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Postby cheongzewei » Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:12 am

"What do you mean what if? Oh wait, sorry, a what if does exist." Bowpurity answered before thinking.
"Well, if by chance we find the artifact, we probably won't even know it unless it's in a box labeled 'artifact'. Do you know what it is Ken?"
Ken shook his head.
"Bah." Bowpurity continued. "But before that if, there's another if, the 'if' i can find any information about lebeau, which has a very good probability. Then we'll see if he's still in town, and if he's not, we have to track him down then. But let's narrow it down to what really matters, how we shall obtain the artifact. There is a chance where we might be able to steal it, in that scenario, we run like hell itself is snapping at our feet!"

"But most likely, there will be a confrontation, where we will have to fight him. Now, Lebeau uses daggers, and he uses his hands."
"His hands? Like those martial artists in gowen?" Ken asked.
"No, he uses his hands like a sword. he can penetrate a human body with his hands. Also, this is probably your first time fighting lebeau. Well, he has insane speed. Like he can move 500 meters in less then a second."

"How do you know this?" Keladry asked.
"I fought with him once, pesky **** followed me everywhere, till i got fed up and waited in the middle of a swamp by sheer coincidence. So we met, we fought and i won, but the only reason i did was because the swamp slowed down his movements enough for me to react and he was not aiming to kill me. Still, even in a swamp, he moved as fast as a horse in full gallop, a very scary opponent, if the fight lasted for a while longer, i was sure i would have lost."
"You let him live? That was a foolish move." Keladry asked.
"Well, i was fairly sure the 5 arrows i shot into his head would seal the deal. So when we fight him, he will aim for either me, Keladry or Ken. After his first hit, he'll next aim for either Daniel or Ursi. Now, we have an advantage since we know that he can move fast, and Keladry has a shield. If he attacks Keladry first, i'm hoping that Keladry shield will surprise him long enough for me to get in a few arrows.
"Keladry has a shield?" Merrissa asked.
"Yea, an invisible shield, anyway, If he attacks me first, i'll use my staff, and it's game over. If he attacks Ken first..... well buddy, your on your own, the only thing that i can tell you is, prepare your sword early, you won't be able to use it to surprise him. Next if he attacks Ken, and i'm guessing that Daniel will ride shock into the air, he'll aim for Ursi next."

He stared long and hard into Ursi eyes, before speaking.
"Ursi, when you see Lebeau disappear, i want you to throw yourself forward, like your dodging a blow from behind. If you hesitate, your life will be lost. Do you understand?"
Seeing Ursi nod, he turned his attention back to the road.
"After that, it is anyone's game. If we thread carefully, and defensively, we'll come out on top, hopefully without anyone dying. Anyone have anything else to add?"
Keladry scoffed. "You are lying, if you truly fought and killed Lebeau, how is it that he is still alive?"
"I have no idea, although i can venture a few guesses. At first i thought that it could not be done myself."

Ken interrupted Bow before he could say anything else.
"We should set camp. The sun is setting."

Bow got off his horse and started taking his tent out of his pack, still in deep thought.
The party set up tents at a clearing beside the road. They collected firewood and set up a fire and settled down.
After eating his rations, for some reason, Bow did not say anything and instead took out a book and started writing.

Naturally curious, Ursi asked Bow about the book.
"Ah this? I'm writing down records of the latest and second world that i have visited, so that i do not forget it."
Confused, Ursi asked again.
"Well, you see, there are many worlds out there, and they are connected to the world we are now, it seems that the gateway between worlds are magic circles, which magic circles look like normal magic teleportation circles. So far, i have visited two. I know of the existance of another one which i haven't explored, and i'm also on the look out for more magic circles. In this book, i'm writing the events that happened to me on my trip to the second world, where i stayed for 3 months. I'm also detailing the rules of the world."
Ursi was still confused, but did not ask any questions.

