Card of the Week 9/22

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Card of the Week 9/22

Postby Logress » Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:02 pm

In a Sealed Card File tournament, you’re generally forced to rely on whatever cards you get three of. Therefore, you end up trying to squeeze the usefulness out of a card you’d never put to use in any other situation. This happened to me during our Weekend Warriors Tournament, where I ended up with 3 [card=201]Legendary Unicorns.[/card]

Why have I never used him before? Well, with 50 HP he’s a little low for a Refess level 3. 30 DMG is okay, he can at least one-shot level two Gowen units, but to do reasonable damage he needs to spend SP and it won’t work at all on mid to low level units, like Blitz Soldier or Sea Hunter. Yeah, sign me up.

Any way you look at it, his numbers don’t work all that well against Gowen or Falkow. He’s Returnable, and his special attack The Weak Hate the Strong won’t do enough to take out Deep Squid and it’s overkill for Vordore. Short answer, other level three units will do better against Falkow.

Against Gowen, you can’t use The Weak Hate the Strong against their high HP level 3’s, and most of their level 4’s either have more than 60 HP, or range. It works on Unwilling Hero, Asuet and Steel, although it’s overkill in the first two cases and I’ve never actually seen Steel in play.

So what happened when I brought him out in the tournament? This little guy plugged away on what is supposed to be Refess’ true enemy, Lawtia. He’s really efficient at putting high-level above-average HP units in the cemetery round after round. Zombie Lord Zugateroza, with or without a Dryad on him? Pop. Elite Crest Knight? Pop. Dalos? Pop. XXXX? Pop. Ancient Zombie Lord? Does it matter? Pop. Crest Mindsoldier? Pop. Sometimes, you’ll have to pull some strings to get him to live long enough to do his job, (I’m looking at you, Dalos) but a Dryad or a Sylph will take care of that in a pinch. Really, the point is these are some of the most feared units in the game right now, all either level 4 or level 5, and you’ve got a level 3 card turning them into mulch. Also, with so many Lawtia cards on this list, chances are your enemy is going to be fielding two or three of them.

So his numbers aren’t very impressive, so why does he work so well? For starters, being part of Refess means that he’s got good company, a lot of things that can keep him alive and tank for him. One thing Refess normally is missing is lower level, efficient cards that can consistently close enemy units, and Legendary Unicorn fills in that slot very nicely. His numbers make him the equivalent of a Lawtia tank, which is not as good as a Refess tank but still acceptable. However, the one thing that makes him so effective is the fact that his special attack only hits units level 4 and higher, effectively making him a pinpointer. The Weak Hate the Strong seeks out the high level unit, taking out that Elite Crest Knight positioned between two Moonlight Warriors. It doesn’t sound like that amazing an effect, but for some reason it can really make a difference.

So would I use him outside of a tournament? I’m not sure, but Lawtia is quickly turning into the Sphere to beat in Folrart. Also, against the higher HP units in Gowen and Falkow, a level 3 that can bite off 60 HP chunks of dragon would be quite welcome. As an added bonus, he’s a unit, not a character, so you could pull out two and make short work of something if you had to.

As an aside, let’s look at that soul skill. It’s pretty unique, and 100 DMG is nothing to scoff at. It’s on par with the soul skills that target one Sphere or another. Sure, it hits all types of units, but you have to not only be up against an Iczer who uses high level cards, but you also have to time it so your enemy’s high level cards are out when your soul skill goes off. One thing’s for sure, you’re guaranteed to find yourself in a game every few days where you’re thinking… “man, if I only had Legendary Unicorn in my Soul Cards I’d wipe the floor with this guy” right before he tramples you.
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Re: Card of the Week 9/22

Postby Phades » Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:21 pm

I think the card is more interesting as a SS in the current flavor of things. It would be better as a mid to late SS, position 3-4 most likely, to be timed with when you are trying to recover from a dragon emperor or something similar. The 100 damage should close the field of them, allowing you a turn to recover following losing some units assuming it is a big creature file.

The only reason why i haven't tried running it as a SS, is the fact that there are typically few big creatures that hit the field and being able to directly cemetary them is such a massive shift in power over the course of a game and effects that directly cemetary creatures can target anything if they have to, while this card creates a bias. Of course with cards like assassin, the deck feels weaker versus the classic rush opposed to having "another DD card", but the unicorn as a SS would fail for similar reasons, but not put you as far behind in some instances.
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