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Postby cheongzewei » Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:07 pm

OOC: I now declare that Merrissa has brown hair!
2 hours later.

Bowpurity woke up. He did not hear anything. Resigning himself to awaken, he opened his eyes and looked around.
Bow is lying on a bed, in the same room, in the inn. Stretching a little, He got up and looked around.
Merrissa is on the other bed, apparently fast asleep. Daniel is sleeping on a chair.
The party packs are placed in one corner. He counts 5.

Getting up, he silently opened the curtain slightly, the sun is still shining bright.
He looked around for his bow and the dagger, finding both on a table, he took them. Next he rummaged thru his pack for a healing powder pack (12 remaining, 7 cure scrolls remaining)

He exited the room and headed down.

As usual, Mercurio is at his usual spot at the inn. He seemed to have fixed the minor damage to his inn and has taken down the ornament that was destroyed earlier.
What the ornament was, Bow couldn't recall.

"Hey, any news for me?"
"Ah, you are awake i see. Your friends have left an hour ago. I do not know where they went. Seems that you were extremely tired just now, what were you doing? Were you healing her?"
"You can say that."
Bow paused for a while.
"Say, can you grab some water for me?"

Bow thanked Mercurio for the water. Pouring the healing powder into the cup, he casted Restio once more.
Once he has finished drinking, he then got up and walked to the exit.
"Alright, if they come back before i do, tell them i'm off for supplies alright?" Bow said off hand.
"No problem."

Now our small party of three, Keladry, Ken and Ursi, are now currently heading towards the inn. They have just returned from Sir Weinlots office and are quite weary. For the previous hour or so, they have sucessfully obtained the rights to handle Merrissa and managed to convince Sir Weinlot that Ursi (Keladry was right in thinking that it is much more believable) has managed to Exorcise the demon possessing Merrissa.

The discussion of the matter of the handling of Merrissa was taken very seriously. It was a scene with drama, tension and high-intensity. Many words were said, shouts of justice, duty, humanity, The One True God could be heard and if plants could cry, they would. It was a scene that if it is ever seen in an anime, you would see blue bars and lights flying from behind our hero and purple bars and lights flying from behind Sir Weinlot.

But alas, this is only what this person is capable of, and so they will have to settle for a parody/omake that shall be in written form instead.
"Don't you dare!" Ursi said.

"What's wrong?" Ken asked.
"?...? I..... don't know." a confused Ursi replied.
"Great, Bow's character must be a sickness and it has infected Ursi." Keladry joked.
"Hey!" Ursi said again.

Soon, our hero trio is in eye sight of the inn. And it was at that moment, that Bowpurity appeared and walked out of the inn, heading north east.

"Isn't that Bow?" asked Ken.
"Where is he going?" asked Ursi.

Keladry became worried. 'I knew it! He's setting up an ambush! Our next direction is north east!'
"We should follow him, unseen." Keladry stressed and moved.
"I am very curious about his actions." Ken said and followed.
And Ursi stood silent, but followed anyway.

Now Bowpurity had just woken up and is in a relaxed state, so it didn't came as a suprise that he was unaware of the hero trio.

Also, while he was heading north east, he also picked a merchant road. It was a busy road, and with our hero trio unarmed, they did not attract any attention.

What was odd though, was although Bow's weird bow was is obviously strapped on his back, no one took any notice of it. Keladry noted this fact, and though of the previous towns they passed before, where she only realized that no one noticed. Even his horse took little notice of it. Keladry filed this at the back of her mind.

Bow saw a Terriaki stall, he bought and ate some. He saw a fried squid stall, and ate some. He espied some local drinks. Feeling thirsty, he drank some and paid for it.
Seeing a dart throwing stall, he played for fun and won a small teddy bear. Walking about, he gave it to a little girl with nothing more then a
e"Here, take this gift." and a wave.

He stopped to buy 3 healing powders, and found the time to inspect a traveling pack and bought it. He also bought some hair dye, but seeing as our hero trio are only tailing and not spying, they could not see the color.
Bow walked past a jewelry stall, then stopped and turned back.

He did not notice the three figures hastily turning around to look very interestingly at a purse stall.
Choosing a pair of earrings, he paid and walked off.

Eventually, Bow arrived at the North-East wall.
"Now where is the steps?"
"Ah, there it is."

Being more experienced, Ken motioned for them to stay, and moved only when Bow had finished climbing the stairs, Keladry and Ursi following suit.