The order of the night watch is........ 1) Bowpurity (whom voluntered in order to keep writing) 2) Merrissa (whom volunteered because she wanted to talk to Bow) 3) Ken 4) Daniel 5) Keladry 6) Ursi
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Re: Alteil Roleplay

Postby cheongzewei » Sat Oct 17, 2009 9:25 am

"It was the night before Christmas, all thru the camp.
A mice could not be seen, because there was no lamp."
Bowpurity looked at what he penned down, his brows furrowed in thought
"This is just getting ridiculous, these rhymes aren't the one i sought."

He went to wake up Merrissa, the brown haired lass,
but to his surprise, she was drinking water from a glass.
"Glad to see your awake, your turn is up."
"But a lesson i have before i sleep, and let me have that cup."

She followed him out and they sat on the floor.
He proceeded to instruct her on stuff he couldn't before.
"I didn't want to teach them, for they are soldiers,"
"Anything i say, their superiors be knowers."

And she asked Bow on his strange speak
He said that he's rhyming, and he's on his peak.
"Magic is stronger, combined them you may,
but be careful, for the flow may go away."

"My magic is non-elemental, while yours is thunder,
i have dark,holy and fire, but you don't have another."
"I shall show you, how powerful magic may be,
witness the combination of fire and holy" he said with glee.

And from his right hand, a magic arrow came,
it was white and bright, and flickered with white flames.
"This arrow here has holy fire,
when struck with this, your life will be dire."

"But enough about me, I'm here to focus on you,"
"Because for a hero to be, you surely need a clue."
"Why not you ask Ursi to teach you her light,"
"for thunder and light, surely fits tight."

"So go and train, and train till your wrecked."
"And when your done, have your beams deflect."
"Like so."

And Bowpurity lifted his right hand, and casted a magic bolt at a tree, which when hit was deflected and hit another tree, and the beam kept on deflecting and hitting trees, until Bowpurity dropped his hand, in which the magic bolt disappeared.

"You already learn flow, but it is gone when it go,
out of your hands, so you should learn how to know,
how to maintain the flow of the beam, or at least it's side light.
that's the clue that i'll give you, and now it's time for good night!"

And bow walked towards his tent, keeping his book
he remembered something and turned back to look
"Oh, and the beam appeared as if it left my hand, but it really didn't."
"Don't trust your eyes, because an invisible line is hiddent."

And bow went to sleep, ignoring the bewildered stare
that Merrissa gave him, because he didn't care.
And on thru the night she trained,
Till it's Ken's time, and she fell asleep, drained.

and as Bow slept, he rejoiced in his haven, for one of the gms will be hosting a section
on magic dolls for that' what he likes, for he wishes to understand his sister's frights.
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Re: Alteil Roleplay

Postby Yamagoku8059 » Sat Oct 17, 2009 10:57 am

When Ken arrived he saw Merissa training her magic skills
he watched her for a few minutes and then said " you use up too much energy for them"
Merissa surprised turned around " huh?"

"Right now you have no control over the amount of magic u waste on them if u keep it like that you will get exhausted fast".

Unsure what to do she asked how she could change that.

"Its easy imagine that you put it into something small or give it a shape rather than just bursting it out, its also easier to control a smaller amount of magic.

"oh well but i shouldnt be the one talking in the first place"

"are you familiar with magic??" Merissa asked a bit surprised

"Im a Mage Soldier in battles we use our weapons as well as magic but of course our magic can not match that of a mage"
"i have the same problem that you have im not able to reduce the amount of magic i use, thats why i have to use these"
he took out a small bag and emptied out on the ground

"those are Aquamarine stones since they can be charged up with magic i use them as Magic storage that way i can somewhat fix the problem of wasting too much magic, though the magic stored within these stones can only be used for Water and Ice spells but thats fine for me since those are the only magic types i can use anyway"

they talked a bit more then Merissa went to sleep

"then lets get started " he said and sighed loud while he started to charge the stones.

"phew finally done and my shift is over as well"
the fully charged stones shined in a dimly blue light till he put them into the slots of his gauntlet where the light slowly faded away.

he grabbed his stuff,went to wake up Daniel and then went to sleep.

