Card By Card review - what changed?

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Card By Card review - what changed?

Postby teasel » Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:23 pm

well i still don't think i got enough experience with the new cards (well tons of gowen and lawtia experience that's for sure :P) to make card by card review of the new set but in the meanwhile here is my 2 cents about what changed in the old set

General - thanks to new "raise rank by 3" SS and the "get SP+4" grimoires,big creature aren't a liability anymore... in fact decks that feature high level card can be quite powerfull... as such big creatures and creature killers such as Bountyhunter - elena or assasin (yes played as a unit *GASP*) got more valuable (creature killer skill are still costly to use though so they are less valuable as you are wasting quite a good chunk of SP) sadly most of the new big creature outclass some of the older bigger creature making them somewhat of a waste

Refess ;a41 - BCP got the shaft thanks to [card=194]two[/card] [card=196]new[/card] buddy which will gives the small boost AT which makes that huge difference for refess,if you want to play a level 1 you will still have to stick to him since the only new level 1 card that refess got is the armed citizien and they got 0 AT and DF! that's right they are pointless in battle!
verlaat got an use thanks to the two new lycantrophes (although having never faced them i can't really say how worthy they are... they don't look that strong on paper tough) wasseir is still an awesome unit and he only got better with the new SP generation stuff,the phoenix (i know i gave a 4/5 to it but now there isn't much reason to play this guy) and the sphinx definitely got the shaft thanks to the two new unit,the dragon and the coatl... the dragon is incredibly hard to take down not only he comes with 10 DF but his special power will decrease the power of everyone so actualy he's like he comes with 20 DF
and while the coatl does give extra defense to your enemy troops that defense come with a 35 damage,which hurts a lot... the sphinx can be still played as it can support these units in they case they ever get killed
folrart shield knight got more target to protect (the new priest can also boost his DF to 20 and give him some AT power if smaller unit are around) making him better and lastly while holy light is now more flexible thanks to SP generation,a new better grimoire came in [card=186]Judgement Hammer[/card]

Lawtia ;a39 the new [card=217]lycan[/card] is certainly better than the two older one though there is space for him and some of them in some deck (like escatia) lycantrophes also got better thanks to two new card,[card=226]Succubus[/card] can work as a mini eskatia and you can also use [card=212]Magic Doll -Melee-[/card] SS to make night with just a dead shade (you also gets some bonus damage)
Skeleton master got a new nice friend into Skeleton warrior,he dies and the master retrieve him again to keep him around longer,with bigger creature also assasin skills did become more valuable (although her SS is also still valuable though it can be switched with salamander soldier) though [card=220]Cutter of the cord[/card] does the same job for cheaper and can hit even already engaged unit even though he needs protection or support because of his low agi,regarding big creature there were only two lawtia big guy in dical and he's still as playable as ever... death incarnate also got more interessing since it is now possible to make a deck where his target won't be you and his huge AT has now a purpose into taking down tougher creatures... SP killers also got improved by the presence of those new SP boosting card so mad priest is definitely more usefull now

Gowen ;a40 nothing much has changed here... exploding spores gets played a lot thanks to some new buddy namenly [card=185]Blessing[/card],[card=193]Burning Sun[/card] and [card=241]Salamander Soldier[/card]
[card=242]Dryad Soldier[/card] SS helps gowen a lot since they can finaly rank up without wasting SP as regarding big guys... i think both efreet and thunderbolt are still playable but the new dragons are impressive especialy the earth one... not only he's huge but also features 4 agi and he gets an attack for free like asuet

Falkow ;a38 like gowen not much has changed here... the sea hunter and the deep squid got some support in the form of [card=262]Azure Beastmaster[/card] peregrine and rubia got improved by the new SP generation that's about it,cyclone is getting less powerfull as new strategy not involving only level 2 cards are made
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