"Hey there soldier, I need your help for a little while!" Bow said aloud to a random soldier.
"What do you want? People are not allowed on the wall!" the soldier replied back.

"Patience my friend, listen first to this. I made a bet you see, someone said that it is impossible for me to shoot a dagger that has been launched by a catapult with my magic arrow."
"Well your bet is no business of ours, so leave!"

"Ah, but where else will i find a catapult? And to think i was willing to part with this gold coin, pure mind you."
Bow said as he flipped a gold coin.
The soldier eyes widened. It is understandable as his pay is only a few coppers per day.

"Perhaps i should try the south wall instead, maybe they will be more willing to allow me use of their catapult. Well sorry for bothering you. Have a good day!" Bow said and made to move back down the steps.

"WAIT!" the soldier shouted. "It seems that a catapult here is malfunctioning and we clearly need to test it out, make sure it works and all. What better then to use it to throw something light, say a dagger?"
"What indeed." Bow replied.

"Heh, classic." Bow said silently.
"I beg your pardon?"
"It's nothing......... Soldier! Make sure you aim for the forest. It won't do if i miss and the dagger accidentally hits someone on the road now, would it!"
"Indeed it won't!" the solider laughed.

The soldier is now rearing the catapult back.
"Sir if you don't mind me saying, i don't think you can shoot a dagger that has been thrown very far and fast."
"No mind at all. That's what i Want you to believe! That way i earn money!" Bow replied.

"And how will your friend know if you managed the feat. I see that you are alone."
"Ah, well you see, as a child, i like fancy stuff, and when i became a magic archer, the first thing i did was to create a fancy arrow. This arrow explodes, with good force i might add, so he will know if i hit it. Also, a pillar of light will appear from my arrow! That is also part of the bet."

"All ready sir!"
"Alright." Bow said as he moved and placed the dagger which possessed Merrissa on the catapult.
He then walked back a bit and readied his bow and created his arrow.

Now, it just occurred to Keladry that this is the first time she sees that Bowpurity is actually using his weapon. To her knowledge, magic archers use magic arrows that are white in color. Bows magic arrow, while at first glance appears white, seems to have a grey undertone to it. The grey is barely noticeable, but it is there. Also, there was something different about his magic arrow.
While normally, the arrowhead has two points, Bowpurity arrow had 8 points, looking almost like a star instead of a triangle.

"Alright! Ready, Let it rip!"

With a massive tost, the dagger was flung into the air, headed towards the forest. Bow let his arrow fly.

Seconds pass.

"Did it hit?" the solider asked.

And suddenly, a huge exploding sound could be heard, and a pillar of light appeared from the middle of the air which headed towards the heavens. The pillar lasted for 3 seconds before disappearing.

Bowpurity Grinned.
"Here catch."
The soldier grabbed the gold coin which was coin flipped to him, while smiling.

"Thank you kind sir! And that was an amazing feat! And what was that arrow?"
"That was my FLashy arrow! It does almost no damage, but all the magic power is used to send the pillar of light and an exploding sound."

"And now, I think i shall head back now." ("Go! Go! Go!" Ken whispered) "May you find what you seek."

And so, Bowpurity headed back to the inn and back to the room.

CUrrently, our hero trio is hiding in a different set of stairs, as to observe Bow while remaining unseen.

"Did you see that? What was that? How did he do that?"
"If that was merely for show, then I'm a fool."

"He is far more suspicious then i first thought."
'I was sure that he will be setting up an ambush. But why did he destroy the dagger?' She thought.
"Let's go, he's getting away." She said to Ursi and Ken.


The door of the inn opened, and in walked Bowpurity, with his supplies. He went to the room to store the packets of healing powder and the earrings.

Soon, the door of the inn opened again, and in walked Ken,Keladry and Ursi.

((((To be resumed in 10 hours. I'll sleep now))))
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Postby neviscus » Sat Oct 10, 2009 6:47 pm

To bow's surprise when he came in he saw daniel was awake. "Hello, I figured I should stay here seeing as I didn't know where everyone was, not to mention she is still asleep." As daniel was saying that Bow went to a bed and layed down on it. He looked at daniel and then toward merrissa. "It was a very good thing you helped her." Bow replied with "It was nothing" (OOC- if you have a reply bow would more likely say, PM me, I want to keep bows character and this sounded like him to me.) Daniel looked at bow, "have you seen the rest?" "No" replied bow. Daniel looked out the window toward nothing. "Oh well I can wait, by the way, If you are wondering, I don't think Keladry will mind Merrissa's company.
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Postby cheongzewei » Sun Oct 11, 2009 2:53 am

30 seconds or so after Bowpurity entered the room, the trio came in.

