Set 2 Card by Card Review - Lawtia

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Set 2 Card by Card Review - Lawtia

Postby teasel » Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:31 pm

this time it's the turn of lawtia! ;a39

[card=204]Dark Emperor / Zu-jyuva[/card]

well his open skill means your opponent will not be able to iczer attack the turn you play him and his close skill means 50 damage to everyone,that's like getting a flame emperor off every turn this guy dies which makes him an awesome unit for the end game... of course there are some backsides, his agi is terrible which means that if he's alone on the field he will get overrun,of course this isn't a problem if after he dies he brings down all your opponent creature but if some of them can survive the 50 damage then you are risking to dying to iczer attack... you might want to protect him with other units but if he dies before them then you are blowing up your own unit too... a gowen player can also purposely trigger him with stuff like fire arrow so having him backfire it's not unlikely to happen... another idea would be to boost his agi trough sylphy and song sorceress but if you are down to few LP you don't want to have any liability on the field... lastly if you are in a pinch,he makes for an awesome counterattack target,blasting everything for 100 will pretty much assure your LP will be safe for that turn at least...
still he's pretty good and his huge AT will let him play godzilla with friends such as the other emperors and dragons... he's just tricky to use

SS - you are basicaly getting a free turn,very good SS


[card=205]The Solar Eclipse / Alphonce[/card]

decent HP,average AT and average AGI... well he's not too shabby in the stat department but alas he's another endgame unit since that's when you are likely to have at least 15/20 card in your cemetery that's 75/100 damage,not too bad for a single SP

SS - groan... it's lebeau again only even better thanks to the fact that he's harder to iczer attack trough thanks to his 2 LP,we already went trough this in the old card by card review


[card=206]Black Dragonrider / Millia[/card]
of all the card that features a "do damage to all" skill she's the cheapest,for once her damage is based on HP rather than AT which means if you want to boost her AT to a more suitable 50/60 you'll have to splash either blessing,fairy dance or will'o the wisp... this is a lot easier in the current enviroment which rewards splashing stuff... in fact you might want to add healing priest to the mix while you are there... millia gets bonus point for me just for being able to blow up everything while being a measly level 3

SS - a rarer card with a worse effect than a common one รจ_e did something happened?


[card=207]Soul Keeper / Phimiliar[/card]
terrible HP,but high AT and agi... the kind of card that tries to do as much damage as possible before getting killed (which means you can pretty much expect to have her hit with nasty stuff like SS and grimoires like soul bind) on the good side she has a range of 2 which means she can at least hide, though on the bad side she has to kill something every turn and that something could be very well her shield... now there are some way to get trough this,the first one is to use this on creature you want dead anyway (spores anyone?) the other one is to hit regenerating unit (well... lycans) lastly you could use her alone but it's not a terribly good idea since if the opponent features more than 2 creature or something with an agi of 5 and decent attack (a combat monk... a magic weaponed haste soldier) she's a good as dead,her second skill will boost her AT even higher,you can expect her to hit at least 80 AT... that's a lot but sadly it's quite a middle ground... too high for most normal grunts but not enough to one shot the high level cards... still it will hurt those cards quite a lot so it makes the job of killing them a little easier,her last skill will let hit 2 unit within range (which means she either has to hide behind something and hit only the front row or get out in the first row :/) for 1 SP it's a pretty sweat deal but if you are using it with lycans then you are actualy spending 2 SP every turn,that's quite an heavy tool so if you are going with this,using soul pact when possible (if it's not night then the lycans will just die so you can't just use it every turn,beside this will boost her AT even higher!) wouldn't be a bad idea
i don't think she's bad but dalos the next card totaly outclasses her... i'm surprised she's the 4 star rare and dalos is the 3 star one and not the other way around

SS - well you know this card is coming so spend away all your SP to turn this into an SP+3... if you are lucky then you will drain some SP out of the opponent,if not you just gave them some SP too :/


[card=208]Chaos Ogre / Dalos[/card]
dalos might have been hit by the nerf hammer but he's still quite a good guy,while he now doesn't break the 50 damage barrier as soon as a level 3 hits that doesn't stop him to reach it by external help of card such as soul pact and similiar... of course most people have long abandoned him so even tough he's still a very good unit,the poor fella gotta the shaft

