blitz soldier counter?

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Re: blitz soldier counter?

Postby Essence » Thu Sep 11, 2008 11:26 pm

I tended to always play those guys who have 1 sylph in their deck, so witch never worked for me. Also even with the support units I still say Sylph's at least are a must. Dryad's... Eh. Also, I would never suggest running more than 1 witch in your deck. When she goes just accept it and your field should still be pretty close to packed.
Um, what I do when I see this... Also, packing a magic weapon can be great for the starting game here. You'll waste both Kurina's before they do anything.

Turn 1> Set Haste
Turn 2> Skip or magic weapon
Turn 3> Return if skipped <Alternative> if not skipped: Level 1 support unit. Enchantress or song sorc is my choice(I only have Enchantress in my deck now though)
Turn 4> Return(carry 2)
Turn 5> Skip
Turn 6+> Casual playing

Some say too much skipping, but return turns it around, so no.

From there. Do what you want.
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