"Ah, your back. Where did you go?" Bowpurity asked.
"We were discussing matters with Sir Weinlot. We can keep her." Keladry said, as she gestured towards the still sleeping Merrissa.
"I see."

No one said anything more for a while. As the seconds ticked by, Bowpurity was getting annoyed the by glares and glances that the others were sending him.
He was planning to rest, but then again, he always enjoyed telling stories about his travel.
He got up, and took the staff of insta change, changed his clothes to a blue wizard robe and went back to the bed.

"Do you remember what i said about this staff?" He said, as he twirled it.
"It's the staff of insta change..... of clothes." Daniel answered.
"Anything else?"
"How forgetful. I also said that there are three of these in the entire world. Now how do i know that?"
"That is because.......... I found all three of them. Sure, there might be more out there, but if there are, then they have not been found. As far as the world outside this room knows, there is only one staff of insta change."

Bowpurity took a deep breath, and prepared to tell his tale.
"The second staff of insta change, was taken from me, right under my nose. I just found it, and i was a day walk away from town. All of a sudden, someone came from the sky.

'Bow' she said, and as i stood there stunned. Here i am, in this stupid forest, and i just found the second staff and this cute girl appears before me. Maybe this staff has hallucination powers also.

'Did you just change your clothes with that staff?' she asked. And i took note of her details. She had blue eyes, short pink hair, an oddly crafted wooden bow and two small pink wings.
'Erm.. yea.'
'Can i have it, preety please? Please, please, please?' as she practically went nose to nose with me. Which should be impossible since she was shorter then me.

And all i said was. 'Well ...... erm..................'
'Yay, thank you, mister, thank you!' she said, and kissed me.
"Since you are so kind, and so generous, I am going to shoot you with my bow ok?'

And i was like..... 'wait, what?' Still reeling from the kiss, i did not notice that she had taken the staff.
She went 'Thanks again mister!' And shot an arrow at me.

Self preservation instinct flaring at full drive, i moved to the right. The arrow hit me in my left chest and then i passed out.

When i came to, i was on the forest floor. I checked my self, there was no pain, and i could not see, nor feel a wound. But there was two new holes that i was sure were not there before.
Looking at it, i noticed that it actually went thru my heart! How am i still alive, and where did that arrow go?

And so, that is how the second staff was found and what happened to it."

"What does this have to do with anything?" Keladry asked.
"What? Stories have to be told in an order."
"I do not believe you, if that arrow shot you in the heart, you would be dead."
"I do not believe myself either, yet that is how it went."

Bowpurity twirled his staff again, and this time, changed his clothes to a purple armor.
Keladry noticed it instantly, it was the standard armor for the soldiers of crest. She immediately became cautious.

"And now, i shall tell my tale of the 1 year journey i had in crest and the first staff of insta change."
"It was about a year ago, like more then a year and half, that i first found the first staff of insta change. I had just returned from my second 'out of this world and into another' trip, but that is a story for another time.
Anyway, i was extremely weary from the many battles i had fought in and wanted to just go back to plain old traveling. And i felt like getting rid of this staff. It was getting ridiculous how awkward it is to carry both my bow and the staff at the same time.

And so i went to a bar. And i dug for information, and lo and behold, they were talking about this magic doll whom this noble had. and so they talked about Sumer.
And i took this as 'BAh! why not! i haven't been to crest before, i should, at least once. See if all the horror stories are true.

Let me tell you now, that the horror stories..... are true, crest is a very freaky place.

So i traveled thru Crest, the details of that story i shall never tell, because i can not tell creepy stories well. However there was one event which i will note though.
There was this blond guy, with a gun, but the gun was long, easily arms length. And another guy, with black hair. They were wearing very unusual clothes. What made me interested wasn't the clothes they were wearing, but the fact that the black hair guy was punching a ghost. Normally this would be considered silly. but the ghost recoiled as if struck and the sound of impact of fist meeting......... something could be heard.

It's not everyday you see someone punching a ghost. I just had to go and say hello. It appeared that they came from a different world and asked for directions. I pointed to the magic circle behind them and said. "Wrong world."
They argued a little, thanked me, and disappeared.

