SC'd unit or otherwise getting around the fact that your rival Iczer has units on the field. Not too shabby.

I know what you are thinking, this is supposed to be about combos not card reviews, and you are very right! But Dical isn't a combo master on the field, it's on your Soul Card lineup that we can make use of him to line up some mayhem. Unlike the Assassin Dical has the power to close a unit and cause LP damage as well as trigger close abilities. So - and I am sure most of you know exactly where I am going with this - he can be paired up with units that have close abilities.

What do we have? Well, Lawtia gives us free kills - if it's nighttime you can hit one of your Lycanthrope's with his ability and if you have them revive (since you likely just lost a card and got some SP you will have the 1 needed for revival), similarly for the Zombie Lord or Animated Undead if you have 2 sp in your pocket. This means you get to shut down any unit the enemy has at the cost of 1 or 2 sp. Slightly better than a SC like [card=172]EX Lion Baron[/card], although it requires a bit of field set up so that alone I would not think justifies using Dical over a card like the EX Baron. Nope, the combo I am thinking of is a joint effort with an out of sphere card [card=69]Exploding Spores[/card].

Now we see where this is going, with Dical as a Soul Card and Spores on the field you can blast the entire enemy group for 10 damage as well as knock out the biggest thing they have. Not too shabby. We are also well aware of another Exploding combo used by Gowen or Refess players utilizing [card=20]Will o' the Wisp[/card] too boost the Spores HP and inflict even more damage on death. So if you are already running Exploding Spores or the Spore + Wisp combo then dropping Dical on your SC lineup and timing yourself so a spore detonation is a viable option. Of course, like many Soul Card combos that require set up, it can backfire - especially if the opponent is totally decimating you. However, it is a powerful trick that has minimal cost to you. I would run it on SC 2 or 3 simply because by mid game you will likely be making a sacrifice any way, and the board is usually fairly occupied not to mention that if it does backfire you do have some more SC's to lean on for support.

Dical can be practical on his own but when combined with Exploding Spores it can be detrimental to a somewhat weakened enemy force, and when combined with a revival unit the benefit outweighs the penalty. Not a completely versatile move, but still interesting and potentially useful.
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