favorite 3 cards of each new set

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favorite 3 cards of each new set

Postby jasta85 » Fri Sep 05, 2008 7:15 pm

ok, i've had a chance to play around with a number of the new cards after buying 2 boxes today. my main sphere is falkow but i am considering going into either Lawtia or Gowen with a starter. anyway, each sphere has some cards which are obviously awsome, while there are many more than 3 here are some of the better ones from falkow

1. wind sorceress. This lady is awsome. First of all, she gives your whole army +1AGI as a starter skill, every turn she's on the board it happens. Huge benefit against gowen armies in particular. her berserk wind skill does -20 hp (not 20 damage, directly subracting 20 hp) to all enemy units within range 3 for just 1SP. this is one of the best abilities in the game. she's only level 3 which means you can bring her out quickly, level 4 and 5 cards usually dont get into the game till near end game. her only weakness is low HP but if you stick her on the 3rd row she can still hit the first enemy row with her ability, or if you feel safe sticking her on your 2nd row behind your tanks she can hit 2 rows of enemies with berserk wind. arguably the best unit falkow gets in set 2.

2. Enchanter. This guy is level 1 but has 20 hp so he doesnt get 1 shot by salamanders and other stuff that does 10 damage. He's a great troop support unit. getting to choose between +20AT or +10AT +1range gives him a lot of flexibility. he has replaced my songstress as my army support unit. Giving your magical sickle soldier or wizard archer range 3 can make their pinpoint ability very deadly as your can reach much further back in the enemy ranks. but i've found the best combo comes when giving the +10AT and +1 range to the wind sorceress, that means her berserk wind ability (the -20 hp to all enemies in range) now has a range of 4, which means if she is in your 2nd row, she can hit every enemy on the map. killer combo right there. and again, this guy is just level 1 so you can bring him out just about any time.

3. i had a toss up here between two very good units in different situations so i'm gonna call them 3a and 3b.
3a. rapidly flying apprentice. this little level 1 card can turn the entire battle around, litterally. swapping the enemy's front row with it's back row for just 1SP is a game winning ability. suddenly all their heavy hitting front liners (usually with range 1) are all in the back row and cant hit your army. at the same time all their vulnerable support units that are hiding in the 3rd row are right in your face and in range of your whole army. even if your opponent moves his units, you can just use this ability the next turn, he basically has to kill or engage your apprentice in order to do anything or his whole order of battle will be messed up. unfortunately, the apprentice only has 10HP so he is VERY easy to kill. mine usually dies the turn after he pops off his ability and then dies every turn afterwards. but then again, anything your opponent is using to kill your apprentice is stuff he's not using on the rest of your army.

3b. Undine Soldier: This guy is the same as the eagle warrior in every way as far as stats, in other words he is a very average lvl3 card if you just look at his AT, HP, AGI etc. however, it's his ability that makes him so special. giving an enemy unit (ANY enemy unit) -2 RNG for a turn is just awsome. it costs 1SP but can be helpful in so many situations. does your opponent have that brave soldier that is level 7, has tons of HP, AT, maybe even some defense from a killing machine. just give him -2 RNG and now he cant even hit your front row. this can be useful against any hard hitting unit in the game, even for units with range 3 and can still attack, they will have to move to the front row in order to hit you (in which case they probably wont survive long). downside with the Undine soldier is that as lvl3 he costs a little bit to bring out and you esentially take him out of the battle so long as you use his ability, so only use this if it is worth locking down your own unit in order to prevent another unit from attacking.