Anyway! so i found Sumer's mansion. And i met with Sumer. I offered her the staff in exchange for lessons. Now they say that Sumer is a twisted witch, and i guess i have to agree, but she is by no means evil. I just guess that she is a little lonely and have acquired a skill that is valuable. And so i watched and learned.
The creation of magic dolls involves the creation of the doll components, the insertion of the power source, and the doll programming, instructions.

Keladry, i will tell you now, that magic dolls are powered by souls. What sumer does is she extracts the souls of people, and insert them into a stone. This stone will then emit energy, which will be able to power a magic doll for years depending on the number of souls in the stone.

Yes, it's freaky.

In my thirst for knowledge, i did do some evil things but luckily none of them are truly innocent of not committing a major crime such as destroy and such. I truly have to salute Sumer for that.

And thus i learned about the soul, magic involving souls, the power of the soul, and the creation of magic dolls. Along time, me and Sumer got along fine, if not a little awkwardly. I would lose every single chess game though.

Keladry, have you fought against magic dolls before? I heard that there are many shrine knights who has fought magic dolls.

("No, i have not." Keladry answered.)

Ah i see, well if you have, you will notice the constant emotionless of magic dolls, and the blank look in the eyes. Also they do not talk as we do, they speak in a mechanical term, and their voices though it has a voice of a girl, has no ups or downs, and is a little unnerving.

And so, one day in that mansion. i looked over the magic dolls and pondered to myself if they truly have no emotions.
This thought plague me for quite some time. And all of a sudden i was struck by divine inspiration.
I headed towards a magic doll. and groped her chest.
(Bow grimaced for a while)
My reward was a punch to the face. I made a crater on the wall. And although i was in pain, i also noticed the slightly flushed look on the doll.
Sumer investigated the noise, and demanded payment for the wall. I asked her about the magic doll emotions and she replied that they have none.
However she did include a self defense mechanism in case the dolls are attacked.
I looked at the doll again, and this time, her eyes, they were not empty.
Though i had no weapons, and my actions were by no means normally considered an attack. She punched me in the face. That is one of the days where i feel that all is right in the world. (Bow smiled, looking up at nothing)

Soon, my education was complete and i wanted to leave the mansion. She and I had a final chat.
I asked her what would it take for her to stop producing magic doll, and she replied, 'all the treasures in the solar,crest,mercenary, and wizard kingdom'
I discussed the terms, and haggled, and the end result was 100 million gold coins. And so the deal is made.

How many gold coins i have right now? Not telling. just know that i don't have enough yet.
And when i left the mansion, my life was in constant danger, for somehow, someone knows that i have learned her arts and i'm target number one.
They wanted me to work as their slave in the service, and sent assasins and theifs, ghosts and spirits and even the occasional law enforcers on me.

And so, i had a very miserable journey back from the crest to the wizard kingdom, for i had to avoid all the roads and had to travel thru swamps.
But this is where this tale concludes, for this is the telling of the staff of insta change.

The discovery of the Garden of Eden, and my journeys thru wizard kingdom, heading the long way back to solar is a different story. One that shall be told in a different time, if i have the chance."
"I see you are awake, Merrissa. Take this." Bowpurity said as he tossed the silver dye hair he bought. After he threw it, he changed his clothes back into his travelers garb.
"Use it. From now on, you are no longer Merrissa. For Merrissa is a name that is associated with evil doings."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"You were possessed, and while you were not in charge of your actions, i am certain that you have done acts that binds unwanted ties to you. It is better to start over, fresh, as a new person." Bow explained.
"You have a choice now, to resume your life as Merrissa, and take up responsibilities for your actions and unknown ties which lie around here, or to take up a new name. Choose wisely, for you shall not be able to change your mind once we have passed thru the town's gate. Each path leads to unknowns, and each path will have numerous branches, some interconnecting with each other, while others staying clear. Choose."

Merrissa looked at Bow for a while longer, but his eyes held no comfort, only a calculating glare.

"But... what will my name be then." She asked.
"I, have no idea." Bowpurity answered, his tone changing to a light hearted one.

"Is that what happened to you? is that why your name is Bowpurity?"
"No, my birth name is untainted, I just felt like using Bowpurity, and it has become my soul name. It is an awesome name, isn't it?"

A moment of silence passed before Merrissa answered.
"I beg your pardon."
"No, i will not change my name. It was my fault that i picked up that accursed dagger and i shall take responsibility for it, and answer all questions and accusations with truth. I wish for answers, not to hide myself behind another identity."