"Main Party"
30/30 Keladry
20/20 Daniel
20/40 Shock
30/30 Bowpurity
30/30 Ursi
40/40 Ken

"Outside the Party"
?/60 Leon
?/60 Gordon
?/30 Sherry
"Today I make Europe mine"
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Re: Alteil Roleplay

Postby neviscus » Sat Oct 17, 2009 10:40 pm

"oh my turn already?' Daniel asked Ken, All he got in reply was a sleepy nod. He then noticed the sense of magic in the area. He looked around and didn't notice any extra source, so he assumed it was either bow melissa or Ken. It was then he realised how close the group was to achieving their goal. "what will happen to this group when our mission is complete?" he said to himself. He knew that he would have to return home after a while, it seems as if he might be needed, expecially because he helped train a group of sea hunters. The rest of the time he sat thinking, being careful to not let his mind wonder as he was on duty. He then realized he had been awake long enough. He had better awaken Keladry as to get some rest
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Re: Alteil Roleplay

Postby cheongzewei » Sun Oct 18, 2009 10:26 am

wishes to ask about the timeline of the story.

i say that the events that occurred here happened near the beginning the war of the sun and moon. so solar prince veerlat is the king, he hasn't become the fallen sun, zagar and Lapierre is alive, also Alphonce has vanished from solar kingdom.

So read up on the story and plan accordingly :P

edit: wait wait wait.... something doesn't add up?
in story 01: lapierre replacement, Ishtar became the lover of the Emperor of the Silver Sun, Verlaat, (formally solar prince.)
in story 02: they said that Verlaat fell in love and married with Ruler of Crest, Eskatia. Oh, then they fought when he became silver sun.

Lucky ****! Not only did he have 2 girls in love with him, he also met a mermaid princess? Damn, it'll be chaotic writing his part, lol.

let's make the story AU (alternate universe) also.
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Re: Alteil Roleplay

Postby neviscus » Sun Oct 18, 2009 2:08 pm

in what way do you want it AU?

If it helps I have other people in the story I am working on (the one aneignena came from)
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Re: Alteil Roleplay

Postby cheongzewei » Mon Oct 19, 2009 4:04 am

in the normal way that our characters don't exist, but try to stay as true to the normal universe as possible.


Keladry was woken up by Ken, after a short moment in bed, she got up and went out for her watch. She pondered over everything she saw the day before. She certainly did not expect Bowpurity to know such advanced magic. She will have to report this to her leader. And then there was that book he was writing in, what did he mean by that?
Shaking her head, she decided to think on the more important things. She considered Bow's proposal on facing LeBeau. She did not find any flaws in the plan and thus she did not reject it. But wasn't the reason why Ridrea send us is to capture LeBeau? It doesn't make sence to just take the artifact without fighting him.
Also, did Bow not say that he fought against him once? And if he did, why is LeBeau still alive?

She pondered her future until her watch is up, and she woke up Ursi. However, because she did not feel sleepy, she decided to stay outside and not sleep.
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Re: Alteil Roleplay

Postby cheongzewei » Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:00 pm

Bowpurity woke up by himself, he had a dreamless night.
Stretching a little, he went out of the tent and sleepy greeted Ursi and Keladry.
He sat down and closed his eyes.
"I wanted to ask Ursi about something, but i can't seem to remember it." he said.
He waited for the others in silence.
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Re: Alteil Roleplay

Postby cheongzewei » Fri Oct 23, 2009 11:39 am

After reading "reload", a naruto fan fic, (extremely well written, one of the three really good fan fiction i have found out of 100,000), i have been inspired to continue this story, by myself if need be.

The party left their resting place a few hours after the first ray of sunlight. Everyone was not at ease. Even Bowpurity was not at ease, because he forgotten what he wanted to ask. So instead he decided to lighten the mode a little.
"Hey Keladry, my sister, Trisha, well....... she is kinda a shrine maiden maniac. And yes i know you are a shrine knight and not a maiden and stuff, but it's all the same to her eyes. So i was wondering, can you tell me what your job is? And what about your free time and training? Oh and how did you become a shrine knight anyway."

