The Soul Cards

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The Soul Cards

Postby Celestice » Sat May 23, 2009 12:00 am

Hello everyone, this is a fan fic that I suddenly think of and write, hope you guys'll enjoy :D!!!

Today, the world has changed so much...
Modern machines appear, and human's started to forget about the past...
However...there is a war...
From a distant past...that will change today's destiny...
And the world's fate...
Is in the hand...of the youngsters...


"Song sorceress, Song of Magic, then Rapier Fencer, ATTACK"

The arena of the Lapierre Academy, crowded with spectators, is more lively than ever. On it, two Iczers standing face to face, dueling each other with eagerness and determination. After the command of the Blue-haired young Iczer, the beautiful Song sorceress begins to sing, perhaps one of the best song ever. Inspired by that, the Rapier Fencer on his side begin to charge forward, and with immense speed, he cuts the opponent Iczer's Blessed Acolyte, which is standing alone on the opposite field, to pieces. With that deadly yet eyes-satisfying attack, the Fencer has brought down his opponent, under the applause of the spectators.

"Ok, ok I lost, you are so strong, Masao"-says the Blue-haired Iczer's opponent
The Iczer, whose name is Masao, replies with a smile: "Hehe, I was just a bit lucky thats all. But you need to fix your file a little bit I think, Elain."
"I know"-Elain sighs-"I'm still far from becoming a skillful Iczer"
"Aw come on!!"-Masao hits Elain energetically, making him almost fall to the ground-"Keep training and you'll be good in no time"

After maintaining their duel devices and double checking their files, the two Iczers head to their dormitory in the Academy. On the way, they talk a lot about the most popular card game nowadays in the world, so popular that there're championship and even a ranking system as well as a lot of academies, one of which is Lapierre Academy, to teach Dueling Techniques. Then Elain suddenly ask:

"Hey Masao, the final exam has drawn near, have you prepared for it yet?"
"What!!!"-Masao is taken aback by the news- "Oh man, next week is the exam already right? I forgot about that!"
"Haha, what a slacker you are"-says Elain, then he sighs (again)-"But your skill is good, I don't think ya will fail for the exams, it's me who should be worried"
"Naw, cut it off"-Masao says after knock on Elain's head-"Believe in your skill, shy-guy!"
"Hey, stop hitting me!"

The two young Iczers then head to their dorm and take a good sleep, not knowing that, from the upcoming exams onwards, a destiny is waiting for them, the ones that will change the world....
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Re: The Soul Cards

Postby Phenoca » Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:52 pm

Good description and story.
And the setting is unexpected.
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