Bowpurity smiled. "You have made your choice. Walk now, with your head held high, never regret the choice you have made today."
Then, he laughed for no reason. Turning, he addressed everyone.
"Ah, man that was highly tensionic. Alright! Game plan! It's 3.30 in the afternoon right now, what shall we do? Should we ride to the next town or should we wait till morning. I for one wish to get the kinks out of my arms. i vote for go! What do you guys say!"

Merrissa suddenly remembered the dagger and asked about it.
"Wait! The dagger! Where is it?"
"Ah the dagger? do not worry, i have disposed of it, it shall not harm another soul again." Bow replied.
"Oh. This mission all of you are on. You are pressed for time aren't you? In that case i agree with him."

"Alright! Two for go! What about you guys?" Bow said as he averted his eyes from Merrissa and turned to Daniel.

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After thinking for a while daniel said I believe I could go now, if we have to sleep outdoors I don't mind. Of course I am lightly armored. Anyway I believe I will go buy rations, I am running low.

Daniel was walking in the marketplace, thinking 'I will need to pack extras just in case for melissa. After he bought them, he thought of something "oh shoot" he said under his breath. He then ran to the inn. He got there rather quickly and got himself and bowpurity to the side. "I need to ask you something, I don't know if our libraries have anything on magic dolls. Are you ok with me mailing information to the Wizard Kingdom? If so can you tell a little bit more about them?

Aneighena went to the town center of gran. where she saw a small group of merchants. She went up and asked "where are you headed?" The leader proudly replied "we are going to the castle town of the Duchy of Crest!" Hearing that her face lit up "I am headed there too, would you mind if I tagged along?" "The merchant looked annoyed. "well ok, I guess you can tag along, just don't get in the way." He then looked up and said there is the mercenaries, let's go. (mercenary and girl mercenary)
After traveling for a while Aneigena noticed the mercenaries were jangling some coins(girl mercenary, paid in advance). It was a little comforting to know if they got attacked, she wouldn't be doing all the work. The male mercenary lighted up a cigar, she just looked at him, and thought 'that will kill him someday. The girl mercenary said "do you have to do that? I can't stand that smell." The merchants were all in their caravans, too lazy to walk. The girl looked toward Aneigena "doesn't this bother you?" she asked loudly. Aneigena just chuckled and said "no." 'of course it doesn't' she thought, 'when that crazy lady Annarose came in she altered all of crest soldiers, thats why we have our devil knights and mindsoldiers. I am no exception'. Aneigena had her lungs magically altered so she could fight and use poison gas without it affecting her. Cigar smoke was nothing. She then heard a sound, she said "quiet" the mercenaries looked her. She then heard growling and said "black hounds" the man went up and told the merchants to wait up and stay inside the caravans. As he was in there A group of black hounds jumped out to attack. The girl mercenary dodged one and killed it in one swift stroke. Aneigena moved behind the two acting like she couldn't fight, waiting for a perfect moment The man was moving lazily, he was obviously unmotivated, he then had some coins thrown to "motivate him" (higher the fee) he then swooped at one dog killing it. At that moment a group surrounded them. Aneigena took that time for a preemptive strike throwing a needle (she always keeps one ready just in case) right at dog and hitting it. She then took five more tossing them and hitting the rest. The mercenaries took the time to get around her. "you never said you could fight" said the man. Aneigena just replied that takes the fun out of it" as the said that she handed them a mask each. "You will need these." as they put them on she readied a container full of a chemical. She opened it and the chemical met with the air and formed a poisonous gas that blasted out at the dogs. In a matter of seconds the dogs were moving slowly, gripping to the last bit of life they had. The mercenaries looked in shock as she readied a dart gun. She blew some darts hitting them. The dogs tried to leap at her in a last attempt, but slowly laid down giving up. After the gas was dissipated by her, Aneigena checked the dogs "dead" she said. She then looked at the mercenaries as they noticed her without her cloak. "try not to underestimate me again" She then started to walk with the moving caravan, counting her weapons and regretting not bringing a few daggers or knives while replacing her expensive, but effective gas chemical.
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oh man you posted while I was editing, Oh well all I added was aneigena's story
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While Daniel was out, Ken and Keladry agreed to leave the town in the afternoon.
ALso, Bowpurity asked Ursi about her behavior and she explained about the black will of the wisp.