Keladry looked suspiciously at Bow. Nevertheless she answered. " I am a shrine knight, my job is to protect the solar kingdom. We have a few hours of free time, and we train everyday."
Bowpurity nodded, " I see... Well, what about becoming one?"
"I applied for it."

Bow waited. And waited. "That's it?"
"The solar kingdom does not shun any who wishes to help it."
"Hmm, true." Bow sighed and looked down on the ground, apparently deep in thought.

Surprised by Bow's question, thinking that he was only digging for information, Keladry decided to ask a question of her own. "How do you know so much about magic?"
"What do you mean?"
"Yesterday, that magic bolt skill, you hit the tree without looking, where did you learn all that?"
"Hmm, tough one, well, it's a rather really hard to believe, it's something that's just very weird. I'm not sure that i would believe if it didn't happen to me. Would you still listen?"
"I would."
"Well, alright. I learned it when i was in the forests at the borders of the wizard kingdom, the one in between wizard and the sea, Very far down south. I packed a lot of supplies and decided to go. Well, before that i was at the wizard kingdom library and i just felt that there was something special down there, even although there was nothing written in the books, the wind just blew south, and like a bird, i followed it."

Bow took a swig from a water container, before continuing.
"I traveled for 14 days and was planning to quit on the 21st, before i found 'it'. Before my eyes, was a church. A church, in the middle of the forest. It looked like it was a millenia old, and vines were all over the place, and i could not see the holy symbol of the One True God Church. And it is as big as the church back in Emil, maybe even bigger but the biggest shock to me was discovering that the first floor is partially buried. So i climbed to a balcony on the building second floor, chopped away some vines and began exploring............. The place was abandoned and i could not find a single skeleton, which eased me a little. Eventually i found the library, but i could not understand a single thing. It seems that the books contained a different language from our own. While i may know the spell 'mother tongue' and 'language ear', they certainly do not work on words. But i looked at every book, briefly, for any hints. I found none, and i could not decipher the text. And anyway, on the 24th day, after i have finished looking at every room and have a few ideas for clothing, i decided that it's time to leave. about 30 minutes after i left, a thunderstorm appeared and i was greatly annoyed. Deciding to seek shelter at the church, i turned back. Being a thunderstorm, there was a lot of lightning and as i went back to the church, lightning struck it. And i looked at it and marveled at how there's no damage. And another lightning struck it again, at the same spot as the last one. I stood outside, pelted with rain as i puzzled this peculiarity. And so i watched as lightning after lightning struck the same spot at the top of the church."

Bow took another swig.
"And so i stayed for the day, waited for the rain to fall and scaled up the building. And at the very top, was this jewel. It was shining white. I took it, and blacked out. When i woke up, i found that i have more magic somehow. I climbed back up the church, but the jewel was nowhere to be found. I stayed there for a while, just testing my magic, it felt a little odd. and well, i developed that. 'Zas, lighing rod', plants a location in my mind for me to aim all my magic bolts at.
For some weird reason though, it doesn't work with my magic arrows, i think it's because my bow doesn't like me cheating."
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Re: Alteil Roleplay

Postby cheongzewei » Sat Oct 31, 2009 5:07 am

A group of 5 riders rode hastily out of Gran. With the speed at which they were moving, no one noticed that one of the horses has wings.

Keladry shifted the uncomfortable weight of a box on her back into a more comfortable position, then urged her horse forward. She wondered if she made the right choice.

It was 5 hours after they arrived at Gran. At arrival, Bow left the party and disappeared. She met with the local authorities but did not find any news of LeBeau. They agreed to split up and meet back in the town center in 30 minutes. She asked the local civilians but she did not find anything, the only indication is a hooded man. Frustrated, she went to the meeting point and was saw that Bow was already there, waiting.

"It's predictable enough, most of the inns are here and seeing you alone, i correctly predicted that you'll split up and meet here. But that's not the point. I have news." he said.