SS - yay it's a free revive and damage! these always rocks altough i prefer the eskatia "30 damage to two random guy" one


[card=209]Broken Iron Soldier / XXXX[/card]
really good stats,there aren't a lot of card which features both speed a body big enough to take some hits and a damage big enough to kill...,as a plus he even has a row attack that penetrates defense and it cost 0! ok sure you are decreasing your lawtia rank and if you go below 3 then he becomes useless,but if you use cards like magic doll support SS and just play your other big guys anyway,then it's not going to matter isn't it? even assuming you don't then you could just use the SP you would have wasted activating his skill into raising your rank again... just think that dragonscale warrior does the same and he ask for 3 SP! i'm surprised so few lawtia player play this guy

SS - well like phimiliar you know this is coming so spend all your SP away! these days everyone seems to want to rack up their SP so this SS isn't actualy half bad


too pricey for what it does and der freischutz while being slower and requiring a splash in gowen,does it for almost nothing and also bring to the table DF destroying skill... there are also not too many creature you want to kill on your own and this card is almost useless if you are facing a rush... however while maiming them with knife or corruption is a better idea,this is your surefire option for oneshotting stuff with lawtia grimoires,if you are splashing this also doesn't require you to sacrifice a lawtia unit unlike der freischutz


[card=211]Pure Terror[/card]
you play this and pick off one of their smaller/medium guys,it's a pretty big effect,it achieving the same thing fire arrow does without having to be forced to rank 5/6... my biggest problem is that most of the time,maiming them for 30 almost always achieve the same effect as such this card has a huge rival in life conversion who not only will help you kill stuff but it will also heal your best tank


[card=212]Magic Doll -Melee-[/card]
if you have a range of 1,30 HP and are a level 3 then your agi should be at least 4 sadly her agi is 3 :/ her AT is quite big and with her skill she can deal even more (probably 60,70 at most) which means assuming she act she will be able to kill most medium guys but chances are that's she going to get killed before being able to attack... she's probably one of the card who currently benefits the most from annarose as the agi boost will give her the speed she needs and the extra AT will help jumping trough stuff like dryad

SS - regarding set 1 people said that lawtia was all about timing... well thanks to this SS and succubus it doesn't work like that anymore :/


[card=213]Lycanthrope [Scylla][/card]
basicaly a smaller version of dalos,like all the lycans she's useless 2 turn out of 3 but thanks to the introduction of magic doll SS and succubus that's not the case anymore,unlike dalos she's slower so your opponent has a chance to attack and do some damage before she does her jobs,should the opponent reach her you also lose a LP instead of SP unlike the other lycans tough at least she has enough HP to survive the standard 30 AT... she's not that bad but fenrir beat her in speed and dagon beats her in survivability and also comes with a better skill... if you want to just blow everything up you also have many other option,including millia and dalos... they are more pricey but they also comes with less headaches

SS - yay! it's soul bind! and damage! i'm surprised such a skill is on a common card because it's pretty good


[card=214]Ancient Zombie Lord[/card]
eeehhh no,bad AT bad AGI even his HP sucks for a level 4 card! when he close you get 1 SP which means it actualy doesn't cost you anything to resurrect him and when you finaly decided to let him go you just generated 1 SP out of nothing like you just played soul pact! still his stats are just too terrible and soul pact and doll SS just makes the job better so really there is no place for this guy

SS - well it's mad priest SS,they are nice but if you can i would go for the 50 damage one


[card=215]Dragon of the Mercurial Night[/card]
eeehhh he's slow tough at least not as slow as the fire dragon,his HP and AT are quite massive and his agi is not even that terrible... heck he would reach the average number of 3 assuming you can keep annarose on the field when he hits,i'm surprised this guy doesn't get played more because a big creature that drains SP should help a lot these days against other big creature and SP generating deck,his other skill is more like a bonus thrown in there,it's a nice bonus but not really the point of the card especialy when you think lilith does the same and she's much cheaper

