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Postby Ginjiro » Fri Oct 24, 2008 8:43 am

Grain wrote:Replace that charge with a third Salamander. I've never liked charge, Magic Weapon is just as good in a lot of situations.

Unless that Mantle de Fau is an EX card, I recommend you switch it with a third Magic Duel-Sword Wielder when you get one. I would switch the Archer Scouts with Fire Wyverns and get a third Lightning Archer. Bear Killing Axeman is another card I don't like. I switched it with 3 Revolver Knights as soon as I could.

What are your soul skills?

Soul cards
1st: crest Mind soldier- -10 attack to all enemy units and defence = 0
2nd:Exploding spores- 40 damage to one random unit then attack 10 to all units
3rd:Wizard soldier apprentice- 40 damage to random unit then 1 agility to all friendly units
4th:Efreet- Gowen times 20 one unit
5th:Inquisition raid leader- 30 damage to row of chosen untis
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