Once everyone met back up, Bow started talking about an old path in the forest to the west of Gran, where he heard that a man with a box used.
"We should hurry, it is hard to track someone in the forest if it's a day cold." Daniel suggested.

It was 2 hours later where they finally found LeBeau, sitting near a small tent. It appears he was waiting for someone. Bow grinned evilly and prepared a black arrow, but Lebeau sensed us somehow and cleanly dodged the arrow that was aimed for his head. It was then where things got to hell.

Seeing Lebeau dodged his arrow, Bow shifted his bow to his right hand and held his staff with his left while dashing towards Lebeau. She remembered the distance between Bow and Lebeau, it was around 200 feet. The next moment, Lebeau penetrated Bow's torso with his hand and ripped out his heart. She could faintly hear Merrissa screaming while she stared horrified at the scene. In his last act of desperation, Bow managed to tap Lebeau with his staff, turning his clothes into a straight jacket, his legs and hands fully bound. Ken, who was rushing to Lebeau together with Bow, materialized his broadsword and sliced Lebeau cleanly in half, horizontally near his torso while Lebeau was falling to the ground. Everyone stoped moving, with Merrissa sobbing and LeBeau screaming his last screams and curses as he died of bloodlost. Because of the weight of his pack on his back, Bows torso was facing the ground, and she was thankful for that, as she did not want to see the wound. Ken shook his head, took out a white cloth out of his pack and covered Bow's body with it. No one moved to take the item he is carrying.

"Search the camp."

He did not have to say that, as the box was just inside the tent. Wordlessly, they looked at Bows body. She cleared her mind and told the others to go. She'll notify the local authorities where they will bury the body. There's nothing they can do now.
As they left, she took one last look at the body, and thanked Bow for his sacrifice.

With a sorrowful air, the party trekked the forest back to Gran, where they mounted fresh horses and is now at their way back to Emil.
Merrissa was sad, but she told them what Bow told her.
"If by chance, i die, then go with them alright? They may be a little stuck up, but just by knowing them you'll be able to get a job. I have a sister.. back in Emil, if i die, please, tell her 'I like her'....... Wait. that should be 'i liked her' wouldn't it? Now that i'm dead and all." she faked a smile as she remembered Bow's joke.

So now here they are, riding horses, as they make their way back. They have completed their objective, but it left a bitter taste in their hearts.

Meanwhile back in the forest near Gran.
"F*&^, they f*^&ing left me." Bowpurity said as he got up, pushing the slightly blood soaked cloth away from his body.
"Ah F*&^ that hurts! Note to self, don't let your heart get ripped off again. Ugh, i need a bath."
In his right hand, is two used cure scroll. He weakly reached for his pack and opened another two. "Cure! Cure! Much better."
Reaching for his pack again, he took out a flask, where he poured some healing powder into it and drank it.
"Not the first time i was near death, but the first time i got my heart ripped out. Die you f*73ing basterd" Bow said as he kicked LeBeau's body just for the fun of it.
Resting for a while, Bowpurity took out a small jewel from his pack. He promptly worked and sealed any of LeBeau's remaining soul in the body into the stone. He kept the diamond back into his pack. "Well, what to do now?"
He heard a whizzing sound, and sighed as an arrow stopped centimeters from his head. Wordlessly, he took the arrow and using his bow, shot it in the direction from where it came from. A strangled noise was the answer. From the bushes, two dark hooded man with their swords drawn rushed towards Bowpurity. They died from an arrow in their head before they even entered the camp. After storing their souls in the diamond, and looting their bodies, he sat down and examined the area.
"Yea, there's a magic circle to Mehiah nearby, there's a river there, a good spot to sleep, rest, eat and see some shocked faces. Yea, since i'm alive and all, i want to catch up before Merrissa tells her i'm dead. Knowing her, she'll probably do something stupid. Hey, i can even meet with Bellandry, yea i think i'll do that. Just need to store these bodies somewhere..... This scroll will do!"

A night owl who was observing on a tree flapped his wings and flew away. When it returned, the only indication of the recent events are the pools of blood, without the bodies.
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