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Postby Phades » Wed Jul 16, 2008 2:43 pm

DanTheTimid wrote:No I'm afraid those examples make Dan Angry, Dan Smash! (for the record I haven't seen any of the hulk movies but I couldn't resist the reference)

An example that I would like would be:

Card A = generically good but not great in any deck OR great in a specific theme but not so great else where - common
Card B = See A - rare
Card C = Potentially great effect but at heavy costs in any deck, or potentially AWESOME effect but at heavy cost and only actually AWESOME in a specific theme - extra rare

Rarity should promote uniqueness or variety, not potentcy. Otherwise it simply becomes a race to see who gets lucky first to take advantage of it. In other words, a rare card should be able to enable a different tactic creating diversity, while still remaining balanced within the range of the other cards within the set.

The alternative to that is to allow for gimmics that you outlined within themed decks, even though they could mirror existing effects found elsewhere, but still they must not be more potent or dominant than other alternatives.

DanTheTimid wrote:So yeah, Akjeil pretty much summed up my stance in alot less words. For the record DWildstar, its true I'm not especially happy with lp1 and lp2 cards have the same effect, but as I said before, until I've got more experience with the game I'm not going to make any assumptions about the balance of such things. I'm skeptical but I'm willing to bow before the Japanese players superior experience with the game and trust for now that such a thing is indeed balanced. What DOES make me unhappy is that we have lp2 cards with good skills and lp2 cards with no skills, and theres NO way what soever that THAT is balanced.

This simply forces everyone to use the same soul cards currently if looking for a particular effect. This is also similar to trying to compare cards with triggered effects like rank up versus those with active skill traits requiring the card's turn to actually come up vs a passive effect that is always active typically giving the card the advantage it needs to compete in a given situation.
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