SS - too little damage to maim refess as it should


[card=216]Magic Doll -Support[/card]
well the stat are terrible but look at those skills! she would be worth the inclusion alone for the bash (and unlike the inquisitor her agi is high so bashing stuff) and combat support combo alone but as a plus she can even gives an extra 20 AT bonus to another unit... that's a 30 AT buff! ouch! so in shortly she either helps your guys one shotting thing or buy you times by making opposing unit engaged,she's really really usefull

SS - want to play the bigger stuff? play her


[card=217]Lycantrophe [Fenrir][/card]
and here is the card that made the night deck even more powerfull! his agi is amazing,his AT is high and he forces your opponent to either keeps a single unit on the front row or take even more damage! in short he's amazing and has quickly become a key card in the night deck

these days fenrir is seeing less popularity because of the other lycan set 3... he has 20 HP,dagon has 50 HP... if he get maimed even once,dagon loses a chance to regenerate and well... you get the idea... of course some lycan deck are willing to still take the risk,that's how amazing this guy is

SS - we went trough this with the earth dragon last time,even assuming you go level 5/6 it's not that amazing anyway


this card was awesome in set 2 and while being still quite good it now has warning knife for competition... warning knife gives a better AT and AGI boost that you would want in a boost and a bigger HP nerf that you would want in a debuff... while it could be discussed which one is better i think warning knife wins at the end just for the fact of being cheaper and working as a real buff card


[card=219]Lycantrophe [Legion][/card]
uh well i said of "two" lycantrophe... fine they are actualy three but this one is rather bad,all your other lycans got either more speed or attack,sure he's the cheapest lycan around but still i don't think he's worth it

SS - not gonna find a lot of agi 2 creature that will also die with 30 damage :/ it can also be a waste if the opponent doesn't pack any agi slow creature


[card=220]Cutter of the Cord[/card]
eh crappy stat all around,on the other side he's the cheapest and easiest way to kill creatures in a one shot sadly he needs to be in the front row to do his jobs which means you either need to be lucky or splash some falkow to increase his AGI or range... would have been decent if he wasn't limited by range but with range limitation he's bad

SS - same as monk,doll,etc etc... not bad but the SS on rare card are better


[card=221]Skeleton Warrior[/card]
ehy it's lawtia haste soldier! not only does this guy revives for free but he actualy doesn't close meaning splashing magic weapon on him it's not actualy a bad idea as it will stick after the opponent bops him! he'll even last more if you throw graveyard retrieving cards such as carbuncle SS,skeleton master or if you feel daring/crazy pirate king dub rido,while not closing means that boost stick on him the counterside he's that he will actualy last less than a haste soldier as chances are he will get attacked until he definitely goes down while the haste soldier is safe after getting killed... still it's a nice card

SS - expect to see this if you are fighting against high level deck,they love to revive their big guys and the boost they get makes them even more nasty! ouch :/


[card=222]Crest Mindsoldier[/card]
he's quick and tough,not a combination you see often... his AT sucks but it can reach the 40 DMG if you use his action skills,if you put him near a combat support unit (say... elite crest knight for example) he'll get enough attack to bop normal stuff and reach the magical 50 AT which will enable him to 1 shot some of the tanks... and well that's about it,personaly i don't think he's bad but i prefer the elite crest knight since an high agi isn't going to make a lot of difference if you can't do tons of damage or some amazing skill but that's my preference

SS - annoying,annoying... the DF break sometimes will be useless (although it's lebeau hate so...) but having all your creature deals 10 damage less until they die can be downright frustating


[card=223]Elder Druid[/card]
basicaly take what i said on corruption and change the word "warning knife" with "girl druid" and you'll get what i think about this one

SS - same as BCP,these things are kinda getting outclassed by the new "raise rank by 3" SS but can still be more helpfull in certain instances


decent HP,crappy at and agi :/ the life conversion built in effect is pretty nice and will make this guy quite hard to take down but 20 damage is just too low and with his low agi chances are that's he's going to die before being able to use it anyway

SS - mmm it could take down an emperor,or gabzar but not everyone plays them and if you want to take them down why not just pack some big damage in the form of a "rank x20" skills?


