Multi-faction Cards?

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Re: Multi-faction Cards?

Postby Kyoshi » Tue Jun 17, 2008 7:26 pm

Rad!oZonde wrote:That is a very interesting theory Kyoshi, The fact that the gameplay focuses more on strategy makes this idea more likely.

For an instance of another card game that I definitely know does this. Pokemon has those attacks where you need a certain amount of say two X energy to use it but also has an attack that needs two Y energy or a combined X energy and Y energy to attack. I think I have seen some Magic cards like this too. But since the small bit I have played of Alteil, you summon cards depending on the amount of SP you put in the certain "mana pools" such as a level 3 lawtia needs 3 sp in the lawtia "mana pool" and 3 more to lay it down on the field(correct me if I'm wrong). By doing this you can either spread the cost equally across the pools or use only one pool to summon it with different attributes depending on how you summoned it. Even if this isn't the way it works it would be an interesting concept to see in new cards for an expansion(just my personal opinion).

Well in light of the new knowledge from reydien, I guess my theory was wrong but maybe we will see a time with cards like this or the American version will change a little bit? Hard to say.
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Re: Multi-faction Cards?

Postby Allied » Wed Jun 25, 2008 3:59 am

The like the art work on that card alot lol, But umm thats beside the point, I think it should be like x2 Refess and x1 Gowen Or x1 Refess and x2 Gowen.(If its lvl 3) You should have to have both Levels in the spheres to play it. Now the problem with that is should they be a little stronger then 1 color monsters seeing they are needing muti colored decks to play. But if you do it this way you dont really need a muti colored deck to play it, Just throw one point into the sphere and drop it.
Hope that made a little sense.
Can't wait to play!!!
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Re: Multi-faction Cards?

Postby erestor » Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:58 pm

i was playin on the japanese servers the other day
and one of the guys i played had this exacted card
as a soul card
the soul ability didn't do all that much
it was to do minor damage to opponent's card and raise your own atk and def on a card
it didnt help him none but it was interesting to see a card that we were talkin about being used
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