Refess Strategies Against Falkow

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Re: Refess Strategies Against Falkow

Postby Logress » Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:11 pm

Another secret, especially good if you don't have the King of Ducks handy, is your level 3 ranged. Normally you'd build a front line before putting them out, but against Falkow you'll probably be too late. Ranged level 3 cards like Light Spearwoman and Ancient spear knight can stand in the front row against Falkow's level three, but their attacks will make their low HP support characters cringe. So, put out your ranged level 3's first, as if they were front line units, and you'll probably find the Falkow player's have at least 50% support characters, if not 66%, so chances are in your favor of hitting them. If the support characters fall early, it can cause a domino effect on a Falkow deck, leaving them with nothing but Vordore and one level 3 heavy hitter in the end game. Not enough units for Vordore's Skills to matter.

EDIT: Dan the Timid answered this as I was typing...
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Re: Refess Strategies Against Falkow

Postby EvilGenius » Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:11 pm

Two words: Eagle Soldier. ;a41
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Re: Refess Strategies Against Falkow

Postby Xovian » Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:31 pm

Must kill puff balls....

Most Falkow wont allow Refess to keep their low hp generators going for long.
To do so invites a wealth of pain (albeit slowly) as many an Iczer has learned.

Granted this will all change come tomorrow morning.
Shame we can't see the cards before maintenance is done.
A lot of the late night players would love to see em before then.
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Re: Refess Strategies Against Falkow

Postby Essence » Thu Sep 04, 2008 10:10 pm

;a41 strats will definately change. The others? Probably not. I see such strong plays already. As for the true topic. I tend to return Light Spear Woman since she's the strongest(by opinion) unit Refess has at least early on. Cassowary King? Use it then stack row killer ss's. Falkow is a long term deck, but normally only has 3(maybe 4) units which it fights with and the rest are support. Most people play Eagle Soldier front row(Sea Hunter of course), and if they see Cassowary King May even put Scythe Soldier there. Just time your ss's and you're set. After playing you they'll learn Scythe Soldier should be row 2... Row killing ss's aren't great but raw agression in ss's can be annoying. I'm not a fan of Ancient Spear Knight, but I guess you could use him too >_>
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