[card=225]Black Hound[/card]
the hp are terrible but it features both high AT and AGI! this is the kinda of card that kills before getting killed... even tough is hp are terrible thanks to his auto skill chances are that's he going to survive the round,he makes an especialy good pair with elite crest knight,the knight will boost his AT to the magical 50 number and his skill will make the knight extra tougher should she gets attacked


probably one of the best new trick lawtia can pull with the new sets,you play her and *BAM* it's night again your lycans are usefull again (especialy fenrir)
it's very possible using her in combination with magic doll melee SS to have eternal night for the first 5 turns without even bothering with eskatia! your opponent will have a very hard times for the first few turns,she's worth the inclusion of every deck who features some lycan tough you shouldn't abuse this fact because you can only run 3 of them and after she's gone your lycan will still suffer trough the 1 turn out of 3 problems therefore filling your deck with only lycans is not a pretty good idea (not a bad idea anymore thanks to rats! chiruru! dagon! yay for lycan rush!) as an added bonus she can even sucks all the SP of an opponent (though you'll have to play 2 succubus in a row to achieve the effect) which is an amazing skills considering the amount of people who try to save SP these days

SS - mmm... nah i would go with stuff like sphynx and similiar especialy when you think this will trigger just after you get some SP


[card=227]Life Conversion[/card]
ah nasty,a lot of the time this card will works both as an heal and a fire arrow/pure terror... not a bad deal if you ask me


[card=228]Soul Pact[/card]
you want SP,you play this... the AT boost is useless for most unit but dalos loves it

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Re: Set 2 Card by Card Review - Lawtia

Postby jasta85 » Tue Sep 16, 2008 3:50 am

pretty good rundown, although comparing sacrifice to assassin SS i wrong as the assassin sends the enemy card straight to the graveyard (no reviving it and no SP after it closes) whereas sacrifice simply kills it. i dont find it all that useful because of this reason, there are less expensive cards which can take out enemy units and which dont require you to kill off one of your own creatures.

personally i think skeleton warrior should be a 4/5, he's inexpensive and a perfect early game tank. not to mention he benefits from any buffs you put on him. i'm experimenting with a build that will give him the steel bladesman's SS ( that would make him a 60 HP, 20 AT, AGI 4 unit that will stay that way until you kill it perminently, pretty awsome for a level 2 card.

i would also rank the magic doll (support) as 4/5: she has amazing utility purposes. combat support is always nice, i dont use magic enhancer much but have had times where it has given one of my units the boost it needed to one shot an enemy tank. bash is downright amazing, i once held off a pumped up gowen brave soldier (had panther soul, angle buffs and everything) for 3 turns after i had killed everything else the other player had with bash. gave me enough time to get some heavy hitters out to finish him off.

but those are just my opinion, thanks for the review
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Re: Set 2 Card by Card Review - Lawtia

Postby ANIMEniac » Tue Sep 16, 2008 5:35 am

I would have to agree that Skel Warrior is at least a 4/5. He has the ability to hold out on the field for a few turns (basically costs you no SP to keep around). That means he is able to take beating as a "shield" for your other guys. IMO, this guy beats out Haste. He will always be able to take Haste down with him. Better yet, he will outlive Haste if he manages to go first even once. 50% chance during 3 turns sounds like good odds to get a first hit.

Overall, very well done review.
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Re: Set 2 Card by Card Review - Lawtia

Postby Grain » Tue Sep 16, 2008 6:44 am

I believe Ancient Zombie Lord is meant to be a stalling card for high level files.
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Re: Set 2 Card by Card Review - Lawtia

Postby Phades » Tue Sep 16, 2008 11:20 am

Grain wrote:I believe Ancient Zombie Lord is meant to be a stalling card for high level files.

Between SS that add +3 to the sphere level and The +sp grimoire, that is pointless. If they iczer attack you, the +3 sphere triggers and you bring out something nasty a turn earlier. If it is the dragon emperor for lawita, then you wipe their field a number of times equal to the number of copies you have of it in your deck then segway into "normal" play. Besides, with other cards like skele warrior, he can easily stall for at least 3 turns while you build up, since he costs 0 sp to keep on the field.
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