"Seriously, black wisps? So they finally succeeded. Light shades, eh? I wonder how they managed that. Interesting how the world responded. Looks like two more new things in this world."
"They? What are you talking about?" Ursi asked.
"When i was young, i heard rumors of some people trying to create light shades. 'Our very own spies!',' The truth will never be hidden again!' they said. Looks like they succeeded."
"What the hell are you talking about?" Keladry said.
"Look, look. The proxy of light was born right? And as it did, so came the proxy of soul. Light and dark. It's the same here. If wisps creates shades, then light shades will create black wisps. Got it?"

Silence answered him.

"Never mind. Ursi, that reminds me, i want to know, was your loved one a soldier?"
"It does not matter. He is gone." Ursi replied.
Bow waited for a while, seeing that she has nothing else to say, he remembered his life, he remembered the first outer world he traveled to, and he remembered the last day. Though he only stayed there for six months and joined the army, he remembers their creed, and has imbued some into his own.

"Well anyway, if he was, i have to say this. He died because it was his choice."
"No, he died because She killed him." Ursi replied.
Bow ignored her.

"People become soldiers for many different reasons. Yet each have their own. Some choose to be one because they have no choice, and have no other option of getting a job. Some seek the honor and pride [As he glanced at Keladry]. Some choose to be a soldier to follow in their fathers footsteps, while others seek adventure and trill, and some because they wish to honor a memory[he said this as he looked deeply in Ursi eyes]. But there are those, the special ones, who become soldiers because that they are aware of a grim fact. Soldiers are defenders, and without soldiers, people will die. And when i say people, i mean their loved ones, their parents, their siblings, their children, their friends..... their lovers."
"But all of them no matter the reason, are aware of the fact, that whatever their reason, they know that they will die."

"True, they do not wish to die, and of course, like the baker or the grocer down the street, they wish that they will live a happy long life, one of peace. But deep inside their hearts, they know that they will die. Not one from old age, but one on the battlefield. So why then? Why do they continue being soldiers, if they know that they will die? This is because, they are brave and they are strong. They become one for many reasons, but when they do, they are no longer individuals. They are a group, they are a unit, all with one purpose in mind, to defend their cause."

Bowpurity raised his voice slightly before speaking.
"They willingly offer themselves so that others do not need to! They are prepared to suffer the horrors of war so that people do not have to! They are willing to look down the gates of HELL and all the horrors that lie within! And They Will March when the order is given."
He lowered his voice again.

"And why? Why do they do it? Why does it seem that they do not have fear in their veins? Why does it seem that they willingly do tasks as if their life is unimportant?....... The answer is simple. This is because they are soldiers. It is not because that they do not have fear, they do fear for their life. It is not because they are immune to the horrors of war, i know MANY who have nightmares. It is not because they lack intelligence.........."
"The reason is simple, they are soldiers, and that's who they are, and that will how you will be if you become a soldier. And yes, we willingly Embrace it! Hold your head high, for we are the protectors, the defenders, the attackers, the merciless killers. We kill our hearts and we look into death eyes, and we spit into it.
We are the fighters for a cause! And though death awaits us, we walk towards it, knowingly, because we believe, that what we do is right, and what we do makes a difference, and what we do will lead to what we, as one, ultimately desire."

"And though we may die, and though we will leave our loved ones in tears and pain, we die peacefully, accepting our deaths, for we did not die a meaningless clause, but we died because it is our wish, to protect everyone, and for peace."

Bow stopped, and breathed.

" Journal of the lost army, the last day. " he said.

Only after 30 second later, did Bow spoke again in a voice only slightly louder then a whisper, as he lied down on the bed and closed his eyes.

"And so, brothers, we willingly board our planes, and although we are outmaned and outteched, and though we will not see the dawn of a new day, we shall pepper them with bullets and with our lazers and we shall laugh as they go down in flames! For if we shall fall in hell, we shall reach our dying hands and drag our enemies with us! For the safety of the innocent people of Hitekkai, we fight!"

No one said anything, probably because they were confused.

He got up and looked towards Ursi again, drying the few drops of tears stuck in his eyes.

"Do not mourn him, if he was a soldier. Rejoice in the fact that many do not even find one at all. Do not forget him, yet do not seek revenge,even by coincidence, because it will lead to a cycle of hatred, one that won't be broken."

Soon after, Daniel came back.

Seeing this, Bow walked out of the door. "Let's go."