Falkow has gotten some amazing units, however i noticed that many of them (wizard archer, wind sorceress, rapidly flying apprentice, enchanter etc) have extremely low HP so you dont want to bring them out right from the start as they tend to die very quickly. build up a good front line defense of sea beasts and other things and then you can rip the enemy apart with your fragile specialists.
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Re: favorite 3 cards of each new set

Postby Grain » Fri Sep 05, 2008 8:00 pm

What what do you think of your new Archer?
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Re: favorite 3 cards of each new set

Postby jasta85 » Fri Sep 05, 2008 9:07 pm

there archer is nice, but dies to anything capable of damaging it. usually when i bring it out it ends up getting hit by something (usually a salamander) within 1 turn. it's not something you want to use against gowen, as that have all sorts of damage abilities. it's also a bit risky against lawtia with the snake lycanthorp's 10 damage to everything and shades can kill it early on. probably safest against refuss early game.
or you can bring it out mid game when you should already have a lot of creatures so your opponent will have other worries aside from the archer.

but aside from being frail it's an excellent damage dealer. It does more base damage than any level 3 or less card in the starter set and it can also perminently lower enemy AGI which can be very useful. if you have your enchanter out you could stick it in the back row and give it the +10 AT +1 RNG boost so it can hit front row enemies with less chance of being killed but that forces you to use your enchanter soley for the archer.
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Re: favorite 3 cards of each new set

Postby Essence » Fri Sep 05, 2008 9:47 pm

Enchanter has to be my favorite card so far. Just being able to put it into any deck is great, and it plays to Falkow's style so well. I think I would dread a refess player with this unit in there deck. Although I haven't seen it yet.
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Re: favorite 3 cards of each new set

Postby slashzero » Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:43 pm

My three: Wizard Archer of Regus, Sylph Sorceress, and Rapidly Flying Apprentice.

Wizard Archer of Regus totally dominates if your opponent doesn't scramble to kill it off right away, and what's even better than their 40 attack is the pinpoint ability, which makes them a good candidate for using Invisible Sword on (Hello OHKO on most level 3- units). It forces Gowen to bring out Salamanders which can't do very much with the addition of so many more fast Falkow units.

Sylphs Sorceress is the kind of unit I was really looking foward to. Not only does she give you a strategic advantage for one turn, after that you have a 5 agi 30 attack second row unit to keep the fast attack pressure up on the opponent's units.

And when you ask someone what kind of sphere Falkow is, the answer usually goes something like "complex stratagems", "support units", and sometimes (most importantly) "field control". Rapidly Flying Apprentice epitomizes all of these things, giving you the ability to flip off your opponent's field (pun intended). A well-executed field reversal can leave enemy front liners where they can't attack, and expose vulnerable back-row units. What's even better is she's level 1 that can make your opponent waste Soul Binds or targeted damage effects on her for fear of having their strategy for the turn screwed up.

Now, I'm also going to list top 3 cards that give me trouble, despite the risk that this thread could degenerate. (if you post your own picks, please do so from a strategic mindset and not a "I hate losing to this card wtf" mindset.) Or, another way to put it is I'm going to list what I think a player of other spheres favorite new cards could be.

Lycanthrope [Fenrir]: If you thought Ruler of Crest wasn't annoying enough yet, just wait till this guy is tanking the front line and laying down your units before they get a shot off with his 5 agi and 40 attack. However, he's quite vulnerable without nighttime bonuses so I can't imagine it being used not in conjunction with Ruler of Crest.

Chaos Ogre / Dalos: I haven't run into this guy on the field yet, but just from an analysis of his stats, he's one monster. 5 agi, able to buff units automatically, 10 defense, and hits 3 targets with his skill. On top of that his soul effect is currently bugged to allow the target of the 40 damage to be chosen.

Last of all, while she isn't really new:

Fire and Gaia / Rougeerst: With the introduction of several new Gowen units with powerful rankup skills, Rougeerst is probably one of the best soul cards for Gowen right now. Everyone that I run into running Gowen files that has beaten me was using her as a soul card or on the field, if not both. Especially since Gowen has more units with high max HP values, her effects are even more devastating.

Sorry Refess, haven't run into enough of you yet. Can't wait to see what an all-morning deck can do, however.
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Re: favorite 3 cards of each new set

Postby Xovian » Sat Sep 06, 2008 3:45 am

slashzero wrote:Sorry Refess, haven't run into enough of you yet. Can't wait to see what an all-morning deck can do, however.

I'll get around to building it eventually, just been playing other files as Refess is not my favorite (I tend to stick with Lawtia/Falkow).
I'll try to remember this thread and let you know how well it does.
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