Daniel followed and motioned Bow to his side.
"I need to ask you something, I don't know if our libraries have anything on magic dolls. Are you ok with me mailing information to the Wizard Kingdom? If so can you tell a little bit more about them?" He said.

"What's there to say?" Bowpurity replied.
"Magic dolls are constructs powered by souls. They do not have emotion but there are rare cases where they do. The techniques, procedures, and how to make em, I'm not foolish enough to say to anyone."

Noticing a difference in Bow's character, Daniel left

The party of 7 left the town, and ride their horses in a fast gallop towards their objective, Grain.

Evening arrived and the party has slowed down their horses to a fast walk.
Bowpurity seemed to return to normal and he regarded Merrissa with a question.
"Hey Merrissa, just a second of your time."
"So, i know that Daniel is a beast master, and he throws magic bolts, Keladry has a huge shield and is good at melee, Ken can go "INVIsible broadsword from nowhere!" (Ken chuckled) Ursi controls wisps, and i'm a traveler with random skills and a magic archer. So what can you do?

"I use magic bolts." Merrissa replied
"............." Bow waited
"............" Merrissa looked at Bow
"..........." he looked back.
"..........." She continued looking.
"That's it?"
"No, special abilities? No, ''I can create huge magic bolts'? No, 'I can cast magic bolts without stop'? No, 'i have a secret ultimate attack?'
"Erm...... I can use 50 magic bolts before i get tired..." She replied.
"What's your limit?"
"150 magic bolts without rest."
"Is there anything special about your magic bolt compared to my arrow?"
"Magic bolts fries anything it hits."
"You didn't say 'my'." Bow ended.

"You got a good long way to go, you need a lot more training."
"I have been training for a year and i was the best in my class!" Merrissa replied.
"Yet, who knows what your skills are now, since you were possessed. But seeing that it happened for so long, your magic stores and control should have increased, Yet i am sure that i am a better magic bolt user then you are." Bow said.
"I don't think so. Prove it." Merrissa said with an annoyed look.
Bowpurity raised both hands, pointed to two different trees. The others looked on in interest.
"Magic bolt."
From both of Bowpurity raised hands, a magic bolt appeared and struck both trees.

Merrissa scoffed. "Big deal."
"Hey, you do it then." Bow replied.
"I haven't tried it, but i sure i can after i try it for a few times. Just casting two magic bolts at once isn't what i call a Better Skill."
"Alright fine, how about this."

This time, bow pointed to a different tree.
"Zas: Lightning rod."
Nothing happened.

Bow then turned around (on his horse) and raised his right hand.
"I'll cast 8 magic bolts. Note that i can not see the tree" he declared.
And soon, 8 magic bolts appeared from his hand, each a second from each other all at different directions in the sky. But instead of the bolt going in a straight line, every one of them arched and hit the tree to which he pointed earlier.
Bowpurity turned back.

"There, though i prefer using my arrows. It's handier."
"Who thought you that!" Merrissa exclaimed.
"No one, it's an original spell. It helps that my magic bolts are non elemental instead of the lightining element though."
"Can you teach me?"
"Maybe, but first, you need to know how to cast two magic bolts with both hands."

"I can do it! Watch"
Merrissa raised both hands. "Magic bolt!"
"Ah!" she cried out immediatly after, flinching her arms to her body.

Bow looked and shook his head.
"It's not that simple, you need to know how the power flows within you, understand how it works. It's more of understanding and feeling then knowing. It is something unteachable."
"You should get it by the end of the day. Just practice and well..... Understand it."

Merrissa nodded, rubbed both of her hands before raising them again.
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Re: Alteil Roleplay

Postby cheongzewei » Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:08 am

another day without a post.
I guess it's bout time to wrap it up.
I'll post in a day, about the events that transpire in grain, (party vs lebeau) so pm me if you want any special appreances from your OC's since i don't know them that well.
Then i'll wait a day and post about their journey back (day 1/5)
wait a day , day 2, you get the drill.
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Re: Alteil Roleplay

Postby neviscus » Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:18 am

Daniel was riding shock toward grain. He was just walking to conserve energy. Daniel then said to seemingly no one. "What if we do get this artifact what then?" Just as he was thinking this he noticed the group looking a bit edgy. As he was wondering he noticed a sign that said Gran --- miles. The sign looked scratched and he couldn't tell how far it said. He hoped that at least they could take it back without Lebeau attacking them too badly.
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